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1 January, Wednesday

2 January, Thursday

3 January, Friday

4 January, Saturday


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #6/3-BTS

Steve & Gen. Phillips read the journal of Steve’s ancestor.


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #7 pg1-pg11pn4

Steve & Gen. Phillips finish the story, and Gen. Phillips gets an idea. 


5 January, Sunday

6 January, Monday

7 January, Tuesday

8 January, Wednesday

9 January, Thursday

10 January, Friday

11 January, Saturday

12 January, Sunday

13 January, Monday

14 January, Tuesday

15 January, Wednesday

16 January, Thursday

17 January, Friday

18 January, Saturday

19 January, Sunday

20 January, Monday

21 January, Tuesday

22 January, Wednesday

23 January, Thursday

24 January, Friday

25 January, Saturday

26 January, Sunday

27 January, Monday

28 January, Tuesday

29 January, Wednesday

30 January, Thursday

31 January, Friday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 February, Saturday

2 February, Sunday

3 February, Monday

4 February, Tuesday

5 February, Wednesday

6 February, Thursday

7 February, Friday

8 February, Saturday

9 February, Sunday

10 February, Monday

11 February, Tuesday

12 February, Wednesday

13 February, Thursday

14 February, Friday

15 February, Saturday

16 February, Sunday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #37-FB pg7pn1

The Desert Hawk’s family is attacked by Nazis, and his wife is killed. 


17 February, Monday

18 February, Tuesday

19 February, Wednesday

20 February, Thursday

21 February, Friday

22 February, Saturday

23 February, Sunday


Wolverine vol2 #106-FB pg15pn2-pg15pn6

Cpl. Logan has been sent to Greece to help train them.  Stavros learns that the SS has killed his mother, and Logan talks him out of using his gun, but instead to use a knife.  It’s quieter. 


24 February, Monday

25 February, Tuesday

26 February, Wednesday

27 February, Thursday

28 February, Friday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 March, Saturday

2 March, Sunday

3 March, Monday

4 March, Tuesday

5 March, Wednesday

6 March, Thursday

7 March, Friday


Captain America #255-FB pg9pn1-pg9pn2

Gen. Phillips tells Steve of the Red Skull. 


Captain America v5 #2-FB pg10

Gen. Phillips shows Steve a film reel of the Red Skull. 


Captain America #255-FB pg9pn3-pg9pn5

Gen. Phillips gives Steve his uniform. 


8 March, Saturday

9 March, Sunday

10 March, Monday


Captain America #255-FB pg10-pg13pn3

Captain America’s first mission: He saves Col. Henson from Nazi assassins. 


11 March, Tuesday


Captain America #255-FB pg13pn4-pg15

Captain America breaks up the local Bund headquarters responsible for the attack on Col. Henson. 


12 March, Wednesday


Marvel Super-Heroes v3 #3-FB-FB pg20pn3-pg20pn5

Captain America defeats Nazi saboteurs. 


13 March, Thursday


Captain America #255-FB pg16pn2-pg16pn5

Captain America defeats Nazi spies at an aircraft plant. 


14 March, Friday

15 March, Saturday

16 March, Sunday


Captain America Comics #1 pg7pn4-pg7pn5

Captain America hits the newspapers. 


17 March, Monday

18 March, Tuesday

19 March, Wednesday


Invaders Annual #1-FB pg14pn3-pg15pn1

Three Axis agents, a German, an Italian, and a Japanese are flying to meet with Hitler and Mussolini.  The plane is struck by lightning and crashes, but only one man emerges… Agent Axis! 


20 March, Thursday

21 March, Friday


Black Panther v3 #30-FB pg1-5, pg17pn6-pg18

Captain America encounters the Black Panther in Wakanda.  After a truce is called, Cap trades his shield for some Vibranium. 


22 March, Saturday


Invaders Annual #1-FB pg15pn2

Agent Axis begins to spread terror. 


Marvel Super-Heroes v3 #3-FB pg20pn3-pg20pn8

Dominic Fortune watches newsreel footage of Captain America. 


23 March, Sunday


Captain America Annual #13/2-FB pg5pn2-pg6

While doing laundry, Biz discovers Captain America’s uniform in Steve Rogers’ personal belongings. 


24 March, Monday


Captain America #303-FB pg14pn2

Dr. Myron MacLain works with the Vibranium sample, but can’t seem to bond it to anything. 


25 March, Tuesday

26 March, Wednesday


Captain America Annual #13/2-FB pg7-pg8pn3

Foreign operatives torture Biz to try to find out where Captain America is, but Cap arrives and beats them senseless.  He thanks Biz for not saying anything. 


