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1 January, Thursday

2 January, Friday

3 January, Saturday

4 January, Sunday

5 January, Monday


Marvels #1 pg40-pg41

Phil comes out of his coma and re-proposes to Doris. 


6 January, Tuesday


Truth: Red, White, & Black #1 pg21

Maurice is found guilty of protesting the US’s involvement in the war, and is given the options of twenty years in prison, or to enlist in the armed forces. 


7 January, Wednesday

8 January, Thursday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #44-FB pg4-pg6pn4

Captain Sawyer trains his First Attack Squad lead by Sgt. Fury.  That night he has a mission for them: rescue a kidnapped Allied rocket scientist. 


9 January, Friday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #44-FB pg6pn5-pg20pn2

Having arrived in France, the First Attack Squad prepares to infiltrate the fortress where the rocket scientist is being held, but they’re attacked by a Nazi patrol.  They defeat the patrol, but the Nazis send out a sound truck to tell them to surrender.  They attack and steal the sound truck, dismantle it and spread the speaker around the fortress.  When they make some noise, including Reb letting loose a ‘Wha-Hoo!’, the Nazis think an entire battalion is outside and abandon the fortress.  Fury’s squad rescues Dr. MacMillan, they steal a half-track and proceed to the rendezvous point.  When they return to camp, Winston Churchill calls to congratulate them on a job well done and gives them the rank of Commandos.  Afterwards, Captain Sawyer gives the squad their code-name, based on their solution: the Howlin’ Commandos. 


10 January, Saturday

11 January, Sunday


Invaders #31-FB-FB pg4pn1

Graves have been robbed in Switzerland. 


12 January, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #1 pg1-pg21

The French Resistance sends a message to the Allies, they’ve been discovered by the Nazis!  Sam Sawyer receives the message and sends the Howling Commandos to rescue LaBrave.  Once in France, they encounter Nazi resistance.  Fighting their way through the town, they make contact with local Resistance fighters and discover where LaBrave is being held.  Meanwhile, LaBrave is tortured for information, and Hitler calls for a progress report.  The Howlers eventually rescue LaBrave and get him to safety. 


Invaders #3-FB pg10pn6, pg11-pg12pn1

U-Man attacks a Caribbean Naval base. 


13 January, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #2 pg1-pg15

Fighting Nazi forces in France, the Howlers create a diversion while the U-boat docks are destroyed.  They return to base and are given a new assignment: go to Heinemund and sabotage the research experiments there.  They make their way behind enemy lines and Dum Dum is captured.  That night they go to Gestapo Headquarters and rescue him, then surrender themselves to be taken to the labor camp in Heinemund. 


14 January, Wednesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #2 pg16-pg22

The Howlers break free of imprisonment and sabotage the research facility. 


Invaders #3 pg1-pg18(minus FBs)

The Invaders arrive in Washington DC and are briefed on U-Man’s plot to assassinate Churchill. 


Invaders #4 pg1-pg18

The Invaders stop U-Man from killing Churchill, who’s on his way to Bermuda to address the Bermudan Parliament. 


15 January, Thursday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #3 pg1-pg5

The Howling Commandos stop a Nazi unit from invading by water, then take the night off in town and get into a bar fight. 


16 January, Friday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #3 pg6-pg8pn2

Captain Sawyer goes to the guard house and gives the Howlers a mission. 


17 January, Saturday


Invaders #31-FB-FB pg4pn2-pg4pn4

Torch & Toro investigate something strange in Switzerland, and a Monster kills some villagers. 


Invaders #31-FB pg2pn4-pg3, pg4pn5-pg17

Cap, Bucky & Namor are looking for Torch & Toro, and are attacked by villagers.  Cap & Bucky go to a castle and are captured by Nazis and a Nazi Monster.  Namor arrives and frees Cap, Bucky, Torch & Toro, and after a fight, the Monster kills himself and his creators. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #6-FB pg3pn5

Rommel wins a victory if Africa. 


18 January, Sunday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #3 pg8pn3-pg22

The Howling Commandos are battling Nazi forces in the Mediterranean when they meet up with a group of partisans where Major Richards gives them their mission: rescue a division of Allied troops captured by Nazis behind Massacre Mountain.  They are joined by a war correspondent and make their way to the mountain.  After a few failed attempts to gain ground, they discover the correspondent is a Nazi spy.  After taking care of him, they breaks through enemy lines, join the captured division and together they defeat the Nazis, retaking the mountain. 


19 January, Monday

20 January, Tuesday

21 January, Wednesday


Invaders #5-FB pg8pn2-pg10

The Invaders agree, with the Red Skull in disguise, to sell war bonds in a parade and delay their return to England. 


22 January, Thursday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #4 pg1-pg9pn2

During a London air raid, Fury meets Pamela Hawley.  Afterwards, Lord Ha-Ha broadcasts Nazi propaganda across British air waves.  Later, Fury is invited to an English Lord’s house, and that afternoon he and Capt. Sawyer go.  When they arrive they discover it’s the Hawleys that invited them, and Fury & Pamela get to know each other.  Lord Hawley reveals that Lord Ha-Ha is his son, and he wants Fury to bring him back to Britain.  That night, the Howlers parachute into Berlin, meet their contact, and capture Hawley. 


23 January, Friday


Invaders #5-FB pg11-pg17pn4

The Invaders are attacked and captured by the Red Skull at their war bond parade. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #4 pg9pn3-pg22

Hawley tries to bribe Fury to let him go, but he wants nothing of it.  A Nazi patrol finds them and kills Hawley, and while the Howlers fight them off, Junior is Killed In Action.  When they return to London, Fury tells Pamela of her brother’s death. 


24 January, Saturday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #5 pg1-pg7pn1

Upset over Junior’s death, Fury puts the Howlers through rigorous training exercises.  Meanwhile, General Stroheim informs Baron Strucker of his mission: destroy Sgt. Fury! 


Invaders #5 pg1-pg8pn1, pg17pn5-pg18

The Invaders destroy a munitions plant.  Bucky has a plan to stop them, but Roosevelt rejects the idea. 


Marvel Premiere #29 pg1-pg19(minus FBs)

Bucky breaks into a news station and broadcasts a call for heroes to fight the Invaders.  Various heroes respond, and the Liberty Legion is formed! 


25 January, Sunday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #5 pg7pn2-pg15

A German plane strafes the Howlers’ base and drops an insulting invitation to Fury from Strucker: it’s a challenge to fight!  When Fury asks Capt. Sawyer for permission, it’s denied.  That night, after a date with Pamela, Fury goes anyway.  Strucker proposes a toast, drugs Fury and defeats him in combat, filming the whole thing. 


Invaders #6 pg1-pg5

Bucky & the Liberty Legion hold a press conference. 


26 January, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #5 pg16-pg22

Strucker drops Fury off at his base, but not before he spread news of Fury’s defeat.  When Fury reports to Sawyer, he’s demoted for disobeying orders.  That night, Pvt. Fury and the Howling Commandos go on a mission behind enemy lines, and happen to storm the barracks that Baron Strucker is in.  Fury demands a rematch and pummels Strucker unconscious.  The Howlers take their own pictures, and make it to their rendezvous just in time. 


Invaders #6 pg6(montage)

The Liberty Legion fight Nazi spies. 


27 January, Tuesday


Invaders #6 pg6(montage)

The Liberty Legion fight Nazi spies. 


28 January, Wednesday


Invaders #6 pg6(montage)

The Liberty Legion fight Nazi spies. 


29 January, Thursday


Invaders #6 pg6(montage)

The Liberty Legion fight Nazi spies. 


30 January, Friday


Sgt. Fury  and his Howling Commandos #5 pg23

A General congratulates Captain Sawyer on Fury’s public defeat of Baron Strucker and asks when he can meet him.  Sawyer quickly reinstates Fury’s sergeant status. 


Invaders #6 pg7-pg17

The Red Skull calls a fight between the Liberty Legion and the Invaders.  Everybody fights. 


Marvel Premiere #30 pg1-pg8

The Liberty Legion regroups and are challenged by the Red Skull to fight the Invaders at Yankee Stadium tomorrow.


31 January, Saturday


Marvel Premiere #30 pg9-pg17

The Liberty Legion fight the Invaders, Toro defeats the red Skull, everybody’s happy. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 February, Sunday

2 February, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #6 pg1-pg5

Sgt. Fury captures some Nazi saboteurs, then goes on a date with Pamela Hawley at the movies, where newsreels are shown of General Rommel.  Meanwhile, a plan is put together to fight Rommel.  Later, Sawyer informs Fury that his squad is part of the plan and the Howlers go through a training exercise to prepare for it.  Unfortunately, Dino is injured. 


3 February, Tuesday


Invaders #7 pg1-pg10pn2, pg11pn2-pg17

In London, the Invaders fight some Nazis, and Torch fights baron Blood.  The Invaders meet the Flasworths, and learn about the history of Union Jack and Baron Blood. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #6 pg6-pg8

Sgt. Fury visits Dino at the infirmary, then meets George Stonewell, Dino’s replacement for the mission.  There’s immediate friction within the group, because Stonewell is racist against Izzy for being Jewish, and Gabe because he’s black. 


Invaders #8 pg1-pg10

The Invaders eat dinner and decide to hunt Baron Blood.    


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #6 pg9-pg16pn4

Now in Africa, the Howlers attack Rommel’s forces but things go badly when Stonewell disobeys orders.  They take a German officer prisoner, but they’re quickly attacked by the Luftwaffe, and the German dies. 


