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1 January, Monday


Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders! #19 pg2pn3-pg6

While his team celebrates, Captain Savage decides to forget the past now that his wife has divorced him.  That morning he reports to the USS Sea Wolf to temporarily retake command for a reconnaissance mission.  After Capt. Savage briefs the new crew of the Sea Wolf, Capt. Wilhite, the new commander of the Sea Wolf, lets it be known that he’s not happy with Savage in charge. 


2 January, Tuesday


Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders! #19 pg7-pg20

The Sea Wolf comes across the Japanese convoy they are supposed to report to command, but it’s much larger than expected.  After getting a quick count of ships and the speed they’re traveling at, they dive to avoid detection.  The lead destroyer is searching the waters with radar, and the Sea Wolf must operate in total silence to make it past them.  However, Capt. Wilhite’s temper gets the better of him, and the sound he make gives away their position.  After depth charges are fired, Savage orders debris launched out the torpedo tubes to fool the Japanese.  Wilhite orders an attack, but the crew follows Savages orders and they survive the conflict.  Afterwards, Savage decides to retake command of the Sea Wolf permanently. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #94 pg1-pg3

Captain Sawyer briefs the Howling Commandos on their mission: evacuate a German town before Allied bombers destroy the munitions factory in the small city. 


3 January, Wednesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #94 pg4-pg20

Fury and the Howlers parachute into the town and discover that there is no factory; the Nazis have leaked false information so that the Allies would destroy a defenseless town for no reason.  They try to convince the village obermeister to evacuate, but his son is a Nazi officer who won’t allow it.  Meanwhile at Able Company, a bombardier tells his pilot that he doesn’t want to drop bombs anymore, even though they have a mission in an hour.  Back in Germany, Fury breaks free and tries to evacuate the town, but it’s too late.  The town is destroyed and only a few who found shelter survive.  Dum Dum assaults the Nazi officer after he accidentally kills his father.  Eric is unconscious, but Fury has been severely wounded. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #96 pg1-pg21

Eric wakes up and the Howlers prepare to carry Fury two thousand miles to the coast.  Meanwhile, Hawkeye the bombardier tells his pilot he wants out of the service.  Later, Captain Sawyer rattles Hawkeye’s cage and sends them on a rescue mission for the Howlers.  Back in Germany, Eric scouts ahead to find transportation, and the rest of the Howlers come across a regiment of Panzers. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #97 pg1-pg21

As the Howlers try to fight off the Panzer tanks, Hawkeye and his pilot arrive and supply air support.  After thinning out the German forces, the plane crashes and the pilot dies, but Hawkeye parachutes out.  Meanwhile, Eric is captured. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #98-FB pg6pn3-pg8

The Howlers escape, but Hawkeye is killed. 


4 January, Thursday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #98 pg1-pg6pn2, pg9

Captain Sawyer informs Dum Dum that he will lead his own attack squad: the Deadly Dozen.  Dum Dum doesn’t want a command position, but Sawyer tells him he’ll do it anyway. 


5 January, Friday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #98 pg10-pg15

Dum Dum brings Dino and Pinky to Capt. Sawyer’s office, where they’re informed that they’re being transferred to Dugan’s Deadly Dozen, a group mostly made up of convicts.  Dum Dum is promoted to Sergeant, they meet the rest of the Dozen, and their two week training begins immediately. 


6 January, Saturday

7 January, Sunday

8 January, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #98 pg16

Sgt. Dugan trains his Deadly Dozen in hand-to-hand combat. 


9 January, Tuesday


Midnight Sons Unlimited #9 pg1-pg4pn3

The Blazing Skull defeats Nazi spies at the Statue of Liberty. 


10 January, Wednesday


Midnight Sons Unlimited #9 pg4pn4-pg7

Reporter Mark Todd checks in at the daily Globe and tells his editor about the spies.  After detailing what he found out, he reveals that he’s off to London to check on a lead. 


11 January, Thursday

12 January, Friday


Midnight Sons Unlimited #9 pg8-pg27

Mark Todd introduces himself at a party Brian Falsworth is having, but they’re attacked by the Iron Cross.  Union Jack & the Blazing Skull drive him off and they find evidence he left behind.  Union Jack calls his buddy the Mighty Destroyer to rendezvous with the Blazing Skull, they fly to Germany and the Blazing Skull drops in and meets the Destroyer.  He’s spotted by Nazis, and the Destroyer ‘captures’ him and hands him over.  They meet Iron Cross at a military base where a plan to bomb America is revealed.  They destroy the base and escape. 


13 January, Saturday

14 January, Sunday


Midnight Sons Unlimited #9 pg28-pg43

Mark checks in with his editor, and while a radio show is about to begin he realizes how the Nazis are transmitting their codes.  Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt are seen listening to the show.  He makes his way to the radio station and uncovers an actor as a Nazi spy, and foils the Nazi plot to destroy the Statue of Liberty. 


15 January, Monday

16 January, Tuesday

17 January, Wednesday

18 January, Thursday

19 January, Friday

20 January, Saturday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #98 pg17-pg21

Fury has recovered, and the Dozen’s training is finished.  That night, they stop German spies from entering Britain. 


Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #1-FB pg4-pg9

After the Deadly Dozen’s first mission, Sgt. Dugan is summoned to Capt. Sawyer’s office.  Dugan is being transferred back to the Howlers, and command of the Deadly Dozen is handed over to Combat Kelly now that they’re trained.  Dum Dum briefs Kelly on the group, who then recruits two more convicts, one of which is Jay Little Bear, formerly of Captain Savage’s team.  Capt. Sawyer then briefs the team on their mission: destroy a German jet plane prototype and capture the scientist responsible for creating it. 


Classic X-Men #12/2-FB pg2pn3-pg2pn6

As Nazi guards begin to slaughter their prisoners, a teenage Magneto kills a guard and escapes with Magda. 


X-Factor Annual #4/2-FB pg7pn3-pg7pn4

A teenage Magneto and Magda flee the concentration camp. 


Excalibur vol3 #9-FB pg1pn2

A teenage Magento tries to calm down Magda. 


Classic X-Men #12/2-FB pg3pn2-pg3pn6

A teenage Magneto and Magda warm themselves by a fire. 


21 January, Sunday


Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #1-FB pg10-pg15

The Deadly Dozen make it to shore and find the aircraft complex, but quickly meet resistance. 


Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #1 pg1-pg3

The Deadly Dozen attempt to destroy the jet plane prototype, but they’re surrounded by Nazi troops.   


Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #1 pg16-pg20

Hamilton finds the scientist they’re supposed to capture, but he kills him instead.  The Deadly Dozen destroy the jet plane and escape, destroying the complex as well. 


22 January, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #102 pg1-pg20

Now that Fury has recovered, Capt. Sawyer gives him a mission in Italy: stop the local mob from printing counterfeit money.  They plan to flood the market once the war is over in Europe.  They travel to Italy and work with Agent Q to destroy the castle that the printing press is in. 


23 January, Tuesday


Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #2 pg1-pg20

Richard Longtree, Wildcat Smith, and Ronson Carpenter are in a German concentration camp when a guard beats up Longtree.  His two friends drag him back to quarters when Jay Little Bear, Combat Kelly, Dino, and Pinky appear through the floor, having tunneled through, to free everyone.  Kelly blows up the watchtower and they make their way out with the prisoners, but Longtree, Smith, and Ronson are killed when a plane lands on them.  When they return to base, Kelly requests to Capt. Sawyer that the three prisoners be given the medal of honor, but the request is denied because they had previously been accused of cowardice. 


24 January, Wednesday

25 January, Thursday


Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #3 pg1-pg5

Pinned down by German tanks, the Deadly Dozen wait for reinforcements.  Since they have the time, Kelly tells a story from his past. 


Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #3 pg20-pg21

Kelly finishes the story and explains that he was never allowed to box in the service again, even though the charges were dropped.  However, that’s not why he was in prison; that happened two years later…suddenly, the Germans attack!


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #104 pg1-pg20

Dino radios for reinforcements and happens to get Fury.  He and the Howlers meet with Gen. McCord and Capt. Conner, and then proceed to the front lines to assist the Deadly Dozen.  Capt. Conner asks Fury’s opinion of what to do next, to which he says press the attack, which Conner doesn’t want to do.  After conferring in private, Conner sends Fury out to scout ahead, to see how strong the German forces are.  When Fury reports back to tell him just how strong they are, Conner doesn’t believe him and checks for himself… with binoculars.  He then totally freaks out. 


Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #4 pg1-pg20

Capt. Conner has lost it, so Sgt. Fury takes command.  He comes up with a plan and they defeat the German forces, but during the fight Wagner gets shot in the face and Miller is severely wounded.  Capt. Conner comes across them but leaves, even though Miller calls for help.  When Conner regroups with the others, he accuses Fury and Kelly of Mutiny and prepares to shoot them, but Miller arrives and kills him first, then dies himself.  Gen. McCord arrives and gives Conner a decoration for bravery, and Fury stops Kelly from telling him the truth.  When they leave, they bring Wagner’s & Miller’s bodies with them, leaving Conner behind. 


26 January, Friday


Combat Kelly and his Deadly Dozen #5 pg1-pg4pn3, pg9pn1-pg9pn2

After a training exercise, Laurie, Shigeta, and Doc go to a bar and reminisce about how they met each other. 


Combat Kelly and his Deadly Dozen #5 pg20pn1, pg20pn3-pg20pn7

Kelly enters the bar as the trio leave. 


27 January, Saturday

28 January, Sunday


Combat Kelly and his Deadly Dozen #6-FB pg4-pg8

At a USO dance, Combat Kelly dances with Laurie but they’re interrupted when Capt. Sawyer enters with a mission for them and ends the party.  Sawyer briefs Kelly in his office: Capt. Jack “Mad-Dog” Martin will fly them behind enemy lines to destroy the Fortress of Doom.  Kelly doesn’t want Martin in his squad because he went AWOL during a mission, but Sawyer tells him it will happen anyway. 


29 January, Monday


Combat Kelly and his Deadly Dozen #6-FB pg9-pg11

As they fly over enemy lines they find the fortress and Sample quickly draws a map.  After shooting down a German plane, they parachute down to meet the other troops. 