27 March, Thursday


Captain America #255-FB pg17pn1-pg17pn3

Captain America fights Nazi spies at the Liberty shipyards. 


Captain America vol5 #25-FB pg10pn1

Captain America defeats the bundists at the shipyards. 


28 March, Friday

29 March, Saturday


Captain America #255-FB pg17pn4-pg17pn7

Captain America defeats Nazi saboteurs at Boulder Dam.


30 March, Sunday

31 March, Monday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 April, Tuesday


Captain America #303-FB pg14pn3-pg14pn5

Dr. MacLain dozes off while the Vibranium bonds itself to metal when a mystery factor enters the equation.  He pours the molten compound into a discus shape.  Government officials take the disc. 


2 April, Wednesday


Avengers Annual 2001/2-FB pg7pn5

The disc has been painted. 


3 April, Thursday


Captain America #255 pg1-pg2pn4, pg8pn2-pg8pn3, pg16pn1

FDR reads up on Captain America. 


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #7/2 pg1

Captain America waits to meet FDR.


Captain America #255 pg18

Cap meets FDR and is given a new suit and a super strong, disc shaped shield.


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #7/2 pg6-pg8

Cap chats with FDR.


4 April, Friday


New Mutants #49-FB pg17-pg18pn1

Nazi soldiers gun down a family and their neighbors and proceed to bury them in a mass grave.  However, a boy has survived, subconsciously using his mutant powers to deflect the bullets magnetically.  He claws his way out of the grave, his black hair turned silver from the shock.  The boy will one day be known as Magneto. 


5 April, Saturday

6 April, Sunday


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg6

Cap is in newspapers again.

Captain America #109-FB pg18pn3

More of Cap in the newspapers. 


7 April, Monday


Captain America v5 #12-FB pg5-pg6

Gen. Phillips gives Steve a tour of Camp Lehigh, and they watch Bucky spar.


Captain America #109-FB pg19pn1-pg19pn3

Steve meets Bucky Barnes at Camp Lehigh.


8 April, Tuesday


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty vol2 12-FB pg5-pg7

Bucky gets goons off Steve, offers merchandise


9 April, Wednesday

10 April, Thursday


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg7

Steve chats with Bucky at Camp Lehigh.


11 April, Friday

12 April, Saturday


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12-FB pg10-pg12

Steve peels potatoes, and that night Bucky gets in a bar fight.  Steve saves him from K.P.


13 April, Sunday

14 April, Monday

15 April, Tuesday


Captain America Comics #1 pg7pn6-pg8pn2

Bucky discovers Steve in his Captain America uniform. 


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg8pn1

Bucky puts two and two together. 


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12-FB pg13-pg14pn2

Bucky tries to figure out what Steve is getting out of being Captain America, then gets an idea. 


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg8pn2-pg8pn3

We can’t kill you…


Captain America Comics #1 pg8pn3

…so we’ll be partners!


Captain America #109-FB pg20pn2

Steve and Bucky shake on it.


16 April, Wednesday


Captain America v5 #14-FB pg21pn3-pg21pn6

Barnes is officially introduced to Captain America. 


17 April, Thursday

18 April, Friday

19 April, Saturday

20 April, Sunday

21 April, Monday

22 April, Tuesday

23 April, Wednesday

24 April, Thursday


Excalibur: XX Crossing pg11-pg16

A time displaced Meggan and Angel fight over war torn London during a Nazi air raid.  Angel has been brainwashed into believing that he’s a WWII hero, the Avenging Angel.  Meggan disarms and defeats him, and they disappear. 


25 April, Friday

26 April, Saturday

27 April, Sunday

28 April, Monday

29 April, Tuesday


Avengers #213-FB pg4pn4-pg5

Private Steve Rogers is on a recon mission with an Allied unit when they’re attacked by Nazis.  He changes into Captain America and defeats the Nazis, but only after the rest of his unit is killed.  Still relatively inexperienced in battlefield combat, he throws his shield at a sound behind him, almost killing a war orphan. 


30 April, Wednesday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 May, Thursday

2 May, Friday

3 May, Saturday

4 May, Sunday

5 May, Monday

6 May, Tuesday

7 May, Wednesday

8 May, Thursday

9 May, Friday

10 May, Saturday

11 May, Sunday


Invaders #19-FB

Lord Falsworth grieves the death of his wife, who died during a Nazi air raid. 


12 May, Monday

13 May, Tuesday

14 May, Wednesday


X-Force #64 pg3-pg20

The time-traveling X-Force team plus Dimitri appears in Castle Sabbat, which will one day be Castle Doom.  Meanwhile, Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker checks in with Baron Tristian Mangegi De Sabbat, reminds him that Germany and Latveria are allies, and updates him on Struckers experiment; his Sturmfanger machine, a storm-catcher.  Later, Dimitri overhears Struckers plan to kill Baron Sabbat now that they’re almost done using his castle.  X-Force decides to destroy the Sturmfanger and stop Strucker from killing Sabbat. They do so, stop Dimitri from telling Sabbat that he’s a descendant of his, and return to the future. 