4 February, Wednesday


Invaders #8 pg11-pg17

The Invaders look for and fight Baron Blood. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #6 pg16pn5-pg23pn2

The Howlers make their way to Rommel’s camp and sabotage some of the tanks, but Stonewell is injured in the process.  Izzy brings him to safety, and a blood transfusion from Gabe saves his life.  Meanwhile, Allied forces drive Rommel’s army back. 


5 February, Thursday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #6 pg23pn3-pg23pn8

Having returned to camp, Stonewell is transferred to another unit.  On his way out, he leaves his forwarding address to Izzy and Gabe. 


Invaders #9 pg1-pg8pn5, pg9pn5, pg10-pg18

Union Jack has joined the Invaders, which doesn’t please Jackie.  That night, Baron Blood reveals his past to her: he’s Union Jack’s brother, not nephew.  Torch attacks and Baron Blood runs off with Jackie.  The Invaders regroup and eventually kill Baron Blood, but Union Jack is paralyzed and Jackie is dying! 


Invaders #10 pg1-pg2, pg18

The Invaders arrive at the hospital. 


Invaders #11 pg1-pg17

Jacqueline gets a blood transfusion from the Torch and gets super powers.  Meanwhile, Prof. Gold attacks the Invaders in his Blue Bullet armor. 


6 February, Friday


Invaders #12 pg1-pg6pn1, pg7-pg17

The Torch talks to the imprisoned Professor Gold, then the Invaders go to Warsaw to free Jacob Goldstein, the Professor’s brother.  He refuses to leave, and the Invaders are captured by Nazis. 


Invaders #13 pg1-pg17

Jacob turn into a Golem and rescues the Invaders.  They return to England and Jacob decides to stay in Warsaw. 


Invaders Annual #1-FB pg15pn3-pg15pn8

Hitler sends Agent Axis on a mission. 


7 February, Saturday


Invaders #14 pg1-pg17

The Invaders return from Warsaw in the middle of a Nazi air raid and meet the Crusaders.  Afterwards, they officially vote Spitfire onto the team.  Later, the Crusaders save King George VI and replace the Invaders as his Guard of Honor. 


Invaders #15 pg1-pg10

The Invaders discuss the merits of the Crusaders.  Elsewhere, Alfie briefs the Crusaders, but Alfie’s really a Nazi! 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #7 pg1-pg7

The Howlers make it to their rendezvous point and deliver their captured doodle-bug.  They’re informed they have to stay in France and meet up with the Resistance for another mission.  When they get there, Fury recognizes Lt. Spencer Parker from his school days.  Lt. Parker tells them their mission: blow up a Nazi ammo dump.  When they get there Fury realizes something is wrong, but it’s too late and they’re attacked. 


8 February, Sunday


Invaders #15 pg11-pg17

The Invaders foil an attempt to assassinate King George VI when the Crusaders fail. 


Invaders Annual #1-FB pg8pn5-pg9pn5

Hyena crashes a military truck. 


Invaders Annual #1 pg1-pg6

The Invaders are briefed on a mission in the US to get Nazi spies.  Only Cap, Torch, and Namor will go, Bucky and Toro will stay behind. 


9 February, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #7 pg8-pg9

Fury wakes up in an army hospital in London and Capt. Sawyer informs him he’s under court-martial for disobeying orders. 


Invaders Annual #1 pg7-pg8pn4, pg9pn6-pg14pn2, pg16-pg23

Torch goes to a hospital and is told about the Hyena.  He finds and fights the Hyena,  who steals some of the Torch’s blood, then the Torch vanishes!

Meanwhile, Cap meets an FBI agent who briefs him on Agent Axis, who attacks with one of Cap’s old triangular shields.  Agent Axis steals Cap’s round shield, leaving him with the triangular one, and Cap vanishes! 

Meanwhile, Namor boards a freighter and fights the Shark who steals Namor’s shorts.  When Namor gets a new pair on, he vanishes! 


Invaders Annual #1 pg24pn1-pg24pn3

The Invaders appear together in occupied France and see some strange looking individuals.  They assume they’re Nazis and attack, but they’re heroes from the future, the Avengers! 


Avengers #71 pg6-pn1-pg6pn4 ~ Invaders Annual #1 pg24pn4-pg25

The Invaders fight the Avengers. 


Avengers #71 pg10-pg14 ~ Invaders Annual #1 pg26-pg28pn1

The Avengers fight the Invaders. 


Invaders Annual #1 pg28pn2-pg33

The Avengers explain Kang and the Grandmaster’s plan to the Invaders, then vanish!  Nazis approach and the Invaders fight them, then vanish themselves!  They reappear before the Grandmaster, who isn’t happy about the outcome of the fight.  He sends them back to America, but this time as a group instead of individually.  They attack the retreating Hyena, Agent Axis, and Shark and retrieve their stolen items. 


10 February, Tuesday

11 February, Wednesday

12 February, Thursday


Marvel Two-In-One Annual #1-FB pg23pn5

Hitler names Skyshark. 


13 February, Friday

14 February, Saturday


Invaders #16-FB pg1-pg3

The Invaders fight Nazis in France.


15 February, Sunday

16 February, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #7 pg10, pg11-pg16pn3, pg16pn6-pg22

Fury’s court-martial begins and character witnesses are brought to the stand.  Meanwhile, a Nazi air raid occurs and the other Howlers defeat them.  Later, Fury is cleared of all charges.  The ammo dump was a fake, and Fury acted to save the squad.  


Truth: Red, White, & Black #1 pg22

Isaiah Bradley kisses his pregnant wife Faith goodbye, as he leaves for basic training. 


17 February, Tuesday

18 February, Wednesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #8 pg1-pg22pn5

The Howling Commandos return with a captured SS company, and receive a replacement for Junior: Percival Pinkerton.  Shortly afterwards Capt. Sawyer gives Fury a new mission: kidnap Nazi scientist Dr. Zemo.  That night they disembark for Germany and encounter Nazi forces.  Gabe is injured in the fight, so they bring him to a doctor in a nearby town and force him to tend to Gabe.  Meanwhile, having heard that the Howling Commandos are there, Zemo prepares to attack them.  The doctor has removed Gabe’s shrapnel, but Zemo has started shelling the town to draw out the Commandos.  They make their way to Zemo’s fortress and attack, so Zemo powers up the death ray he’s been working on and attempts to escape.  He shoots his way through the Howlers and escapes, leaving his aide behind.  Once he’s in the air, he detonates his ray gun, destroying the castle which sets off a chain reaction through the town. 


Captain America: the Medusa Effect 1-FB pg13pn6

The town is devastated. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #8 pg22pn6

The Howlers begin their way home. 


19 February, Thursday

20 February, Friday

21 February, Saturday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #8 pg22pn7-pg22pn9

Back at the base, the Howlers invite Percy to join them at the bar. 


Captain America: the Medusa Effect #1-FB pg14pn1-pg14pn2

An American B-17 drops leaflets letting people know that Zemo was responsible for the town’s devastation. 


22 February, Sunday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #9 pg1-pg11pn3

Fury returns to base after a date with Pamela and is given a mission: kidnap Hitler!  That night they parachute outside Berlin and make their way into town and listen to Hitler give a speech.  They’re recognized by Baron Strucker and half the group is taken prisoner.  Strucker is ordered to find the rest of the Howlers, and he begins searching. 


23 February, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #9 pg11pn4-pg

After having no luck in finding the remaining Howlers, Strucker is attacked by them.  Posing as his aide, Fury and Strucker report to Hitler, and the three of them go to Gestapo headquarters, to witness the execution of the captured Commandos.  Now reunited, the Howlers turn the tables on the Nazis and abduct Hitler.  When they return to base, it’s discovered that they captured a double, but the mission is still a success, because Allied Intelligence now has conformation that Hitler is using doubles. 


24 February, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #10-FB pg3pn2-pg3pn4

Col. Phil Parker parachutes to Okinawa and obtains intelligence on the island. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #10-FB pg4pn2-pg4pn5

Col. Parker is captured and imprisoned. 


25 February, Wednesday

26 February, Thursday


Invaders #39-FB pg7pn5

Lady Lotus flees California, not wanting to go in a relocation center. 


27 February, Friday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #10 pg1-pg3pn1, pg3pn5

Capt. Sawyer gives Fury his mission: rescue Col. Parker from imprisonment in Okinawa. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #10 pg4pn1, pg4pn6-pg7pn4

Fury briefs his team on the mission.


28 February, Saturday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #10 pg7pn5-pg22pn3

The Howlers start their trip to the Pacific by plane, and hours later they land on an aircraft carrier and meet Captain Savage, who will take them the rest of the way in his submarine.  When they reach their destination, they quickly rescue Col. Parker and head back to their pickup. 


Avenger #6-FB pg4pn2-pg4pn5

Now the most hated man in Europe, Zemo is attacked by Captain America.  In an attempt to stop Zemo’s experiments with his new Adhesive X, he throws his shield to destroy the vat containing it, which spills on Zemo’s face. 


Captain America: the Medusa Effect 1-FB pg15pn3-pg15pn6

Zemo howls in pain, his mask is now permanently glued to his face, and he makes his escape. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 March, Sunday


Uncanny X-Men #344-FB pg13pn3-pg13pn6

A young Magneto is transferred to Auschwitz II, Birkenau. 


Uncanny X-Men #344-FB pg14pn2

A young Magneto hides from his Nazi guards. 


2 March, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #10 pg22pn4-pg22pn9

Upon returning from Okinawa, Capt. Sawyer gives Fury a three day pass for a job well done, and that night goes on a date with Pamela. 