Combat Kelly and his Deadly Dozen #6 pg1-pg3

The Deadly Dozen and some American troops fight off Nazi soldiers, but Capt. Martin’s plane is nowhere to be found, and their pick up time has passed. 


Combat Kelly and his Deadly Dozen #6 pg12-pg20

The American GIs and the Deadly Dozen fight the Nazi troops and begin to lose ground.  As they’re about to be defeated, Capt. Martin reappears and crashes his plane into the side of the fortress, created a giant hole in the wall.  The troops surge in a defeat the German soldiers.  Martin appears alive afterwards, revealing he parachuted out before his plane crashed. 


Combat Kelly and his Deadly Dozen #7 pg1-pg7

As Combat Kelly and his men walk to their rendezvous point, German soldiers break into a house and start to steal some food when a nun stops them and makes them clean themselves.  When they return, Sister Angelique feeds them and tells how she cam to care for the children at the house. 


Combat Kelly and his Deadly Dozen #7 pg8pn3-pg15pn1

Sister Angelique mentions that the two boys are orphans that she found wandering the streets.  Kelly and his men arrive, and Ace tries to kill the nun for feeding Nazi troops.  After a skirmish, everyone calms down and eats.  Afterwards, Kelly has a conversation with the Nazi Captain. 


Combat Kelly and his Deadly Dozen #7 pg15pn6-pg20

Their chat is interrupted when one of the Nazi soldiers attempts to rape the oldest girl.  Ace wants to kills him for it, but the nun threatens to shoot everyone if they don’t all leave.  Kelly’s men take the Germans as prisoners and they leave. 


30 January, Tuesday


Super-Villain Team-Up #17-FB pg14pn1-pg14pn2

Arnim Zola approaches Hitler with a plan, and he agrees to be cloned and have his mind prepared for a transfer… just in case. 


31 January, Wednesday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 February, Thursday

2 February, Friday

3 February, Saturday


Combat Kelly and his Deadly Dozen #8 pg1-pg7

After a training exercise with the ‘Dozen,’ Kelly and Livingston go on a date to see Casablanca.  Afterwards, Kelly is called back to Capt. Sawyer’s office where he’s told there’s a mission for him tomorrow. 


4 February, Sunday


Combat Kelly and his Deadly Dozen #8 pg8-pg19

The Deadly Dozen make their way to a castle where Dr. Sweikert is holding inhumane experiments, and their mission is to free his ‘patients.’  They attack an approaching car that has Dr. Lola Steimle inside, Hitler’s personal emissary.  Livingston disguises herself as Steimle and Kelly as her chauffeur, but they’re quickly discovered and captured. 


5 February, Monday


Combat Kelly and his Deadly Dozen #9 pg1-pg19

The rest of the Dozen decide to rescue Kelly and Livingston, because they’re been in there for so long.  Meanwhile, Dr. Sweikert begins to operate on Livingston.  Outside, Doc tries to distract the guards, but he’s shot and killed, instead.  Inside, Sweikert severs Livingston’s Achilles tendons, to later be replaced with steel wire, just to see what happens.  Outside, Jake is shot and killed by the guards.  As they make their way inside they’re trapped by blast doors.  Sample blows the doors open with a grenade, using his body as a shield for the others.  Meanwhile, Kelly breaks free and makes his way to Laurie.  Elsewhere, Jay and Ace start fighting over the nurses that Ace killed, but in the distraction Howard is shot and killed by a guard.  Kelly finds Laurie, but it’s too late.  As he kills Sweikert, Ace is killed on the other side of the door by a guard, his gun had jammed.  Kelly and Jay disguise themselves as doctors and leave with Laurie, but Jay is shot as they enter the ambulance.  Kelly returns to Able Company base and tells Capt. Sawyer that he quits. 


6 February, Tuesday

7 February, Wednesday

8 February, Thursday


Fantastic Four vol3 #52(481)-FB pg1

Hitler has sent a Colonel to check on the progress of the Loki Project, but one of the children subjects kills him. 


9 February, Friday

10 February, Saturday

11 February, Sunday

12 February, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #106-FB pg4-pg10

Col. Sawyer informs the Howlers of their mission: stop the last prison train to Dresden filled with Allied POWs.  Why is it the last train?  Because Dresden will be bombed, and the Germans are filling the town with prisoners.  Eric is appalled that the Allies will be bombing a civilian town, and decides to try to stop it himself.  That night they parachute into Germany and get themselves captured.  They meet a double agent who’s running the prison camp, who supplies them with weapons. 