15 May, Thursday

16 May, Friday

17 May, Saturday

18 May, Sunday

19 May, Monday

20 May, Tuesday

21 May, Wednesday

22 May, Thursday

23 May, Friday

24 May, Saturday

25 May, Sunday

26 May, Monday

27 May, Tuesday

28 May, Wednesday

29 May, Thursday

30 May, Friday

31 May, Saturday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 June, Sunday

2 June, Monday

3 June, Tuesday

4 June, Wednesday


Truth: Red, White, & Black #1 pg12-pg17

Luke ‘Cap’ Evans & Dallas Huxley shoot some pool. 


5 June, Thursday

6 June, Friday


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12-FB pg17

After months of training, it’s time for Bucky’s first mission on the Maryland coast.  Bucky’s impatient.


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg8pn4-pg9

Cap and Bucky attack some Nazis.


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12-FB pg18pn1-pg18pn6

Cap and Bucky fight the Nazis…


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg10pn1

…and tie them up.


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12-FB pg18pn7-19pn2

Where did Bucky go?  Oh…


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg10pn2-pg10pn3

…he’s setting explosives.


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12-FB pg19pn3-pg19pn4



Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg10pn4

It sounds great!


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #12-FB pg20pn1-pg20pn4

Bucky takes some souvenirs from the captured Nazis.


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg10pn5

Good job, Bucky!


7 June, Saturday


Captain America #423 pg1-pg22

Cap & Bucky fight some Nazi saboteurs, and make their way to meet the President for a press conference. In New York, Namor and Torch are fighting(again).  Namor leaves and heads for Washington. Once there, Namor attacks and kidnaps FDR!  Cap follows and they fight for the first time, but they’re attacked by more Nazis.  Cap & Namor team up and defeat the Nazis, and Namor changes his mind about kidnapping the President. 


8 June, Sunday


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg10pn6

Cap & Bucky hit the newspapers. 


9 June, Monday


Captain America Comics #1/2 pg1-pg3pn1

retold in Tales of Suspense #64/2 pg1-pg2

Sando & Omar predict the future! 


10 June, Tuesday


Captain America Comics #1/2 pg3pn2-pg7

retold in Tales of Suspense #64/2 pg3-pg10

Cap & Bucky go to check out the Sando & Omar show, meet Betty Ross, and discover that Sando is really a Nazi.  Sando plans attacks and has Omar ‘predict’ them.  Cap & Bucky beat them senseless and has them arrested. 


11 June, Wednesday


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #5 pg1-pg2

Hitler informs Raeder & Goebbels that he’s delaying the attack on Russia to invade Atlantis. 


Sub-Mariner Comics #1 pg1-pg3

Hitler sends his army to invade Atlantis, and the attack begins. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #5 pg3-pg5

The attack continues.  Byrrah freaks out, Fen is taken to safety, and Krang helps Namor mount a counter attack. 


Sub-Mariner Comics #1 pg4pg-pg5

The Emperor is ‘killed’ in the attack, and Prince Namor is promoted to acting Emperor. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #5 pg6

The Nazis discuss their progress and the inside information they were given. 


Sub-Mariner Comics #1 pg6-16pn5

The Atlanteans attack, and drive off most of the invading Nazis, but Namor is captured. 


12 June, Thursday


Sub-Mariner Comics #1 pg16pn6-pg20pn2

Namor tricks a Nazi into letting him have some water, and escapes imprisonment.  He destroys the last of the Nazi U-boats and returns to Atlantis. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #5 pg8-pg10pn4

Namor learns that the Emperor is in a coma and not dead.  Byrrah challenges Namor’s rule and Fen leaves it up to the populace.  Namor is crowned Emperor, as Dorma watches. 


13 June, Friday


Captain America Comics #1/3 pg1-pg7pn2

Rathcone orders the death of Admiral Perkins.  That night, Steve and Bucky go to listen to Perkins make a speech, but he’s dead!  Cap & Bucky chase the killer, but he’s killed, too.  They return to Camp Lehigh as Rathcone orders the death of Gen. Ellsworth, and Cap & Bucky eventually find his corpse as well. 


14 June, Saturday


Captain America Comics #1/3 pg7pn3-pg16pn4

Rathcone calls for the capture of Bucky and that night Cap goes to look for him.  Together they defeat Rathcone and his Nazi agents. 