3 March, Tuesday

4 March, Wednesday

5 March, Thursday


Marvel Two-In-One Annual #1 pg12-pg23pn3

A time-traveling Thing lands in New York and is harassed by the police.  Skyshark attacks and the Liberty Legion come to the rescue.  All the invading planes are defeated but Skyshark himself, who escapes. 


Marvel Two-In-One Annual #1 pg24-pg35

An aircraft plant is attacked by Master Man, who steals an experimental cockpit.  Meanwhile, U-Man steals an experimental engine, and Skyshark shoots a scientist.  Shortly afterwards, a giant flying swastika attacks New York, which the Thing attacks. 


Marvel Two-In-One #20 pg1-pg16pn5

The Thing smashes the giant swastika and meets Brain Drain.  They land, and U-Man, Master Man, and Skyshark attack the Thing.  The Liberty Legion arrives, and together they defeat the villains.  Skyshark and Brain Drain escape separately, and the Thing returns to the future. 


6 March, Friday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #11 pg1-pg7

Capt. Sawyer informs Sgt. Fury that he’s going to oversee the training of new Commando units, and that Capt. Flint, a seriously by-the-book guy, will be temporarily replacing him.  When he arrives, Capt. Flint gives Fury a serious dressing down for not being presentable. 


7 March, Saturday


Marvels #1 pg42pn1

Phil and Doris get married. 


8 March, Sunday

9 March, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #11 pg8-pg9pn3

Capt. Flint informs Sgt. Fury of a mission: sabotage a Nazi convoy carrying V-2 rocket components, and that he’ll be accompanying the Howlers. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #11 pg9pn7-pg10pn2

Fury briefs the Howlers of the mission. 


10 March, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #11 pg10pn3-pg21pn1

The Howlers complete their mission, but Capt. Flint’s insistence on full dress almost kills them all. 


11 March, Wednesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #11 pg21pn2-pg21pn6

Capt. Sawyer returns to find Capt. Flint unshaven and without a tie.  He congratulates Fury on breaking Flint in. 


12 March, Thursday

13 March, Friday


Invaders #23-FB pg6pn4-pg7pn3

In North Africa, the Sons of the Scarab attack Allied troops. 


14 March, Saturday


Invaders #16 pg4-pg17

Cap and Bucky fail to stop Nazis from kidnapping Biljo White.  They meet up with the Invaders, and are briefed on their mission to save White. They head off to Germany where they’re attacked by Master Man, captured, then greeted by Hitler. 


Invaders #17 pg1-pg17

The Invaders escape and an accident gives Warrior Woman powers.  She helps recapture the Invaders, and throws Cap over the side of the building. 


Invaders #18 pg1-pg9, pg10pn5-pg17

Cap is saved by the Destroyer.  Hitler prepares the Invaders for transport to Berlin.  Spitfire, Dyna-Mite, and Lord Falsworth parachute into Berlin on a quest to find out what caused Dyna-Mite’s memory loss.  Cap & Destroyer save White. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #12 pg1-pg4

While the Howlers are out on the town, Germans bomb London.  After helping the survivors they return to base where Capt. Sawyer tells them that G2 has triangulated where the Nazi bomb station is, and they’re being sent to take care of it. 


15 March, Sunday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #12 pg5-pg17

The bombing station isn’t where it’s supposed to be, and the Howlers are running out of time.  Fury convinces Dino to ‘defect’ to find out where it is, which he does.  He eventually destroys the mobile bombing station, but Fury is captured.  Dino eventually makes his way back to base to find out Fury is MIA, and he’s being court-martialed for being a deserter. 


Invaders #19 pg1-pg7, pg9pn5-pg13pn4, pg14pn5, pg15

The Invaders are paraded through the streets of Berlin, and Cap is captured trying to free them.  Spitfire & co. discover the secret history of the Destroyer & Dyna-Mite, and are captured themselves. 


16 March, Monday


Invaders #19 pg16-pg17

Master Man & Warrior Woman are getting married while Hitler prepares to execute the Invaders, but Union Jack interrupts the proceedings with a grenade! 


Invaders #20 pg1-pg9

Union Jack frees the Invaders, everyone fights and Hitler escapes, heading for his plane.   


Invaders #21-FB pg2pn2-pg3

The Destroyer rescues Spitfire & co.  He reveals himself to be Brian Falsworth and changes his costume to be Union Jack II, and they hijack Hitler’s plane. 


Invaders #21 pg1-pg2pn1, pg3-pg9

Dyna-Mite attacks Hitler, who escapes the plane by parachute.  Everyone meets up and escapes, but Toro is shot.  Once out of Berlin they hitch a boat ride back to Britain. 


Invaders #22 pg1-pg17(minus FBs)

The Invaders go from boat to plane, and reach Britain.  During the trip, Torch tells the Invaders the origin of Toro.   


Invaders #23 pg1-pg6pn3, pg7pn4-pg8pn2

Toro must be flown to America where a specialist is who can save Toro’s life.  Bucky will take him while the Invaders must go to North Africa to fight Rommel. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #12 pg18-pg19

Dino’s court-martial is held.  Meanwhile, Fury escapes imprisonment and makes his way across enemy territory. 


17 March, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #12 pg20

As Dino’s sentence is about to be announced, Fury arrives and clears him of all charges. 


Invaders #23 pg8pn3-pg17

The Invaders arrive in Africa and are attacked by the Sons of the Scarab.  Namor & Torch meet and fight the Scarlet Scarab. 


Invaders #25 pg1-pg17pn1

Everyone fights.  The Scarlet Scarab teams up with and eventually disbands with Rommel.  The fighting is stopped for the moment, but the Scarlet Scarab decides to be neutral in the war. 


18 March, Wednesday


Invaders #25 pg17pn2-pg17pn6

Bucky arrives in California to discover the specialist Dr. Sabuki has been put in a relocation center for Japanese Americans. 


Invaders #26 pg1-pg8, pg11pn5-pg17

Bucky looks for Dr. Sabuki at Sandy Flat Relocation Center.  He finds him, but he’s attacked by Agent Axis! 


Invaders #27 pg1-pg7pn5, pg10-pg11pn1

Agent Axis captures Bucky & co., then captures Toro at the hospital. 


19 March, Thursday


Invaders #26 pg9-pg11pn4

The Invaders return to London and meet the new Destroyer… Roger Aubry!(Dyna-Mite)  They get in a plane and head for America. 


20 March, Friday


Invaders #27 pg7pn6-pg9

Cap, Namor, & Torch arrive at Sandy Flat Relocation Center. 


Invaders #27 pg11pn2-pg17

Dr. Sabuki saves Toro and prepares to operate on Agent Axis.  An accident gives Davy & Gwenny powers, and then the Invaders arrive. 


Invaders #28 pg1-pg17

Agent Axis escapes and Torch follows.  Davy & Gwenny give themselves code-names: Human Top & Golden Girl.  Agent Axis is caught, and the kids return to Sandy Flat and fight Namor disguised as Agent Axis.  They decide to stay in the states as the Kid Commandoes while the Invaders return to Europe. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #13-FB pg1

Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos return from another mission in occupied Europe. 


21 March, Saturday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #13-FB pg2pn3-pg2pn5

Captain America and Bucky demonstrate their fighting moves for British newsreels. 


22 March, Sunday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #13 pg1-pg7pn4

Fury and Pamela Hawley go to the movies, and then make their way to the Pig & Whistle Pub where Sgt. Bull McGiveney is giving Pvt. Rogers a hard time.  Fury doesn’t like it, so he starts a bar fight.  Later, Captain America and Bucky leave for their mission and make their way across the English Channel. 


23 March, Monday


Invaders #39-FB pg7pn5

Lady Lotus opens a shop in New York. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #13 pg7pn5-pg13pn3

Having been let out of the guardhouse, the Howling Commandos practice combat techniques.  Meanwhile, Captain America and Bucky follow Nazis that are herding slave labor.  They attack when the Nazis are about to execute Allied POWs, and Cap tells them to get word to the Howling Commandos that they’re needed.  Later, Captain Sawyer gives Fury his mission: go to Europe and assist Captain America! 


Captain America #383/2 pg1-pg3

Captain America and Bucky ambush a Nazi convoy carrying slave laborers.  Bucky steals a Hitler Youth uniform and Captain America poses as his captive as Steve Rogers. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #13 pg13pn4-pg16pn2~Captain America #383/2 pg4

The Howlers arrive in Europe and take on some Nazis while making their way to the destination point.  Dum Dum and Dino find an anti-aircraft weapon and overtake the Nazis controlling it. 


Captain America #383/2 pg5pn1-pg5pn5

While Steve Rogers is loaded on the labor train, Bucky discovers what the labor is for: building an underwater tunnel to Britain; Operation: Einfall. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #13 pg16pn3-pg18~Captain America #383/2 pg5pn6-pg6pn6

The Howlers find and jump on a train and come into contact with Steve Rogers, who Fury recognizes from the pub.  Bucky is put in charge of the prisoners, and when they arrive they’re put to work. 


Domination Factor: the Avengers #2.4-FB pg5pn6

Fury and Reb settle into a tunnel cart. 


Captain America #383/2 pg6pn7

Steve and Bucky change into Cap and Bucky. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #13 pg19-pg20~Captain America #383/2 pg7

Cap sets off an explosion and together the group attacks the Nazis.  Cap is almost caught in an explosion. 


Domination Factor #2.4-FB pg7

A time-traveling Captain America displaces the contemporary one. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #13 pg21pn1-pg21pn2~Captain America #383/2 pg8pn1-pg8pn2

Cap explains that he plans to blow up the tunnel and the groups separate. 


Domination Factor: the Avengers #2.4 pg19-pg22

Cap looks for the Golden Apple while Bucky follows, but they’re stopped by the Human Torch! 