13 February, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #106-FB pg11-pg15pn2

The POWs are loaded onto the prison train and the Howlers quickly attempt to overtake it. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #106 pg1-pg3

Atop the last train to Dresden, the Howling Commandos fight the Nazi guards. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #106 pg15pn3-pg20

The Howlers overtake and stop the train, when they’re given new orders by the double-agent: Attempt to save as many civilians in Dresden as possible.  The spy is killed by one of the remaining guards, who is killed by Eric in retaliation.  The Howlers then set off for Dresden. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #108-FB pg8-pg19

As the Howlers make their way to Dresden, they’re attacked by Nazi scouts.  After killing them, they steal their uniforms and make their way into the city, and free the POWs there.  Meanwhile, Cal. Sawyer receives a phone call from Gen. Eisenhower telling him that the attack on Dresden has been moved up.  Back in the city, Eric tells Fury he’s going to warn the town of the attack but it’s too late… the sky is already filled with bombers. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #108 pg1-pg6

As the fire-bombing of Dresden begins, the Howlers take the rescued POWs and citizens of Dresden to a bomb shelter. 


14 February, Wednesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #108 pg20

The Howlers, POWs, and German citizens leave their shelter and find the city of Dresden little more than rubble and ash. 


15 February, Thursday

16 February, Friday

17 February, Saturday

18 February, Sunday

19 February, Monday

20 February, Tuesday

21 February, Wednesday

22 February, Thursday

23 February, Friday

24 February, Saturday

25 February, Sunday

26 February, Monday

27 February, Tuesday

28 February, Wednesday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 March, Thursday

2 March, Friday

3 March, Saturday

4 March, Sunday


Marvel Spotlight #31-FB pg3pn2-pg3pn5

Sgt. Fury stumbles across a minefield in Europe and is severely injured.  Partisans bring him to a nearby doctor who not only heals him, but also uses him as a test subject for his Infinity Formula project. 


Nick Fury, Agent of… S.H.I.E.L.D. #30-FB pg18pn3

Dr. Sternberg checks his results. 


5 March, Monday

6 March, Tuesday

7 March, Wednesday

8 March, Thursday

9 March, Friday

10 March, Saturday

11 March, Sunday


Marvel Spotlight #31-FB pg3pn6

Dr. Sternberg’s laboratory is destroyed by American bombers, so Sgt. Fury leaves to reunite with the Howling Commandos. 


12 March, Monday

13 March, Tuesday

14 March, Wednesday

15 March, Thursday


Cable & Deadpool #45 pg1-pg11

The time-travelling Deadpool & Bob… Agent of HYDRA appear in the middle of a battle between Captain America & Bucky and German troops. After the Nazis are defeated, Cap reveals he & Bucky are after Arnim Zola and Deadpool agrees to tag along.(because he may have a time travel machine to get them back to their own time) They make their way through a destroyed town and find Zola’s lab.


Cable & Deadpool #45 pg13-pg19

Cap, Bucky, Deadpool, & Bob find Zola in his lab and attack. Zola unleashes his experiment on them and runs off, Bob follows. Cap, Bucky, & Deadpool overpower the experiment, who asks them to kill him. Deadpool does, and Bucky shoots Deadpool. Bob rushes to Deadpool and they disappear.


16 March, Friday

17 March, Saturday

18 March, Sunday

19 March, Monday

20 March, Tuesday

21 March, Wednesday


Fury #1 pg9pn3-pg11

Hitler checks in with Arnim Zola, who’s talking with the Red Skull about suspended animation, and on the progress of the mind transfer process.  After he leaves, the fugitive Baron Strucker reveals himself and he, the Skull, and Zola make a deal in case Germany is defeated, which looks more likely every day. 


22 March, Thursday

23 March, Friday

24 March, Saturday

25 March, Sunday

26 March, Monday

27 March, Tuesday


Incredible Hulk #387-FB pg20pn4-pg20pn7

At Dachau Concentration Camp, Helmut and other prisoners are gassed and killed… except Helmut is invulnerable and doesn’t die.  He will eventually be picked up by Agamemnon and join the Pantheon under the name Achilles. 


28 March, Wednesday


Weapon X vol2 #23-FB pg1-pg4

Sgt. Fury and U.S. troops enter a recently liberated concentration camp and discover one of Mr. Sinister’s abandoned laboratories. 


29 March, Thursday

30 March, Friday


Motormouth #5-FB

Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos are ordered to check out a morgue in Berlin, where they find a zombie S.S. unit led by Algernon Crowe, who’s using the name Doctor Kroh.  When he tries to flee Fury shoots him, then he & the Howlers torch the morgue. 


31 March, Saturday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 April, Sunday

2 April, Monday

3 April, Tuesday

4 April, Wednesday


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12-FB pg23-pg29

Captain America & Bucky parachute behind German lines to rescue a defecting atomic scientist, and to deliver him to Sgt. Fury & his Howling Commandos.  They sneak into a castle disguised as officers of the Ninth Panzer Division, but they’re discovered because the Ninth Panzer Division has already surrendered.  They’re captured but soon break free, and deliver the defector to Sgt. Fury. 


5 April, Thursday

6 April, Friday


Fury: Peacemaker #3 pg1-pg18
Fury reports to a briefing in London along with Kynaston where they receive orders to assassinate Barkhorn, the mission is codenamed Operation: Peacemaker. They reminisce at a pub, and that night are airdropped into Germany where all but five of them are killed. 


7 April, Saturday


Fury: Peacemaker #3 pg19-pg22
The group infiltrates Barkhorn’s headquarters, but finds Obersleutenant Hans Von Stehle instead who informs then that Barkhorn is on his way to Berlin to assassinate Hitler. 