15 June, Sunday


Captain America Comics #1/3 pg16pn5-pg16pn7

Rathcone’s defeat is reported in the newspapers. 


Sub-Mariner Comics #1 pg20pn3-pg20pn6

The Atlanteans have begun rebuilding their city, and Namor vows to side against the Axis. 


16 June, Monday


Invaders #4-FB pg7pn5

Merrano approaches Namor’s throne.


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #5 pg10pn5-pg11pn2

Now acting Emperor, Namor exiles Meranno from of Atlantis for conspiring with the Nazis.  Krang & Byrrah discuss other possibilities. 


Invaders #4-FB pg7pn6

Merrano is led away. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #5 pg11pn3-pg11pn4

Namor tells Fen that he’s siding with the Allies. 


Sub-Mariner Comics #1/2 pg1-pg2pn3

Namor’s people are still sick, and he needs radium to treat the epidemic.  He leaves for New York to get some. 


17 June, Tuesday


Sub-Mariner Comics #1/2 pg2pn4-pg20pn5

Namor arrives in New York and asks Betty Dean for help getting some radium, but she informs him that the entire supply was just stolen yesterday.  Namor finds the thieves and discovers that they’re Nazis.  He follows them to their submarine in the harbor, saves an ocean liner, kills a shark, and retrieves the radium. 


18 June, Wednesday


Sub-Mariner Comics #1/2 pg20pn6

Namor returns home with the radium. 


Captain America Comics #1/4 pg1-pg6

retold in Tales of Suspense #65/2 pg1-pg7pn1

A Nazi agent called the Red Skull kills an important US military man.  Cap & Bucky investigate, but the Red Skull escapes. 


19 June, Thursday


Captain America Comics #1/4 pg7-pg14

retold in Tales of Suspense #65/2 pg7pn1-pg10

Steve’s company is guarding a test flight while the plane’s owner Mr. Maxon watches, but it crashes and the pilots die horribly.  That night, another military man is killed by the Red Skull, who Cap & Bucky reveal to be Maxon.  He says he’s not really Maxon, but rather a Nazi spy who replaced the real Maxon.  He’s killed by his own poison, and Cap & Bucky leave his body for the FBI. 


20 June, Friday


Captain America Comics #3 pg1-pg2pn1

The ‘Red Skull’ wakes up, revealing he’s immune to his own poison. 


Invaders v2 #3-FB pg5pn2

Sharon Kane’s husband is killed by Russian spies. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #16

Marvel Mystery Comics #17 pg1-pg4

Namor gets Torch’s help to stop the Japanese from invading North America through the Bering Strait. 


21 June, Saturday


Marvel Mystery Comics #17 pg5-pg26

Namor & Torch stop Nazi & Japanese troops from invading North America.   


Marvels #1 pg24-pg25

Phil notices that people are automatically cheering Captain America. 


22 June, Sunday


Marvels #1 pg26

Phil interviews various people on their thoughts of Captain America, including Nick Fury, who thinks that Cap is doing things the way they should be done. 


Captain America Comics #2 pg1-pg5pn7

Benson & Finley argue over tax evasion, and Benson has a solution.  He orders one of his giant slaves to kill Thompson, a government official who’s looking into their assets.  Thompson is killed, Betty Ross is nearby so she investigates.  Benson orders the giants to kill his partner Finley, then Ross, who is saved by Cap & Bucky. 


23 June, Monday


Sub-Mariner Comics #2 pg1

In Germany, Nazi officials think of a way to free Nazi soldiers being held in Canada.  


Captain America Comics #2 pg5pn8-pg11pn5, pg12pn3-pg15

Betty Ross visits Camp Lehigh, and is attacked by giants.  Steve & Bucky drive them off, so Benson orders the giants to rob banks to get him money.  Cap & Bucky track the giants back to Benson, and Cap is captured.  Benson reveals where the giants came from, Cap & Bucky kill the giants, and Benson dies in the explosion. 


24 June, Tuesday


Sub-Mariner Comics #2 pg2-pg20

Namor comes across some Germans in a boat and offers to help them… for $5,000!  They refuse to pay and ambush him.  After a fight, Namor discovers the ships cargo: escaped Nazi soldiers fleeing Canada, including Mueller who recognizes the Sub-Mariner.  He quickly subdues them and delivers the ship filled with Nazis to the American Coast Guard. 


Captain America Comics #2/2 pg1-pg3pn2

Rich guy Henry Baldwin pledges to donate money to Britain to help the war effort.  However, he’s kidnapped by Nazis. 


25 June, Wednesday


Captain America Comics #2/2 pg3pn3-pg7pn7

Baldwin’s abduction is reported in the papers, so Cap & Bucky go to Europe to find him.  Meanwhile, Hitler plans to send a Baldwin look-a-like to donate money to Italy instead of Britain. 