Domination Factor: the Avengers #3.6 pg1-pg6

Cap, Bucky, & Torch are attacked by Nazi troops.  They’re driven off, but Bucky is knocked unconscious.  Torch explains that he’s a time-traveling Vision who has displaced the Human Torch.  The Vision finds the Golden Apple.


Captain America #383/2 pg8pn3-pg8pn6

Cap and Bucky fight off some Nazis and start the detonation process. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #13 pg21pn3-pg22pn2~Captain America #383/2 pg9pn1-pg9pn2

Fury and Reb escape while the tunnels begin to explode. 


Domination Factor: the Avengers #3.6 pg7pn1-pg7pn3

Cap & Vision are sent back to the Future as the tunnel explodes. 


Captain America #383/2 pg9pn3



Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #13 pg22pn3



Domination Factor: the Avengers #3.6 pg7pn4

Torch regroups with Fury & the Howlers while Cap & Bucky resurface. 


Captain America #383/2 pg9pn4-pg9pn6~Domination Factor: the Avengers #3.6 pg7pn5

Cap and Bucky swim to their rendezvous. 


24 March, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #13 pg22pn4-pg23

Captain Sawyer checks in on Fury and the Howlers at the hospital while they recover.  Next door is Cap and Bucky. 


25 March, Wednesday

26 March, Thursday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #14 pg1-pg4

The Howlers are on training maneuvers when Hitler informs Baron Strucker that he will be responsible for destroying the Howling Commandos.  Later, Strucker concludes that he will have to assemble his own strike force to take on the Howlers.  He begins his research.


27 March, Friday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #14 pg5-pg6

Strucker recruits members for his Blitzkrieg Squad and begins to train them. 


28 March, Saturday

29 March, Sunday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #14 pg7pn1-pg7pn2

Strucker picks out an ambush point and begins to build fake V-2 rockets.   


30 March, Monday

31 March, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #14 pg7pn3-pg22

Satisfied with their training, Strucker puts his plan into motion.  Shortly, Allied planes spot the rockets and make a report.  The task of destroying the rockets is given to the Howling Commandos.  That night Capt. Savage drops them off, they almost immediately come across some Nazis and take them prisoner, and Capt. Savage takes the POWs back in his sub.  The Howlers find the rocket site, and they’re attacked by the Blitzkrieg Squad.  The Howlers escape, and when Hitler comes by to check out how things are going, he lets Strucker know exactly how he feels.  Later, the Howlers are picked up by Captain Savage. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 April, Wednesday


Invaders v2 #3-FB pg6pn2

Volton is struck by lightning. 


2 April, Thursday

3 April, Friday


Invaders #29 pg1-pg2, pg16-pg17

The Invaders talk about the Teutonic Knight, and then he attacks! 


Invaders #30 pg1-pg17

The Invaders fight the Teutonic Knight.  Meanwhile, Sir Winston Churchill & Sir Bernard Law Montgomery meet, as Baron Strucker & his Blitzkrieg Squad prepare to attack them.  The Invaders defeat Teutonic Knight, then Baron Strucker. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #15 pg1-pg20

Capt. Sawyer sends the Howlers to Holland to contact Agent X, who will show them how to sabotage the dike to take out a Nazi platoon there.  When they arrive they encounter young Hans Rooten, whose father is the mayor and a traitor.  They eventually find Agent X and destroy the dike, but Hans goes with the Howlers back to Britain, because he can’t stand to live with his father. 


4 April, Saturday

5 April, Sunday

6 April, Monday


Invaders #31 pg1-pg2pn3, pg17pn7

Spitfire cleans the house while Cap tells her a story about a very large hat involving Nazis and a Monster. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #16 pg1-pg4

The new Able Company mascot Hans Rooten watches the Howling Commandos on maneuvers.  Meanwhile, an Allied agent in Africa sends a message to warn of a super weapon being developed there.  It reaches Capt. Sawyer, who sends the Howling Commandos to take care of it. 


7 April, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #16 pg5-pg20

The Howlers arrive in Africa, find the Nazi installation, free the Allied POWs and destroy the super weapon. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #17 pg1-pg19

The Howlers evade German fighter planes as they make their way to their pickup point.  They shoot the plane down, but show the pilot mercy.  They use his radio to call Capt. Sawyer, who sends them south to free some more Allied POWs.  The group is attacked by natives and the pilot dies, but they make their way to the Nazi camp and accomplish their mission. 


8 April, Wednesday


Invaders #32-FB pg3pn1-pg3pn3

Nazis approach the Invaders. 


Invaders #32 pg1-pg2, pg3pn4-pg13

The Invaders fight some attacking Nazis.  Then they’re given a mission to deliver a tank to the Russians.  Meanwhile, Hitler watches an opera, and that night he summons Thor with special equipment provided by a time-traveling Dr. Doom.  Hitler convinces Thor to fight with the Nazis against Russia. 


9 April, Thursday


Invaders #32 pg14-pg17

The Invaders arrive in Russia, fight some Nazis, meet Joseph Stalin, and are attacked by Thor. 


Invaders #33 pg1-pg17

The Invaders fight Thor and save Stalin.  Thor switches sides and returns to Asgard, after accidentally giving Union Jack electrical powers.  Doom reveals his contempt for Hitler, and vanishes.  However, soon the Invaders will forget ever meeting Thor…


Marvel Universe #2-FB pg12pn2-pg13pn2

Baron Strucker returns from a holiday in time to see the chancellery rocked by an explosion.  He follows the fleeing Victor Von Doom and sees him disappear into a plane of light.  He reaches out to touch it and disappears himself… into the future! 


10 April, Friday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #17 pg20

The Howlers return to base and are given accommodations.  That night Nick and Pamela go out on a date and are joined by the rest of Howlers. 


11 April, Saturday


Invaders #34-FB pg10pn2

Master Man captures the Destroyer. 


12 April, Sunday

13 April, Monday

14 April, Tuesday

15 April, Wednesday


Invaders #35-FB pg2pn3-pg2pn4

Iron Cross attacks a munitions factory. 


Invaders #34 pg1-pg10pn1, pg10pn3-pg17

Disguised as the Destroyer, Master Man attacks London Bridge and the Invaders go to stop him.  Union Jack fights Master Man while Spitfire looks for and finds the real Destroyer, Roger Aubrey.  The Invaders defeat Master Man, Destroyer gets his suit back, and Cap, Namor & Torch are called back to the States. 


16 April, Thursday


Invaders #35-FB pg4-pg17pn1

The Liberty Legion holds a meeting, and Miss America goes to a bar looking for German-American spies and stumbles across some.  She follows them until they meet the Iron Cross and she attacks.  The Liberty Legion arrives and is defeated, and the Whizzer runs off to find the Invaders. 


Invaders #36 pg1-pg2

Iron Cross takes the Liberty Legion to his submarine. 


Invaders #35 pg1-pg2pn2, pg2pn5-pg3, pg17pn2-pg17pn6

Cap, Namor & Torch walk through Times Square where Nick Fury, Dum Dum, Gabe Jones, and Reb Ralston see them.  The Whizzer arrives and tells the Invaders what happened to the Liberty Legion.  They go to look for the Iron Cross, who just happens to be why they were called back to the US.  


Invaders #36 pg3-pg6pn2, pg8pn3-pg17

The Invaders & Whizzer get in Namor’s flagship and quickly find Iron Cross in his U-boat.  Namor fights Iron Cross but tears a hole in the submarine, endangering the Liberty Legion.  Iron Cross escapes. 


Invaders #37 pg1-pg17

Namor saves the Liberty Legion with Thin Man’s help, and the Invaders & Liberty Legion defeat Iron Cross.  U-Man arrives just after they leave, then continues on his way to meet Lady Lotus. 


17 April, Friday

18 April, Saturday


Doctor Strange vol2 #50 pg12-pg21

A time traveling and amnesiac Morgana Blessing arrives in London to witness the Howling Commandos in a bar fight.  Dr. Strange arrives soon after and ends the fight, repairs the damage to the pub, gives Nick a shave, and erases everyone’s memories of the fight.  Disguising himself, Dr. Strange introduces himself and tries to explain Morgana’s amnesia.  Reb arrives to let Nick and Dum Dum know that Capt. Sawyer wants them back at Able Company base, and Dr. Strange leaves Morgana in Pamela’s care until he’s ready to treat her.  He then goes to Stonehenge where’s he’s overpowered by Sir Anthony Baskerville and Viscount Heinrich Krowler, who are working for Dormammu. 


Doctor Strange vol2 #51 pg1-pg7pn4

Baskerville and Krowler bring Strange to their castle, where they contact Dormammu and ask him to release Baron Mordo, Krowler’s grandson.  Dormammu gives Mordo’s essence to Baskerville and they prepare for the ritual to give Dormammu a body.  Meanwhile, Dr. Strange’s astral form contacts Hitler and determines that he is not behind what’s going on, but rather Dormammu is.  Meanwhile, Morgana and Pamela are kidnapped from Hawley manor.  Meanwhile, the Howling Commandos have been ordered to Baskerville Castle because G-2 intercepted coded Nazi messages from there. 


19 April, Sunday


Dr. Strange vol2 #51 pg7pn5-pg22

The Howlers arrive at Baskerville Castle and attack the Nazis stationed there.  Meanwhile, Baskerville attempts to put Baron Mordo’s essence into Morgana’s body.  Meanwhile, the Luftwaffe begins to bomb London.  As the air raid creates hate, Krowler begins the spell to put Dormammu into Clea’s body.  Fury jumps into the middle of the proceedings, and when Pamela sees him, the great love between them snaps Dr. Strange back into his body.  He blocks the spell bringing Dormammu to Earth, which creates an explosion and sends Dormammu and Mordo away.  Dr. Strange erases the memories of Pamela and the Howlers, and then has a chat with Clea. 