Fury: Peacemaker #4 pg1-pg13pn1  
The group overtakes the rest of the house, and Von Stehle tells them how Barkhorn got involved in the plot to assassinate Hitler.

Fury: Peacemaker #4 pg15pn5, pg16pn4
Von Stehle continues his story

Fury: Peacemaker #4 pg20pn3-pg20pn4
Von Stehle continues his story, and reveals that Barkhorn was promoted to Fieldmarchall shortly after the incident in Russia.   

Fury: Peacemaker #4 pg21pn2-pg22
Von Stehle finishes his story.


Fury: Peacemaker #5 pg1-pg22
The house is approached by a Tiger tank, and the crew is killed. Reinforcements arrive and the house is attacked. Most are killed, and that night more arrive, along with Barkhorn.


Fury: Peacemaker #6 pg1-pg17
Fury and the others regroup, and Fury meets with Barkhorn, who reveals that he turned down participation in the Hitler assassination. The attack resumes, Yeoman, Schuster, and Feskin are killed. Fury & Von Stehle shoot each other. Von Stehle dies, Fury loses his left eye.


8 April, Sunday

9 April, Monday


Captain America #237-FB pg12pn3-pg15

Captain America and Allied troops liberate the Diebenwald concentration camp. 


10 April, Tuesday

11 April, Wednesday


Fallen Son- the Death of Captain America: Iron Man-FB pg8-pg9

Captain America and a US tank battalion attack German soldiers to free a concentration camp. 


12 April, Thursday


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #7/2 pg9-pg10

Bucky informs Captain America that FDR has died. 


Saga of the Human Torch #2 pg18-pg19pn2

The Invaders are informed of FDR’s death, and the Human Torch is shocked.  Union Jack & Spitfire have been sent to guard Sir Winston Churchill, Namor will be sent to the Pacific Theater to fight Kamikaze planes, and Cap & Bucky are to be sent to guard a top secret drone plane.  The Human Torch & Toro will have a few minor missions, but in a week or two, will be sent to Berlin to capture Hitler!


13 April, Friday


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12-FB pg31-pg33

Steve visits Bucky at a hospital and interrupts him flirting with nurses. 


Avengers #209 pg14-pg17

Some time travelling Avengers arrive at the liberation of the Dachau Camp.  The Nazis have already killed the remaining prisoners, but some have been reanimated by the Resurrection Stone.  The Beast convinces the father that this isn’t a life worth living so he hands it over and they collapse.  Now that they have the Stone, the Avengers disappear. 


14 April, Saturday

15 April, Sunday


Namor, the Sub-Mariner Annual #1/2-FB pg16pn2-pg18

Cap & Bucky, Torch & Toro, Namor, and Spitfire are in Bitburg, Germany liberating a concentration camp.  Namor is disgusted and flies off on his own, discovering a mass grave of holocaust victims. 


16 April, Monday


Captain America Annual #13-FB pg9-pg15

In the Fuhrerbunker, Hitler gives the Red Skull a strong box containing his greatest achievements and tells him to put it somewhere safe so that history will eventually reflect on Hitler’s ‘greatness.’  Meanwhile, Captain America, the Spirit of ’76, and the Patriot parachute into Berlin, looking for Hitler’s strongbox.  They’re joined by the Red Guardian, who’s been sent by Stalin to find the strong box.  Together, they make their way through Berlin to find the Red Skull, and a fight breaks out. 


Tales of Suspense #79/2-FB pg5pn1

Allied planes converge over Berlin. 


Tales of Suspense #72/2-FB pg3pn1-pg3pn3

Fighting off Nazi troops, Captain America attacks the Red Skull.  They make their way into a bunker. 


Tales of Suspense #79/2-FB pg5pn2

Captain America and the Red Skull fight in the Nazi bunker. 


Tales of Suspense #72/2-FB pg3pn4-pg4pn4

Cap overpowers the Skull, who begins to brag that a plan of his is being set into motion.  Before Cap can get the details, the Allied Powers begin their final invasion of Berlin. 


Tales of Suspense #79/2-FB pg5pn3

The bunker explodes, debris raining down on Cap & Skull. 


Tales of Suspense #79/2-FB pg4pn5

The bunker is destroyed, Cap makes it out, but the Red Skull does not. 


Captain America Annual #13-FB pg19pn1-pg19pn4

Captain America rejoins with the Patriot, Spirit of ’76, and Red Guardian.  The strong box is lost so they go their separate ways, and Cap chastises the others for giving Red Guardian attitude.  Cap must return to England and meet back with Bucky to guard a drone plane.  The Red Skull is trapped beneath the rubble, and has been thrown into a form of suspended animation by experimental gases released during the explosion. 


17 April, Tuesday


Captain America Annual #13-FB pg20

Joseph Stalin yells at the Red Guardian for failing to retrieve Hitler’s strong box. 


18 April, Wednesday


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12 pg1-pg4

Captain America watches Bucky defeat Nazis trying to break into a hanger containing a top secret drone plane. 


Avengers #56-FB pg7

Baron Zemo sneaks into the hanger containing the experimental drone plane.