26 June, Thursday


Captain America Comics #2/2 pg7pn8-pg8pn2

Steve & Bucky read in the papers that Baldwin will arrive in London as planned. 


Daredevil #88-FB

During an early Nazi assault upon Stalingrad, young Natasha Romanova is in a building set on fire. Natasha is thrown from the building by a woman into the arms of Russian soldier Major Ivan Petrovitch, who brings the child under his protection.


27 June, Friday


Captain America Comics #2/2 pg8pn3-pg15pn5

Cap & Bucky reveal the fake Baldwin at the donation ceremony, then go to Germany to rescue the real Baldwin.  They fight some Nazis, beat up Hitler & Goering, and save Baldwin. 


28 June, Saturday


Captain America Comics #3/2 pg1-pg2pn3

Movie producer Mark Carstine decides to make a movie called ‘the Tyrant,’ even though it would upset Germany. 


29 June, Sunday


Captain America Comics #2/2 pg15pn6

Newspapers report that Baldwin donated money to Britain. 


Sub-Mariner Comics #2/2 pg1-pg3pn3

In Pennsylvania, Namor discovers a plot by striking union workers to destroy their mine shaft to get better wages. 


Captain America Comics #2/3 pg1-pg8pn2

Cap & Bucky defeat the Wax Man’s invading force of Nazis from attacking Camp Lehigh. 


30 June, Monday


Sub-Mariner Comics #2/2 pg3pn4-pg20

The strikers sabotage the mine shaft and Namor tries to minimize the damage.  He discovers that Fifth Columnists are responsible for giving the striking union workers the plan, and defeats the leader.  The owner of the mine shaft thanks Namor personally. 


Captain America Comics #2/3 pg8pn3-pg15pn7

Wax Man has Bucky kidnapped, and Cap quickly finds him.  Cap & Bucky beat up the wax man and discover that he’s the town’s mayor. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 July, Tuesday


Captain America Comics #2/3 pg15pn8

Steve & Bucky clean up Camp Lehigh. 


2 July, Wednesday

3 July, Thursday

4 July, Friday

5 July, Saturday


Captain America Comics #3 pg2pn2-pg5

The ‘Red Skull’ kills Major Douglas and takes specifications for a new power drill.  Cap & Bucky investigate, and are surprised to hear that the Skull is alive. 


6 July, Sunday


Captain America Comics #3 pg6-pg17pn5

Reports of the ‘Red Skull’s’ return hits the papers, and he proceeds to use the power drill to wreak havoc.  Cap & Bucky drive him off.  Meanwhile at a carnival, two people pose as Cap & Bucky to make money, but the ‘Red Skull,’ thinking they’re the real deal, captures and kills them.  Cap & Bucky arrive and destroy his power drill. 


7 July, Monday


Captain America Comics #3 pg17pn6-pg17pn7

Newspapers report on the Skull’s defeat. 


8 July, Tuesday


Captain America Comics #3/2 pg3pn1-pg3pn3

The movie crew for ‘the Tyrant’ continues to prepare on location, and someone rights the producer a note.  Carstine receives it, calls the police about a death threat, but is killed before he can finish the call. 


9 July, Wednesday


Captain America Comics #3/2 pg3pn4-pg17pn4

Despite the death of producer Carstine, the movie will continue.  Casting soldiers from Camp Lehigh, Steve & Bucky get jobs as extras.  Filming begins, and someone is killed.  Cap & Bucky spring into action and capture the killer. 


10 July, Thursday


Captain America Comics #3/2 pg17pn5-pg17pn6

Steve & Bucky read of Cap & Bucky’s exploits in the paper. 


11 July, Friday

12 July, Saturday


Marvels #1 pg27-pg30pn3

Phil runs into his ex-girlfriend at the movies, and sees a newsreel of Namor & Torch defeating Japanese troops at the Bering Strait. 


13 July, Sunday


Marvels #1 pg30pn4-pg30pn5

Americans start to root for the Human Torch and Namor the Sub-Mariner. 


14 July, Monday


Captain America Comics #3/3 pg1

Artifacts are loaded into a museum. 


Sub-Mariner Comics #3 pg1-pg4pn3

Sir Winston Churchill addresses Parliament as the Nazis attack London.


15 July, Tuesday


Captain America Comics #3/3 pg2-pg3

After midnight, a guard is killed by a giant butterfly and jewels are stolen from the museum.  That night, another guard is killed and a diamond is stolen. 


Sub-Mariner Comics #3 pg4pn4-pg4pn7

Namor goes to Britain to see what he can do, and he’s asked to check out Dublin. 