Invaders #38 pg1-pg8pn3

The Invaders take down Nazi spies in New York.  Whizzer leaves to attend a Liberty Legion meeting where he & Miss America leave to join the Invaders. 


20 April, Monday


Invaders #38 pg8pn4-pg17

U-Man meets Lady Lotus.  Meanwhile, the Kid Commandos fight spies on the West coast.  Later, the Invaders are called up by the Kid Commandos; the Invaders are going to San Diego looking for spies. That night, the Kid Commandos defeat Japanese saboteurs and are attacked by U-Man, who wants Golden Girl for Lady Lotus. 


Invaders #39 pg1-pg5pn3

U-Man is attacked by Cap & Torch, but he gets away with Golden Girl.  Torch & Toro go to look for them, but to no avail.  U-Man delivers Golden Girl to Lady Lotus. 


21 April, Tuesday


Invaders #39 pg5pn4-pg6, pg7pn6-pg17

Lady Lotus tells Golden Girl her past, and asks her to join her.  Meanwhile, Union Jack & Spitfire chat in London.  Golden Girl turns down Lady Lotus, so U-Man attacks.  Cap, Torch, & the Kid Commandos arrive and U-Man & Lady Lotus escape.  Later, Union jack & Spitfire discover Japanese soldiers trying to move Baron Blood’s corpse.  They attack, but they accidentally free Baron Blood, who attacks them. 


Invaders #40 pg1-pg6pn2

Lady Lotus stops Baron Blood from killing Union Jack & Spitfire, and commands him to come to her.  Later, the Invaders regroup and are contacted by Union jack & Spitfire. 


22 April, Wednesday


Marvel Holiday Special 1994/2-FB pg4pn5-pg4pn7

Nick and Pam go out on a date. 


23 April, Thursday

24 April, Friday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #18 pg1-pg3

Nick and Pamela are on a date when the Luftwaffe start bombing the city in an air raid.  Pamela joins her unit to help the wounded and Fury helps the anti-aircraft gun crews.  After the raid subsides, Nick calls Pam to see if she’s all right, and decides to propose to her.  He goes to a jewelry store and buys a ring. 


Invaders #40 pg6pn3-pg9pn2

Baron Blood arrives in New York and Lady Lotus shows him who’s the boss. 


25 April, Saturday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #18 pg4-pg18

Capt. Sawyer gives Fury a mission: attack and destroy a German raider docked in a Norwegian seaport.  Fury agrees under one condition: a three-day pass after the mission is completed.  That night, the Howlers find the Deutschland and destroy it. 


26 April, Sunday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #18 pg19-pg20

After returning to Able Company base, Capt. Sawyer give Fury his three-day pass, but he needs to give him some news.  Fury doesn’t give him the chance and heads off to Hawley Manor.  Sawyer tells the Howlers to beat him there and give him the news, but when they arrive, Nick brushes them off.  He knocks on the door and Lord Hawley tells him: Pamela is dead.  She died during an air raid last night, and her final words were to tell Nick she loves him. 


27 April, Monday

28 April, Tuesday

29 April, Wednesday

30 April, Thursday


Wolverine vol3 #32 pg1-pg3

The commandant in charge of Sobibor has committed suicide, so General Heydrich appoints Bauman as the new commandant, who arrives at the camp and gets settled.  Logan is imprisoned here. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 May, Friday


Wolverine vol3 #32 pg7-pg10

Major Bauman audits the camp and notices that one prisoner isn’t doing any work, so he makes an example out of him by having him shot.  That night, the prisoner is up and whistling outside Bauman’s window.  He’s not happy to see this, so he goes outside and mutilates him. 


2 May, Saturday


Invaders #40 pg9pn3-pg17

The Invaders are at Fort Dix Army Base, where Captain Sam Sawyer informs them of and incoming German plane.  They go to investigate and are attacked by Baron Blood, who takes the German passengers, Master Man & Warrior Woman, to Lady Lotus. 


Invaders #41 pg1-pg3pn2

The Invaders recover from Baron Blood’s attack, and the Torch leaves to find him. 


3 May, Sunday


Invaders #41 pg3pn3-pg31

Torch finds Lady Lotus’ shop, where inside she is teaching Master Man & Warrior Woman a lesson in humility.  Torch enters the shop where Lady Lotus mesmerizes him.  Later the Invaders wonder what the Torch is doing when they hear over the radio that the railroad yards in Chicago have been attacked by strange beings, so they go to investigate.  That night, the Invaders fight the Super-Axis in Chicago, but they’re attacked by a mind controlled Human Torch.  Lady Lotus calls the Super-Axis away while the Invaders fight Torch, who they quickly bring to his senses.  The Invaders fight the Super-Axis again while Torch flies to New York and attacks Lady Lotus, both are defeated. 


4 May, Monday


Invaders #41 pg32

Torch rejoins the Invaders as the Super-Axis are arrested. 


5 May, Tuesday

6 May, Wednesday


Wolverine vol3 #32 pg11-pg12

General Reinhard Heydrich visits Sobibor, and Bauman notices that Logan still isn’t dead.  He brings him around the side of the coal bunkers and shoots him in the face a few times. 


7 May, Thursday


Invaders #41 pg33pn1-pg33pn4

The Invaders rejoin the Falsworths in London. 


8 May, Friday

9 May, Saturday

10 May, Sunday

11 May, Monday


Wolverine vol3 #32 pg13pn1

Bauman attempts to kill Logan. 


12 May, Tuesday

13 May, Wednesday

14 May, Thursday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #19 pg1-pg5

Capt. Sawyer gives the Howlers a furlough, but Fury doesn’t want it.  He’s still upset over Pamela’s death and wants to take it out on the Nazis.  Later, the Howlers ask Fury what he’s going to do on his furlough, so he tells them: He’s going to find out who’s responsible for the air raid and kill him.  They don’t want him going alone, so that’s how they’ll spend their furlough, too.  That night they go to an anti-aircraft plotter’s room, where a W.A.F. officer tells them the squad that attacked on the night in question is based out of Venlo, Holland, and the General in charge is Von Krummpt.  They make their way to the Pig ‘n Whistle and arrange for transportation. 


15 May, Friday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #19 pg6-pg8pn1

The Howlers parachute into Holland and make their way to visit Mayor Rooten: Agent X.  He gives them clothes and a vehicle. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #19 pg8pn2-pg20pn4

The Howlers arrive in Venlo, start a bar fight, and steal some uniforms.  They then make their way to the air force base.  Fury makes his way to the General’s office while the others set explosives on the planes.  Fury ambushed Gen. Von Krummpt and brings him to a hangar where they won’t be disturbed.  Meanwhile, the Howlers are attacked by the base guards, so they blow up all of the planes.  Fury continues to fight Von Krummpt, but he’s been shot twice.  Von Krummpt tries to escape in a nearby plane, and Fury jumps on the wing as it takes off.  Fury overtakes the General and throws him out of the plane, killing him, then lands it in a canal. 


16 May, Saturday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #19 pg20pn5

The Howling Commandos return to Able Company base and tell Hans Rooten the truth about his father.  Capt. Sawyer tells them he knows what they did, against orders, but he’ll let it go.  Later, Fury visits Pamela’s grave. 


17 May, Sunday

18 May, Monday

19 May, Tuesday


Civil War: Frontline #1/3-FB pg1-pg3

Japanese Americans enter Poston War Relocation Camp. 


20 May, Wednesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #20 pg1-pg20

Baron Strucker and his Blitzkrieg Squad attack and overtake a Scottish Castle that is being used to hold German prisoners.  Later, Capt. Sawyer has to choose between Sgt. Fury squad and Sgt. McGiveney’s squad to take the castle back from Strucker.  He chooses Fury, which doesn’t make Bull too happy.  He picks a fight with Fury, but backs down when he sees how angry Fury is.  He gets the Howlers together and quickly defeats Strucker. 


21 May, Thursday


Wolverine vol3 #32 pg13pn2

Bauman attempts to kill Logan. 


22 May, Friday


Invaders #41 pg33pn5-pg33pn6

Lady Lotus runs into the Yellow Claw on the streets of Chinatown. 


23 May, Saturday

24 May, Sunday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #21 pg1-pg4

During training maneuvers, Izzy discovers the explosives they’re using are defective, so Fury and Sawyer investigate while the Howlers head into town.  Fury and Sawyer ask Dr. Zenish about the detonator he developed, but he wants to resign and go back to his home country of Czechoslovakia.  Fury asks about Zenish’s family, which gives Sawyer an idea.  Fury rounds up the Howlers, who are in a bar fight with McGiveney’s Maulers, and they head for Czechoslovakia. 


25 May, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #21 pg5-pg13

The Howling Commandos arrive in Kraslice Czechoslovakia, locate Dr. Zenish’s daughter in a prison camp, and free her.  Sadly, her mother died weeks ago.  They make their way to the pickup point, but their ride is shot down. 


26 May, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #21 pg14-pg20

Their car has run out of gas so they hop a ride on a train, but the French underground resistance attacks it.  They realize they’re on the same side, and they give the Howlers transportation to Paris, where they contact Able Company base.  They meet their new pickup and Dr. Zenish is reunited with his daughter. 


27 May, Wednesday


Wolverine vol3 #32 pg13pn3-pg13pn4

Heydrich has been assassinated by British trained Czechs, but Bauman is more concerned with the prisoner who won’t die… so he begins to drink.  Heavily. 