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12 pg8

Bucky wonders why the Nazis are after this hangar as he & Cap discover Baron Zemo inside. 


Avengers #56-FB pg8pn1-pg8pn2

Zemo activates an android. 


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12 pg9pn2

Cap & Bucky make their presence known. 


Avengers #56-FB pg8pn3

Zemo notices Cap & Bucky as they crash through the window.  


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12 pg15pn1

Cap & Bucky fall from the window. 


Avengers #56-FB pg8pn4

Cap & Bucky land on Zemo. 


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12 pg15pn2-pg16

Cap fights the android while Bucky fights Zemo. 


Avengers #56-FB pg9-pg10pn1

Bucky fights the android while Cap fights Zemo. 


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 pg21-pg22

Cap & Bucky fight the android. 


Avengers #56-FB pg10pn2

The android strikes Bucky. 


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12 pg30pn1-pg30pn2

Bucky is thrown from the android and hits a wall. 


Avengers #56-FB pg10pn3-pg10pn4

Cap checks on Bucky and is struck from behind. 


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12 pg30pn3-pg30pn5

Cap has been shot by Zemo, and passes out. 


Avengers #56-FB pg11-pg12pn2

Zemo has redressed Cap & Bucky in standard army dress and ties them to the drone plane. 


Captain America vol5 #4-FB pg13pn3-pg13pn4
Now at a secret Nazi island in the English Channel, Zemo tortures Bucky while Cap watches, chained.

Captain America vol5 #4-FB pg15pn2-pg15pn3

Zemo threatens to cut out Bucky’s eyes.

Captain America vol5 #4-FB pg16pn2
Cap tells Zemo to get away from Bucky.

Captain America vol5 #4-FB pg16pn4
Zemo laughs.

Captain America vol5 #4-FB pg17pn2
Cap yells at Zemo.

Captain America vol5 #4-FB pg17pn4
One of Zemo’s men hits Cap in the face with a gun.


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12 pg34-pg37pn2

Cap wakes up while Zemo brags, and begins to struggle against his bonds.  He breaks free and unties Bucky, and they get a motorcycle. 


Avengers #4-FB pg7pn1

The drone plane flies out of the hangar and Steve & Bucky go after it. 


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12 pg37pn3-pg37pn7

Steve & Bucky chase the plane. 


Captain America v5 #6-FB pg9pn5

Steve & Bucky approach the plane. 


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12 pg38pn1

Bucky jumps off the motorcycle. 


Avengers #4-FB pg7pn2

Bucky jumps on the plane as Steve follows. 


Captain America v5 #6-FB pg9pn6

Bucky’s on the plane as the motorcycle falls. 


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12 pg38pn2-pg38pn7

Steve tries to get Bucky off the plane.


Captain America v5 #6-FB pg10pn1

Steve warns Bucky that the plane might be booby trapped. 


Avengers #4-FB pg7pn3

Steve loses his grip. 


Captain America v5 #6-FB pg10pn3-pg10pn6

Steve falls from the plane, but Bucky’s arm is stuck, and the plane explodes. 


Captain America #220-FB pg5pn3

Steve falls as the plane explodes. 


Avengers #4-FB pg7pn4-pg7pn5

Steve is thrown from the explosion and falls into the English Channel. 


Captain America v5 #11-FB-FB pg3pn4

Bucky falls from the explosion, missing an arm. 


Captain America v5 #8-FB pg1

Aboard an experimental Soviet submarine near Dover, Colonel Karpov is informed that Captain America has been blown up over the English Channel. 


Captain America #220-FB pg5pn4-pg10

Steve is fished out of the English Channel by General Dekker’s men and brought onto his submarine.  After his army uniform is removed, he is brought to meet Dekker. The submarine then speeds west until it docks off a pier in Newfoundland. Dekker brings Cap to a laboratory in his private fortress, where he shows Cap canisters of his experimental nerve gas and a device designed to transfer Cap's power into Dekker's body. Cap then breaks free and retrieves his shield from the henchman who was carrying it. Once out of sight of Dekker's men, he redresses in his army uniform for a disguise and tries to escape by plane, but it’s shot down, he’s bathed in the nerve gas, and he crashes in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Newfoundland.


Captain America #215-FB pg11pn1

Steve floats and begins to freeze. 


Captain America v5 #8-FB pg20-pg21

The Soviet submarine finds Bucky’s frozen body. 


19 April, Thursday

20 April, Friday


Captain America #215-FB pg11pn2-pg11pn4

President Truman asks William Nasland to be the new Captain America, and that his Bucky is being looked into.  He then prepares to call in the remaining Invaders. 


21 April, Saturday

22 April, Sunday

23 April, Monday

24 April, Tuesday

25 April, Wednesday

26 April, Thursday


Namor, the Sub-Mariner #10-FB pg1-pg2

As Berlin suffers the final onslaught of the Allied invasion, Baron Strucker prepares to put Master Man and Warrior Woman into suspended animation. 