16 July, Wednesday


Captain America Comics #3/3 pg4-pg11

Bucky is touring the museum and goes missing.  Cap goes to find him and fights the killer butterfly, who turns out to be the museum curator. He has a heart attack and dies, and Cap frees Bucky. 


17 July, Thursday

18 July, Friday


Sub-Mariner Comics #3 pg5-pg33

Namor arrives in Dublin, reads the paper and checks out a clue which leads him to Stonehenge.  He’s attacked by Nazis, so he gets an expert on Stonehenge to show him around.  He discovers a secret passage and finds a hidden underground civilization of Druids.  They’ve been taken over by the Nazis and Namor is captured.  He escapes and finds a hidden platform that the Nazis are using to attack Britain.  Namor & the Druids come up with a plan to overthrow the Nazis and set the Druids free, and after a fight Namor returns to London.  Mueller is captured and Namor gets supplies for the Druids. 


19 July, Saturday


Sub-Mariner Comics #3 pg34-pg40

Namor brings the supplies to the Druids while Mueller is executed at dawn.  Namor and the Druids defeat the Nazis and free the Druid civilization. 


20 July, Sunday


Marvels #1 pg31pn1-pg31pn3

Phil and Doris make up. 


Captain America Comics #4 pg1-pg3pn1

Various people are killed by homeless people. 


21 July, Monday


Captain America Comics #4 pg3pn2-pg15

Bucky follows some converging homeless people and discovers they’re Nazi spies in disguise.  Bucky’s in trouble, but Cap bursts in and fights the Nazis.  They quickly defeat the group, and then follow the leader to a nearby boat.  They blow it up, then arrest the group of spies. 


22 July, Tuesday


Captain America Comics #4/2 pg1-9

Steve wakes Bucky up from a dream. 


Captain America Comics #4/3 pg1-pg6pn3

Cap & Bucky go to Hillsdale to look into rumors of counterfeiters in a haunted house.  They fight some mobsters dressed up as ghosts and find a captured Betty Ross.  She tells them of the counterfeiter boss. 


23 July, Wednesday


Captain America Comics #4/3 pg6pn4-pg10

Cap & Bucky return to Hillsdale and defeat the counterfeiters. 


24 July, Thursday

25 July, Friday


Captain America Comics #4/4 pg1-pg6

Bucky is injured while fighting crooks, so Steve takes him to a creepy hospital. 


26 July, Saturday


Captain America Comics #4/4 pg7-pg13

Cap returns to the hospital and is followed by Betty Ross.  They’re attacked by a giant gorilla, and Bucky kills it. 


27 July, Sunday

28 July, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #62pg1-pg5

Private Nick Fury reports for his first day of basic training under Drill Sergeant Sgt. Bass at Fort Dix.  Sgt. Bass picks Fury out of the crowd to make an example of him.  Fury meets Jim Shaeffer and they become friends. 


29 July, Tuesday


Young Allies #1

Cap & Torch help Bucky & Toro defeat the Red Skull. 


30 July, Wednesday

31 July, Thursday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 August, Friday


Tales of Suspense #66/2-FB pg9pn2

The Red Skull’s Wolf Pack submarine unit destroys a boat Captain America is on. 


Tales of Suspense #66/2 pg1-pg2, pg3pn6-pg4pn2, pg7-pg8pn1, pg9pn3-pg10

A captured Captain America is tortured by the Red Skull…  the real Red Skull!  After confirming that Maxon was an impostor, the Red Skull tells Captain America the history of Johann Schmidt.  He then drugs Cap, who becomes hypnotized. 


Tales of Suspense #67/2 pg1-pg10

Cap trains with Nazi troops.  Meanwhile, Bucky escapes imprisonment.  Elsewhere, the Red Skull presents Cap to Hitler.  Bucky sneaks into Cap’s attack squad, and they make their way to London.  Bucky tries to snap Cap out of it, but he attacks an Allied general anyway. 


Tales of Suspense #68/2 pg1-pg4pn5

Cap snaps out of it and the Nazi troops with him are defeated.  But the Red Skull always has a plan… which starts when one of the captured Nazis tries to escape. 


2 August, Saturday


Tales of Suspense #68/2 pg4pn6-pg10

Steve & Bucky guard a prisoner transport, but the Nazi escapes.  They follow him to a secret lab, where the Nazi attacks them with the weapon that Project Vanish is working on.  Steve changes into Cap and fools him into sabotaging the weapon. 


3 August, Sunday

4 August, Monday

5 August, Tuesday

6 August, Wednesday

7 August, Thursday

8 August, Friday

9 August, Saturday


Uncanny X-Men #268-FB pg1-pg5

Captain America fights some Hand ninjas in Madripoor to rescue Ivan Petrovitch.  Logan jumps in and helps out, and introduces himself to Captain America. 