28 May, Thursday


Wolverine vol3 #32 pg14-pg21

Bauman is woken and informed that a prisoner won’t die in the gas chamber, and that he says it’s time for them to talk.  Bauman has Logan brought to his office and begins to beat him with broken bottles, but things get out of hand a fire erupts.  Bauman dies. 


Truth: Red, White, & Black #2 pg1-pg22

Mr. Tulley and a doctor named ‘Reinstein’ ask for Major Brackett’s assistance.  They want two battalions of black soldiers for the new Project: Super Soldier.  Meanwhile, Luke gives his squad their mail, and Maurice gets into a fight with some soldiers.  Luke’s squad is told to report for a special night training exercise, and at 2300 hours Colonel Walker Price assassinates Major Brackett, takes Luke’s squad along with almost 300 other black soldiers, and has the rest killed. 


29 May, Friday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #22 pg1-pg19

Fury and McGiveney are fighting when Capt. Sawyer gives their teams a mission: destroy flak guns in Ploesti Romania so bombers have a better chance of destroying the oil fields.  They do so, but run into Baron Strucker and his Blitzkrieg squad in the process.  The Howlers defeat them, and head for their pickup spot. 


30 May, Saturday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #22 pg20

After Capt. Sawyer debriefs the Howlers, McGiveney’s Maulers return to base and he & Fury resume their fight. 


Captain America #11-FB pg20pn2-pg21pn5

On a week’s leave, Steve & Bucky go to the movies. 


31 May, Sunday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 June, Monday


Wolverine vol3 #32 pg22-pg23

A new commandant arrives at Sobibor. 


2 June, Tuesday

3 June, Wednesday

4 June, Thursday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #23 pg1-pg17pn1, pg17pn9-pg20

The Howling Commandos are on the Burma Road escorting Sister Theresa and her mission through enemy territory.  Once they reach their destination, the Howlers meet Percy’s brother Lt. Col. Pinkerton, leader of the Burma Dragons. 


5 June, Friday

6 June, Saturday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #24 pg1-pg5pn3

As the Howlers return from a mission, Capt. Sawyer sends them on a two-week furlough.  That night they arrive in New York and meet Izzy’s family, then head over to Gabe’s uncle’s night club in Manhattan.  Reb can’t join them, because he’s going to see his family in Kentucky. 


7 June, Sunday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #24-FB pg11pn2-pg11pn6

Reb’s parents are taken hostage by Bundists.  Reb comes home and he’s taken prisoner, also. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #24 pg5pn4-pg7

Dino has arranged a surprise for the Howlers, so they go to the Stage-Door Canteen and meet Jimmy Durante, Bob Hope, Groucho Marx, Bing Crosby, and Jerry Cologna.  Fury decides to give Reb a call to see how he’s doing, but there’s trouble at Reb’s place so the Howlers take off. 


8 June, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #24 pg8-pg11pn1

The Howlers arrive at Reb’s place and they’re attacked by Bundists.  They’re brought inside and Reb tells them the villains are after a nearby military super weapon. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #24 pg11pn7-pg20

The Bundists call Hitler to tell him everything’s going to plan, and he orders them to kill the Commandos.  Not liking this, they attack and quickly overpower the Bundists, but Dum Dum is shot in the process.  Hans will stay with Reb’s parents until the war is over, and Dum Dum will go to the hospital.  The Howlers are informed their furlough is being cut short because there’s trouble back at base, so they hop on a plane. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #25 pg1

The Howlers fly to Able Company base. 


9 June, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #25 pg2-pg20pn6

The Howlers arrive at Able Company base and are greeted by the Red Skull disguised as Capt. Sawyer.  He sends Fury off to a trap and starts to change his disguise.  Later, Fur meets his contacts, Nazis disguised as French Resistance.  Meanwhile, the Red Skull disguised as Fury gathers explosives.  Fury discovers the ruse and escapes the Nazis, but when he returns he encounters the Skull, who’s being chased himself.  The Skull escapes and Fury is arrested, but the Howlers know the difference and eventually break him free.  They find and follow the Skull, who leads them to the captured Capt. Sawyer.  They free Sawyer and foil the Skull’s plan, but he escapes. 


10 June, Wednesday


Cable #96-FB pg13pn4

Cole, an eternal caveman altered by aliens, fights in a battle. 


11 June, Thursday

12 June, Friday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #25 pg20pn7-pg20pn8

The Howlers receive notice that Dum Dum has recovered and has been put on detached service with the Ferry Command as an aerial gunner. 


13 June, Saturday

14 June, Sunday

15 June, Monday

16 June, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #26-FB pg4

Dum Dum is acting as tail gunner when his plane is shot down while fighting German planes. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #26-FB pg5pn4-pg8pn5

Dum Dum and the rest of his surviving squad are picked up by the Sea Shark and taken prisoner. 


17 June, Wednesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #26 pg1-pg3, pg5pn1-pg5pn3

Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos report to Capt. Sawyer, who has a mission for him: accompany Capt. Savage to rescue Dum Dum. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #26 pg8pn6-pg20

Dum Dum and company plan their escape then do so, destroying the Sea Shark in the process.  Capt. Savage arrives with the Howlers and picks them up. 


18 June, Thursday

19 June, Friday


Giant-Size Invaders #2 pg1-pg16

The Invaders are safeguarding Roosevelt & Churchill as they meet for a conference.  Miss America meets Winston Churchill for the first time.  Giant-Size Nazi assassins attack, and are defeated by the Invaders. 


20 June, Saturday

21 June, Sunday


Invaders v2 #1-FB pg14pn5

The Kid Commandos hold a War Bond rally. 


22 June, Monday


Invaders v2 #1 pg1-pg14pn4, pg15-pg22

Captain America, the Human Torch, & Namor stop a submarine from firing torpedoes at a blacked-out New York when they’re attacked by Battle-Axis.  Cap fights the Spider-Queen, The Human Meteor & Strongman team up on Namor, Volton fights the Torch, Dr. Death defeats Cap, and the Battle-Axis escapes.  The Invaders make their way to Liberty Legion headquarters where they meet the Thin Man, who tells them the Super-Axis are former heroes.  Meanwhile, Miss America & Whizzer are on a date and spot a submarine in the East River.  They’re attacked by the Super-Axis, but Miss America escapes. 


23 June, Tuesday


Invaders v2 #2 pg1-pg22

Miss America returns to Liberty Legion headquarters.  She & the Invaders head for the West coast to find Battle-Axis, who have teamed up with Sky Shark.  The Torch & Namor go to Dr. Goldstein’s place in California, thinking Battle-Axis is after him, where they find Dr. Death with the Dr.’s brother Jacob, who becomes a Golem and fights the Invaders.  They leave with the Torch & the Blazing Skull arrives and saves Namor.  Meanwhile, Cap & Miss America find the other members of Battle-Axis at the UCLA campus.  The villains escape, and the heroes meet the Silver Scorpion. 


Invaders v2 #3 pg1-pg4pn2

Torch tries to escape the Battle-Axis, but fails, and Dr. Death reveals he helped create the Torch. 


Invaders v2 #3 pg4pn5-pg5pn1, pg5pn4, pg5pn6, pg6pn1

Spider-Queen, Strongman, the Human Meteor & Volton explain why they work for the Nazis. 


Invaders v2 #3 pg6pn3-pg8pn3, pg8pn4-pg22

Dr. Death explains ‘the Mojave Project,’ in that he plans to cause an earthquake to break California off the mainland, which would pull America out of the war so the Nazis could focus on destroying the Russians.  Meanwhile, Silver Scorpion directs the other Invaders to where the Battle-Axis is while she explains how she got her armor, and the Blazing Skull explains his… blazing skull.  They pass over the secret base and are attacked, and Miss America sneaks inside where she’s captured.  The Invaders arrive and everyone fights.  Dr. Death uses the Dimension Smasher to summon the Vision: Aarkus, Destroyer of Evil, who attacks the Invaders. 


Invaders v2 #4 pg1-pg22

Volton discovers that he’s not human, and possibly an android.  The Invaders escape, defeat Battle-Axis, Dr. Gold dies, and Aarkus returns to his home dimension. 


24 June, Wednesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #27 pg1-pg9pn3

The Howling Commandos parachute into Germany to destroy a secret weapon that’s crippling the Allied air force.  They succeed, but Fury takes a grenade in his face in the process.  Dino bandages his face, and Fury orders the Howlers to get to the pickup point while he fights of the coming Nazis. 


25 June, Thursday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #27 pg9pn4-pg20

Fury comes across a civilian and steals his clothes.  That night he goes into a bar to rest, his face is killing him.  Inside are some Nazi officials including Dr. August Draus, the inventor of the secret weapon, and Hermann Goering.  Draus insults an orderly, and Goering recognizes Fury.  Fury attacks and takes Draus hostage, and the orderly, Eric Koenig, defects and helps Fury out.  They make it to a plane and take off.  Meanwhile, the Howlers try to convince Capt. Sawyer to let them look for Fury, but before he comes to a decision Fury arrives with Draus and Koenig.  Capt. Sawyer is pleased that Fury has captured a high ranking scientist, and he sends him to the infirmary to get his eye checked out.  Later, the camp medic informs the Howlers that Fury denied the surgery required to save his eye; without it, his eye will one day over the years stop working.  Fury tells the Howlers that he’ll let his eye rot, the war’s more important. 


Truth: Red, White, & Black #3 pg1-pg9

Faith Bradley and Mr. & Mrs. Canfield are informed of their loved ones death in an accidental explosion.  Meanwhile, the experiments continue at the new Project: Super Soldier.  Larsen is the first to survive the process. 