27 April, Friday

28 April, Saturday

29 April, Sunday

30 April, Monday


Spider-Man: Fear Itself-FB pg1

Hitler invites Baron Zemo to his bunker, and informs Zemo that he plans to take his own life tonight. Hitler then explains to Zemo that Arnim Zola has come up with a way for him to live on forever: Zola has taken a brain scan and cell tissue from him, and that he will live on forever inside a clone of himself. Hitler offers the same chance of immortality to his loyal agent.


Spider-Man: Fear Itself-FB pg23pn5

Zemo departs Hitler’s bunker to rendezvous with Zola. Unknown to the two Nazis, a guard has overheard their conversation.


Saga of the Human Torch #2 pg19pn3-pg23

Torch & Toro fight some Luftwaffe, then descend on Berlin. 


What If…? #4 pg5pn3-pg5pn4

The Human Torch & Toro fly over Berlin. 


Saga of the Human Torch #3 pg1-pg4pn4

The Human Torch & Toro fly through Berlin as the Russians overtake the city.  Meanwhile, Eva Braun poisons herself while Hitler prepares to shoot himself. 


What If…? #4 pg5pn5-pg6pn1

Hitler tells his aide Otto that he & Eva want to be cremated.  Torch & Toro break into the Fuhrerbunker and interrupt the suicide.  


Saga of the Human Torch #3 pg5pn1

Torch reminds Toro that Hitler doesn’t understand English. 


What If…? #4 pg6pn2-pg6pn6

The Human Torch offers to save Hitler from the Russians, and a fair trial.  Hitler refuses, attempts to blow up the bunker, and the Human Torch reacts. 


Young Men Comics #24-FB pg4pn4

The Human Torch sets Hitler on fire, who orders his aide to tell the world that he committed suicide with his dying breath. 


Super-Villain Team-Up #17-FB pg14pn3-pg14pn4

As Hitler’s body burns, Arnim Zola transfers Hitler’s mind into a waiting cloned brain. 


Fantastic Four vol3 #53(482)-FB pg1

The Human Torch & Toro burn Hitler’s body. 


What If…? #4 pg7pn2-pg7pn3

Torch decides it might be better for the world to believe that Hitler committed suicide.


Fantastic Four vol3 #53(482)-FB pg2-pg3

The Human Torch & Toro leave as experimental children watch.  They make their way out of the city as Russian forces overtake Berlin. 


Saga of the Human Torch #3 pg6pn6-pg6pn7

The Human Torch & Toro leave Berlin as the Russians continue to overtake the city. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 May, Tuesday


What If…? #4 pg7pn4-pg8pn1

Namor fights Japanese submarines in the Pacific. 


2 May, Wednesday


What If…? #4 pg8pn2-pg8pn5

Spitfire & Union Jack save Sir Winston Churchill from assassins. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #5 pg17-pg18pn1

As Russian soldiers march through a defeated Berlin, Namor, Human Torch & Toro, Union Jack, and Spitfire meet in London.  Torch mentions that Hitler lied with his dying breath. 


What If…? #4 pg9-pg10pn2

Major Rawlings thanks everyone for coming, and informs the Invaders that Captain America & Bucky have died, and that President Truman wants to see the Invaders. 


3 May, Thursday


What If…? #4 pg10pn3-pg12

The Human Torch, Toro, & Namor arrive at the White House where President Truman introduces them to the new Captain America & Bucky; William Nasland & Fred Davis. 


Saga of the Human Torch #3 pg7pn5

President Truman thinks. 


What If…? #4 pg13-pg14

Miss America & the Whizzer join the group, and they decide to stay together until the Japanese are defeated. 


4 May, Friday

5 May, Saturday


Captain America v5 #11-FB pg3pn1-pg3pn3

Bucky’s frozen body has been found by the Russians, who deliver him to their scientists. 


6 May, Sunday


Captain America v5 #11-FB pg4pn1-pg4pn2

The process of reheating Bucky’s body begins. 


7 May, Monday


Captain America v5 #11-FB pg5-pg7pn2

Since he was frozen so soon after death, the scientists decide to try to revive Bucky, and succeed.  He’s amnesiac, but his physical memory and reflexes are excellent.  He’s sedated so further tests can be conducted. 


What If…? #4 pg15-pg17pn1

With the war in Europe all but over, the Invaders focus their attacks on Japanese forces.  Cap II & Bucky II, Whizzer & Miss America focus on the Japanese homeland, Torch & Toro fight in the outer islands, and Namor battles Kamikaze planes. 


Fury: Peacemaker #6 pg18

In a hospital outside Cologne, Fury wakes up with his face bandaged. 


8 May, Tuesday


Fury: Peacemaker #6 pg19-pg22

Peter catches Fury(who’s now wearing an eye-patch) up on what he missed while in a coma on Victory in Europe Day. 


9 May, Wednesday

10 May, Thursday

11 May, Friday

12 May, Saturday

13 May, Sunday

14 May, Monday

15 May, Tuesday


Fury #1 pg12pn1

Baron Strucker has been smuggled into Japan and is welcomed back into Hydra. 


16 May, Wednesday

17 May, Thursday

18 May, Friday

19 May, Saturday

20 May, Sunday


Fury #1 pg12pn2

Baron Strucker leads Hydra agents on a war plant raid. 