Uncanny X-Men #268-FB pg9-pg11pn5

Logan runs into Baron Strucker at Seraph’s Bar, and finds out that Cap & Ivan are trying to rescue the kidnapped Natasha Alianovna Romanoff from Strucker. 


Wolverine: Origins #16-FB pg6pn4-pg7pn4

Logan explains the he bumped into Captain America on purpose, and he, Cap, & Ivan chat while Seraph mingles and Baron Strucker prepares to leave.


Uncanny X-Men #268-FB pg11pn6-pg11pn7

Logan explains that he is only there to look into the Hand. 


Wolverine: Origins #16-FB pg8pn5

Logan suggests they rescue Natasha Romanoff.


Uncanny X-Men #268-FB pg14

Logan ambushes Strucker’s convoy. 


Wolverine: Origins #16-FB pg10-pg12

Logan attacks the driver and covers Natasha… but she shoots him in the chest.


Uncanny X-Men #268-FB pg15-pg16pn4

Natasha is recovered, but Logan has apparently died in the process.  Cap & Ivan take her to the American Consulate, where Strucker is waiting for them. 


Wolverine: Origins #16-FB pg14-pg15

Logan goes back to Seraph’s where she tells him that Natasha is working with them to assassinate the head of the Hand.


Uncanny X-Men #268-FB pg17

Strucker has taken the captives to the Hand, where they prepare to brainwash Natasha into killing Ivan & Cap. 


Wolverine: Origins #16-FB pg16pn1-pg16pn3

Logan approaches the ceremony as Natasha prepares to use the sword she’s been given.


Uncanny X-Men #268-FB pg20pn1-pg20pn4

Logan arrives and attacks. 


Wolverine: Origins #16-FB pg16pn4

Logan decapitates the head of the Hand.


Uncanny X-Men #268-FB pg20pn5-pg21

Logan explains that he ‘got better,’ and together they escape. 


Wolverine: Origins #16-FB pg17-pg19

A bunch of Hand ninjas are killed, and Seraph swings by and picks everybody up to go to the airport.


10 August, Sunday


Uncanny X-Men #268-FB pg22

Logan drops Cap, Ivan, & Natasha off to catch a plane. 


Wolverine: Origins #16-FB pg21

Logan & Seraph discuss Captain America, the possibility of getting him to work for the same people Logan works for, and if not, see if the process that made him can be duplicated, and if not, Logan is to kill him.


11 August, Monday

12 August, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #11-FB pg9pn4-pg9pn5

Junior Officer Sawyer fights in Africa, earning countless citations for personal valor. 


13 August, Wednesday

14 August, Thursday


Captain America Comics #5 pg1-pg5pn2

Steve & Bucky are at a circus where a general is killed by Nazis.  They change into Cap & Bucky and subdue a tiger. 


15 August, Friday


Captain America Comics #5 pg5pn3-pg12

Betty Ross stops by the camp and decides to warn the commissioner.  That night, he’s killed before she can reach him.  She’s captures by the circus Nazis, so Cap & Bucky, who were trailing her, follow them and defeat the Ringmaster. 


16 August, Saturday

17 August, Sunday


Captain America Comics #5/2 pg1-pg3pn6

Steve is informed that he & Bucky will escort a general to Hawaii.  Meanwhile, a mechanical dragon attacks Kunoa Island Naval base. 


18 August, Monday


Captain America Comics #5/2 pg3pn7-pg15

Steve, Bucky, and the general arrive in Hawaii.  Meanwhile, captured navy men are tortured.  That night, Cap & Bucky follow disguised Japanese agents who have captured a girl to ‘sacrifice’ to the sea serpent, and they are swallowed by it at sea.  After discovering the plan to destroy the Hawaiian Naval base, they save the prisoners, stop the plan, and severely damage the serpent submarine. 


19 August, Tuesday

20 August, Wednesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #62 pg6-pg10

Sgt. Bass continues to make an example of Pvt. Fury to drive some discipline into him.  Afterwards, Fury decides to have a chat with Sgt. Bass, but the rest of his basic training unit stop him, which causes a brawl.  Fury and Shaeffer win, but afterwards Sgt. Bass lets Fury know what will happen if he continues to make trouble. 


21 August, Thursday

22 August, Friday


Captain America Comics #5/3 pg1-pg2pn6

Bundists attack German-American Heinrich Shmidt for refusing to join them. 


23 August, Saturday


Captain America Comics #5/3 pg2pn7-pg5

Bucky’s friend Bob Shmidt tells Steve & Bucky that his dad has been hospitalized, so they go to visit Heinrich.  That night, they attack a Bundist camp to teach them a lesson. 