26 June, Friday

27 June, Saturday

28 June, Sunday


Truth: Red, White, & Black #3 pg10-pg22

The Canfields hold a funeral for Maurice, and Faith gets a white man’s body in Isaiah’s casket.  The new Project is left with five survivors: Luke, Isaiah, Maurice, Jack, and Larsen.  That night, Col. Price, Tulley, & Reinstein attend a celebration party over the success of the new Project: Rebirth while the survivors are put on a boat.  Meanwhile, Mr. Canfield kills himself over the grief he feels for the death of his son.  Later on the boat, Jack dies from heart failure. 


29 June, Monday

30 June, Tuesday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 July, Wednesday

2 July, Thursday


Truth: Red, White, & Black #4 pg1-pg11

Faith is told that she got the wrong body because an explosion makes it difficult to identify the correct body parts, so they give various parts to the grieving families so they have something to bury.  Meanwhile, Luke, Isaiah, Maurice & Larsen attack supply lines in Germany.  Larsen dies. 


3 July, Friday

4 July, Saturday


Marvels #1 pg42pn2-pg45

Phil, now a war correspondent, is writing a letter to his wife when Casey tells him that they’re moving out soon.  They pack up and watch as the Invaders invade a German castle. 


5 July, Sunday

6 July, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #28 pg1-pg3

Capt. Sawyer tells Fury that Hitler is determined to crush the rebellion in Cherbeaux, and that Fury will be sent there.  Meanwhile, Hitler assigns Baron Strucker to oversee the French town, or else! 


7 July, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #28 pg4-pg5pn3

Strucker arrives in Cherbeaux and takes command, but the townspeople continue to attack the Nazis anyway. 


8 July, Wednesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #28 pg5pn4-pg14pn6

Strucker selects one dozen citizens and makes examples of them in retaliation to the resistance.  Meanwhile, the Howling Commandos arrive and meet up with the underground resistance and begin to plan larger attacks.  That night a traitor is discovered in the resistance, but he escapes.  They continue with their plan and destroy several supply lines. 


9 July, Thursday


Thor Corps #2 pg1-pg3, pg6

The time traveling Thor Corps arrives in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and encounters the Invaders who think they’re Nazis.  Beta Ray Bill realizes the fight only delays their mission, so he creates a portal through which they escape. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #28 pg14pn7-pg20

Strucker, suspecting the resistance has Allied assistance, gathers half the population of the town to send them off to concentration camps.  The Howlers intercept the train as it leaves and frees the citizens.  Meanwhile, Hitler vents to Goering and Goebbels, and then orders Strucker to destroy the entire town and everyone in it.  That night, Strucker gives the town notice of it’s destruction.  The Howlers set their own explosives and disguise the resistance fighters as Nazis.  They storm Strucker’s command post as he’s about to flip the switch. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #29 pg1-pg20

Fury threatens to destroy Strucker’s command post, to he agrees to give the town one hour to evacuate.  Meanwhile, the disguised resistance attacks the fleeing Nazi troops.  Strucker sets off the explosions and he and Fury fight as the town is destroyed around them.  The Howlers escape and Strucker is buried in rubble, yet he survives.  Hearing the news, Hitler declares Strucker an enemy of the state.  Later, the Howlers are picked up by Capt. Savage. 


Fury #1-FB pg6pn3-pg8

Capt. Sawyer informs Fury that Col. Rick Stoner is present to interrogate him about Cherbeaux.  After a few harsh words Fury attacks Stoner, for which he’s thrown in the stockade. 


10 July, Friday

11 July, Saturday


Capt. Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders #4-FB pg6pn2-pg6pn3

Baron Strucker learns that Hitler has the Gestapo looking for him, so he gathers his loyalists and leaves Germany. 


12 July, Sunday

13 July, Monday


Fury #1-FB pg9pn1-pg9pn2

Jake Fury reads in the paper that his brother Nick was released from the stockade by the President himself. 


Capt. Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders #4-FB pg6pn4-pg6pn7

Strucker has made his way to Japan where he has a meeting with the criminal underground, and it’s decided he will be a leader in their forces of one of their secret societies, which he renames Hydra. 


14 July, Tuesday

15 July, Wednesday

16 July, Thursday

17 July, Friday

18 July, Saturday

19 July, Sunday

20 July, Monday

21 July, Tuesday

22 July, Wednesday

23 July, Thursday

24 July, Friday

25 July, Saturday

26 July, Sunday

27 July, Monday

28 July, Tuesday

29 July, Wednesday

30 July, Thursday

31 July, Friday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 August, Saturday

2 August, Sunday

3 August, Monday

4 August, Tuesday

5 August, Wednesday

6 August, Thursday

7 August, Friday

8 August, Saturday

9 August, Sunday

10 August, Monday

11 August, Tuesday

12 August, Wednesday

13 August, Thursday

14 August, Friday

15 August, Saturday

16 August, Sunday

17 August, Monday

18 August, Tuesday

19 August, Wednesday

20 August, Thursday

21 August, Friday

22 August, Saturday

23 August, Sunday

24 August, Monday

25 August, Tuesday


Captain America Annual ’98-FB pg15-pg21pn2

Captain America & Bucky attack Baron Zemo’s fortress in an attempt to stop him from launching Particle X.  They meet resistance from Zemo’s men and She-Wolf.  After taking cover, they rendezvous with Citizen V.  Together they dive in the Castle Zemo’s moat to enter through a secret passage, and meet Citizen V’s partner & spy; She-Wolf, Paulette Brazee.  Together they defeat Zemo, destroying his castle in the process. 


26 August, Wednesday

27 August, Thursday

28 August, Friday

29 August, Saturday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #118-FB pg7-pg10

Captain Sawyer meets with General Montgomery at El Alamein and they discuss battle strategies.  Sawyer then gives Fury and his Howlers their mission: capture a German tank.  A few hours later they do so, but the tank driver radios to his camp. 


30 August, Sunday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #118 pg1-pg6

Driving a stolen Panzer III, the Howling Commandos close in on Rommel’s camp and take out a Nazi scouting party. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #118 pg11-20

Out of gas, the Howlers are surrounded by German tanks.  They’re captured and brought to the Nazi camp; the Howlers are put in the stockades and Fury is brought to Rommel.  After a chat, Fury attacks his guards, and he’s brought to the stockades himself.  That night they stage an escape and retake the tank, damaging Rommel’s chances of victory. 


31 August, Monday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 September, Tuesday


Capt. Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders #4-FB pg7pn1

Baron Strucker leads a raid on a war plant to bolster his munitions supply. 


2 September, Wednesday

3 September, Thursday

4 September, Friday

5 September, Saturday

6 September, Sunday

7 September, Monday

8 September, Tuesday


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #2-FB pg6-pg10

Cap, Torch, & Namor fight German Luftwaffe and ground troops in a British shipyard.  Namor attacks a nearby Zeppelin and is attacked, so the Torch goes to help out but is captured. 


9 September, Wednesday


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #3-FB pg20pn5

Nazi scientists study the captured Human Torch in Atlantis. 


10 September, Thursday

11 September, Friday

12 September, Saturday


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #2-FB pg11-pg20

Cap is chastised by Gen. Phillips, and is rejoined by an upset Namor who takes him to Atlantis.  When they arrive Cap discovers why Namor is unhappy; Atlantis has allied itself with the Nazis!  They are quickly discovered by Nazi troops and a fight begins,


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #2 pg1-pg5

The Human Torch arrives and starts to boils Atlanteans alive. 


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #2 pg21-pg22

Fen arrives and informs Namor that she has willingly joined with the Nazis against the Allies. 


13 September, Sunday

14 September, Monday

15 September, Tuesday


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #3 pg1-pg10

Captain America has been in an Atlantean prison for three days, and finally breaks free.  He attacks some Nazi guards, then finds the scientists responsible for altering the Human Torch’s programming.  Instead of finding the Torch however, he finds Allied POWs.  Elsewhere, Fen lectures Namor. 


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #3 pg11pn5-pg20pn4

Cap arrives when she reveals shame for Namor, and Cap informs Namor of the POW deathcamp in Atlantis.  Namor isn’t pleased.  Elsewhere, Gen. Phillips approaches in a naval destroyer looking for Atlantis.  Torch attacks Cap & Namor and Fen has second thoughts of allying with the Nazis. 


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #3 pg21-pg22

Torch snaps out of his brainwashing and remembers that the Nazis have made an army of Human Torches. 


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #4 pg1-pg22

The Torch army, the Nazi Firebrand Squadron, attacks Atlantis.  The Invaders use Namor’s flagship to lure them to the surface, where Gen. Phillips is looking for Atlantis.  Torch tries to reason with his duplicates, but he ends up having to destroy them and almost himself in the process.  The Invaders return to Atlantis to see the Nazis under arrest, and the scientists fix up the Torch.  Fen is about to exterminate the Nazi soldiers, but Namor reminds her of the rules of war, and the Invaders return to the surface. 


16 September, Wednesday

17 September, Thursday

18 September, Friday

19 September, Saturday

20 September, Sunday

21 September, Monday

22 September, Tuesday

23 September, Wednesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #120 pg1-pg18

The Howlers parachute into Holland to obtain plans for the new Nazi buzz-bombs at a German rocket plant.  They meet with the local resistance and complete their mission, but as they leave they come across a train taking Jewish prisoners to a concentration camp.  Izzy realizes that his uncle lives nearby in Roermond, and fears that he’s been captured.  They give the buzz-bomb plans to the resistance so he can get them to England, and they get themselves into the camp.  They’re quickly discovered, Izzy gets away with his uncle and the rest are captured.  Fury learns that Izzy’s uncle was killed a while ago, and the man with Izzy is a spy.  They break free, kill the imposter, and break the news to Izzy. 