21 May, Monday


Captain America v5 #11-FB pg7pn3

After discovering that Bucky did not receive the Super Soldier Serum, he’s put back into stasis. 


22 May, Tuesday

23 May, Wednesday

24 May, Thursday

25 May, Friday

26 May, Saturday

27 May, Sunday

28 May, Monday

29 May, Tuesday

30 May, Wednesday

31 May, Thursday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 June, Friday

2 June, Saturday

3 June, Sunday

4 June, Monday


Captain America Annual #6-FB pg1-pg5

The Invaders, including Captain America II, Bucky II, Namor, the Human Torch, Toro, Whizzer, & Miss America, battle Japanese forces in the Pacific. 


5 June, Tuesday

6 June, Wednesday

7 June, Thursday

8 June, Friday

9 June, Saturday

10 June, Sunday

11 June, Monday

12 June, Tuesday

13 June, Wednesday

14 June, Thursday

15 June, Friday

16 June, Saturday

17 June, Sunday

18 June, Monday


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #5 pg18pn5-pg19pn4

Namor fights Kamikaze planes in the Pacific Theater. 


19 June, Tuesday

20 June, Wednesday

21 June, Thursday

22 June, Friday

23 June, Saturday

24 June, Sunday

25 June, Monday


Classic X-Men #12/2-FB pg4pn3-pg4pn5

A teenage Magneto works in the Carpathian Mountains, he and Magda have begun to start a life together. 


26 June, Tuesday

27 June, Wednesday

28 June, Thursday

29 June, Friday

30 June, Saturday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 July, Sunday

2 July, Monday

3 July, Tuesday

4 July, Wednesday

5 July, Thursday

6 July, Friday

7 July, Saturday

8 July, Sunday

9 July, Monday

10 July, Tuesday

11 July, Wednesday

12 July, Thursday

13 July, Friday

14 July, Saturday

15 July, Sunday

16 July, Monday


Captain America’s Bicentennial Battles  pg47-pg51

A time traveling Captain America finds himself at Alamogordo, meets Gen. Halstead, and witnesses the first successful atomic bomb test detonation. 


Namor, the Sub-Mariner Annual #1/3 pg1-pg16

The night before the Potsdam Conference, world leaders gather with their escorts at a meet and greet.  Captain America escorts President Truman, Red Guardian escorts Premier Stalin, and Namor escorts himself.  Churchill attends in an honorary capacity.  Assassination attempts are made on Stalin & Truman, and the escorts find a group of Nazis who are attempting to ruin the conference.  They’re defeated, but William Nasland still doesn’t like Communists, and Namor tries to calm things down, without much success. 


17 July, Tuesday

18 July, Wednesday

19 July, Thursday

20 July, Friday

21 July, Saturday

22 July, Sunday

23 July, Monday

24 July, Tuesday

25 July, Wednesday

26 July, Thursday

27 July, Friday

28 July, Saturday

29 July, Sunday

30 July, Monday

31 July, Tuesday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 August, Wednesday

2 August, Thursday

3 August, Friday

4 August, Saturday

5 August, Sunday

6 August, Monday


What If…? #4 pg17pn2

The Enola Gay drops an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #5 pg19pn5

An atomic bomb is detonated over Hiroshima, Japan. 


Iron Man #257-FB pg8pn4

The bomb detonates. 


Darkhawk #28 pg15-pg16

The time-travelling Nova and Namorita appear in Hiroshima as the Enola Gay is dropping its payload.  Nova tries to stop it but is stopped by Namorita, so as not to disrupt history. 


X-Men #64-FB pg7pn8

The citizens of Hiroshima are decimated, and people miles away are irradiated. 


Darkhawk #29 pg2pn6

Nova and Namorita fly away as Hiroshima is devastated. 


7 August, Tuesday

8 August, Wednesday

9 August, Thursday


Saga of the Human Torch #3 pg7pn6

An atomic bomb is detonated over Nagasaki, Japan. 


Nick Fury, Agent of… S.H.I.E.L.D. #38-FB pg3pn3

An atomic bomb is detonated over Nagasaki, Japan. 


10 August, Friday

11 August, Saturday

12 August, Sunday

13 August, Monday

14 August, Tuesday

15 August, Wednesday

16 August, Thursday

17 August, Friday

18 August, Saturday

19 August, Sunday

20 August, Monday

21 August, Tuesday

22 August, Wednesday

23 August, Thursday


Fury #1 pg12pn3-pg12pn6

Baron Strucker assassinates the Hydra leader and takes full command of the organization. 


24 August, Friday

25 August, Saturday

26 August, Sunday

27 August, Monday

28 August, Tuesday

29 August, Wednesday

30 August, Thursday

31 August, Friday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 September, Saturday

2 September, Sunday


What If…? #4 pg17pn3-pg17pn5

Aboard the USS Missouri, Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu and General Yoshijiro Umezo officially surrender unconditionally, with General Douglas MacArthur representing the Allied Powers, ending the war.  The Invaders receive a telegram from President Truman, requesting that they stay together under a new name: the All-Winners Squad! 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #5 pg20pn3-pg20pn4

After agreeing to stay with the group, Namor must first return to Atlantis.