24 September, Thursday

25 September, Friday

26 September, Saturday

27 September, Sunday

28 September, Monday

29 September, Tuesday


Truth: Red, White, & Black #4 pg12-pg18

Luke, Isaiah, & Maurice wait to meet Captain America for a mission.  Merritt reminds Maurice that his dad killed himself, and Maurice goes crazy.  Luke is killed, Isaiah is injured, and Maurice is killed.  That night, Isaiah wakes up in a hospital and is informed of what happened.  Captain America was delayed by a monsoon in the Pacific, and Isaiah is the only one left of his squad, making the mission a suicide run. 


30 September, Wednesday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 October, Thursday

2 October, Friday


Truth: Red, White, & Black #4 pg19-pg22

Isaiah has stolen a Captain America uniform, and has gone to complete his mission. 


Truth: Red, White, & Black #5 pg1-pg21

Isaiah infiltrates his target and discovers that it’s a Nazi version of Project: Super Soldier.  He blows the facility up and is captured. 


3 October, Saturday


Truth: Red, White, & Black #6-FB pg7-pg11

Hitler and Joseph Goebbels make the captured Isaiah an offer. 


Truth: Red, White, & Black #6-FB pg16-pg17

Isaiah refuses Hitler’s offer. 


4 October, Sunday


Truth: Red, White, & Black #6-FB pg21-pg22

Isaiah is being sent to Auschwitz, but is saved by rebels. 


5 October, Monday

6 October, Tuesday

7 October, Wednesday

8 October, Thursday

9 October, Friday

10 October, Saturday

11 October, Sunday

12 October, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #30 pg1-pg20

The Howling Commandos parachute into Italy and get themselves captured.  They’re brought to a nearby prison camp where they meet the commandant Major Carlo, a double agent.  They stage a break out and steal some Nazi gold stored nearby.  Afterwards it’s discovered that Carlo and Dino are related, and the Howlers make their way back to base. 


13 October, Tuesday

14 October, Wednesday

15 October, Thursday

16 October, Friday

17 October, Saturday

18 October, Sunday

19 October, Monday

20 October, Tuesday

21 October, Wednesday


Truth: Red, White, & Black #6-FB pg1pn2, pg3pn5, pg4

The second ‘Dr. Reinstein’ is killed at a press conference. 


22 October, Thursday

23 October, Friday

24 October, Saturday

25 October, Sunday


Capt. Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders #4-FB pg7pn2-pg7pn5

Baron Strucker challenges the society leader, kills him, and declares himself the Supreme Hydra. 


26 October, Monday

27 October, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #31 pg1-pg8

Capt. Sawyer attends an intelligence meeting where he’s captured by Nazi spies and taken to Major Frobrich of the S. S. in France for interrogation. 


28 October, Wednesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #31 pg9-pg

The Howlers receive a note informing them of Sawyer’s capture, and they’re sent to France to retrieve him.  Meanwhile, Sawyer refuses to give up anything through interrogation, and the Howlers arrive and break him out.  They steal a tank and make their way to the English Channel as the Gestapo post is bombed. 


29 October, Thursday

30 October, Friday

31 October, Saturday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 November, Sunday

2 November, Monday

3 November, Tuesday

4 November, Wednesday

5 November, Thursday


Captain America v5 #5-FB pg3-pg10

Cap & Bucky attack a German division on the Russian Front alongside Russian troops.  They take a captive back to camp, and Colonel Vasily Karpov tortures him for information.  Cap informs Namor & the Torch that they’re going to a small village called Kronas, where the Nazis have a secret weapon.  That night, Cap has a chat with Karpov. 


6 November, Friday


Captain America v5 #5-FB pg11-pg19

The Invaders attack Kronas along with Karpov’s squad.  Namor and the Torches fight Master Man while Cap & Bucky find the weapon, which is being operated by the Red Skull.  He sets fire to the town and escapes. Afterwards, Karpov tries to capture the Nazi weapon, but it’s booby trapped and explodes, killing his men.  The Invaders leave in Namor’s flagship, Karpov stays behind in the ruins of Kronas, taking custody of a surviving orphan, Alek. 


7 November, Saturday

8 November, Sunday

9 November, Monday

10 November, Tuesday

11 November, Wednesday

12 November, Thursday

13 November, Friday

14 November, Saturday

15 November, Sunday

16 November, Monday

17 November, Tuesday

18 November, Wednesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #32 pg1-pg19

The Howlers are due for a physical so they report to the infirmary.  When the doctor is done, he reports to his Nazi contact that one of the Howlers has been hypnotized into working for the Nazis.  He kills himself to avoid capture, and word reaches Hitler that the plot is going according to plan.  Later, Nick receives orders to go to Holland, and they  proceed to destroy a Deuterium plant.  During the raid they encounter Nazi resistance, Izzy turns on the group but shakes off the hypnotizing, and the Howlers complete their mission. 


19 November, Thursday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #32 pg20

The Howlers report back to base and receive a three day pass. 


20 November, Friday

21 November, Saturday


Daredevil #295-FB pg11-pg13

There’s a faction within Strucker’s new Hydra that doesn’t agree with how he’s running things.  He deals with its leader by cutting off his hands. 


22 November, Sunday

23 November, Monday

24 November, Tuesday

25 November, Wednesday

26 November, Thursday

27 November, Friday

28 November, Saturday

29 November, Sunday

30 November, Monday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 December, Tuesday

2 December, Wednesday

3 December, Thursday


Wolverine vol3 #54-FB pg1-pg5

Captain America and Logan battle Nazi troops in the Italian Alps. Logan attacks the C.O., and it turns out to be Wild Child. After Wild Child sets off a grenade in Logan’s face, Romulus makes him forget the battle.


4 December, Friday

5 December, Saturday

6 December, Sunday

7 December, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #33 pg1-pg8

Capt. Sawyer breaks up a fight between Fury’s Howlers and McGiveney’s Maulers, then introduces Fury to Peter Kazantis, a Greek political leader.  Capt. Savage will transport them to Greece so Kazantis can try to unite the guerilla factions against the Nazis in Greece.  They take off and encounter Nazi resistance en route. 


8 December, Tuesday

9 December, Wednesday

10 December, Thursday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #33 pg9-pg20

The Howlers arrive in Greece and Kazantis meets with the Greek resistance, but are quickly captured by the Nazis.  That night he’s forced to declare his loyalty to the Nazis on the radio, but instead he unites the various resistance factions.  The Howlers break free and Fury gets Kazantis to safety, but the rest of the Howlers have been captured. 


11 December, Friday

12 December, Saturday

13 December, Sunday

14 December, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #34 pg1-pg3pn2, pg18pn1

Capt. Sawyer tells Sgt. Fury that G-2 is working on the location of the captured Howlers. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #34 pg20

Sawyer informs Fury that G-2 has learned the location of the Howlers: they’ll be brought to Berlin where Hitler will oversee their execution. 


15 December, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #35 pg1-pg19

Sawyer has assembled a team to break out the captured Howlers: Fury, McGiveney, Rickets Johnson, and Eric Koenig.  The cover mission is to obtain some top-secret German documents.  McGiveney isn’t too happy about working with an ex-Nazi, but they quickly leave for Berlin.  Meanwhile, the Howlers are transported to Berlin.  Fury and his team evade a Nazi plane, then make their way to Eric’s sister’s place, Ilsa, who’s a member of the German resistance.  Meanwhile, Hitler and Goebbels prepare for the execution.  That night, Fury’s squad breaks the Howlers free, but Dino takes a lot of gunfire while seeing the others to safety.  Fury carries him out and they escape.  Goebbels informs Hitler that the Howling Commandos can’t be found, and back at Ilsa’s place, Dino is bandaged and Ilsa gives them the photographs of the German documents. 


Captain America: the Medusa Effect-FB pg27pn5-pg27pn7

Baroness Zemo says goodbye to her son Helmut, eludes her guards, and fakes her death.


16 December, Wednesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #35 pg20pn1-pg20pn3

Back at the base, a doctor informs the Howlers that Dino is no longer fit for duty, and that he’s being shipped back to the States. 


17 December, Thursday

18 December, Friday

19 December, Saturday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #35 pg20pn4-pg20pn7

With Dino gone, Eric Koenig has been selected to take his place in the Howlers. 


20 December, Sunday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #60-FB pg11pn2

Dum Dum trains Eric with Gabe’s, Reb’s, and Izzy’s help. 


21 December, Monday

22 December, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #36 pg1-pg5pn1

The Howlers are being sent to Switzerland to intercept Ludwig Von Baum, a top Nazi strategist, from making it to Italy.  He’ll be escorted by Captain Wilhelm Hauser, an old friend of Eric’s. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #36 pg5pn4-pg20

Posing as medical inspectors, the Howling Commandos get on the train transporting Von Baum.  After a fight, Eric can’t bring himself to kill his friend, but he’s killed on the roof of the train when it passes under a tunnel.  The Nazis are arrested by Swiss officials, and the Howlers steal a plane to get back to base. 


23 December, Wednesday

24 December, Thursday

25 December, Friday

26 December, Saturday

27 December, Sunday

28 December, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #37-FB pg3pn2-pg3pn3

The Desert Hawk attacks an Allied outpost with the help of some nomads. 


29 December, Tuesday

30 December, Wednesday

31 December, Thursday


Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders! #14 pg1-pg19

On their first mission, Captain Savage and his team are sent to rescue the staff of the Manila University in the Philippines.  After fighting some Japanese soldiers, they succeed.