24 August, Sunday


Captain America Comics #5/3 pg6-pg10pn4

Bucky sends his Sentinels of Liberty to spy on Fifth Columnists.  Elsewhere, Captain America is captured.  He breaks free and beats up some Bundists.  Bucky arrives with the Sentinels of Liberty and they teach them another lesson. 


25 August, Monday


Captain America Comics #5/3 pg10pn5-pg10pn6

Heinrich thanks Steve & Bucky for looking over his son while he was in the hospital. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #62 pg11pn1

Pvt. Fury’s basic training continues. 


26 August, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #62 pg11pn2

Pvt. Fury’s basic training continues. 


27 August, Wednesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #62 pg11pn3

Pvt. Fury’s basic training continues. 


28 August, Thursday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #62 pg11pn4

Pvt. Fury’s basic training continues. 


29 August, Friday


Captain America Comics #5/4 pg1-pg6pn2

Cap & Bucky go to Vichy France and free their friend Tom Jason, a prisoner of war. 


30 August, Saturday

31 August, Sunday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 September, Monday


Captain America Comics #5/4 pg6pn3-pg6pn4

Steve & Bucky read the paper. 


2 September, Tuesday

3 September, Wednesday


Captain America Comics #6 pg1-pg5pn6

The Crown Jewels of Britain are going to arrive, so the Camera Fiend kills two maritime officers to get them.  Steve & Bucky arrive and are attacked by the Camera Fiend’s goons.  They go inside to find the Camera Fiend, but he escapes.


4 September, Thursday


Captain America Comics #6 pg5pn7-pg12pn2

Bucky’s teacher Lucius Hall takes the class on a field trip to see the Crown Jewels arrive.  The camera Fiend attacks and gets away with the Jewels.


5 September, Friday


Captain America Comics #6 pg12pn3-pg16

Bucky brings captain America to class and the teacher attacks with the deadly camera.  The students are outraged and overpower the teacher, who is actually the Camera Fiend. 


6 September, Saturday


Captain America Comics #6/2 pg1-pg9

Steve & Bucky are assigned to protect Oriental delegates.  Fang’s men attack and capture the officials.  When Steve comes to, Betty Ross tells them where their hideout is.  They begin to torture them as Steve changes into Captain America; he eventually finds and defeats them.  


7 September, Sunday

8 September, Monday


Captain America Comics #6/3 pg1-pg8pn1

A scientist is working on a secret formula, and he’s killed by the Hangman because he won’t sell his secrets. 


9 September, Tuesday


Captain America Comics #6/3 pg8pn2-pg16

The death is reported in the paper, so Cap & Bucky go see if they can discover who the Hangman is.  It turns out the scientist had faked his death, but he dies in a horrible accident anyway. 


10 September, Wednesday

11 September, Thursday


Captain America Comics #7 pg1-pg3pn2

The Red Skull kills Hermann Kroft. 


12 September, Friday


Captain America Comics #7 pg3pn3-pg13pn3

Kroft’s murder is reported in the paper, and Kroft being a former henchman of the Red Skull makes Steve wonder.  They return to camp where Betty Ross is producing an army play, so Steve & Bucky join in.  The Red Skull, in disguise, attacks, Cap & Bucky follow.  They fight, but he escapes. 


13 September, Saturday


Captain America Comics #7 pg13pn4-pg13pn7

Betty tells Steve that Captain America saved the day. 


14 September, Sunday


Human Torch #5/B pg1-pg6
Human Torch, Toro, Patriot, & Angel throw a going away party for their friend Casey, who’s going to cover the war in Europe for consolidated press. Namor can’t make it, because he got a call from his mother. On his way to Atlantis, Namor comes across Nazis and Russians fighting by boat and plane over the ocean, above his homeland. He diverts their attention and directs them to another part of the ocean, and dives down to his home to find the wreckage of the fight littered about. Buildings are destroyed, and his citizens are hiding in shelters. He meets his mother Fen, who introduces him to Rathia. Namor calls the other undersea races for a war council. Later at the war council, the undersea races decide to combine their power under Namor to end the war, but Rathia begins to give Namor other ideas. Meanwhile, Torch & Toro decide to follow Casey to Europe.


15 September, Monday


Human Torch #5/B pg7-pg19pn6

Casey arrives in Russia, and steals a uniform to enable him to get to the front line in the Ukraine. Once there, he notices that the fighting is interrupted by giant whirlpools forming in the Dniester River. Both the Russians and Nazis suffer losses, but Casey is saved by the Torch. They find a British vessel to drop Casey off, where Casey reports what he saw, and he’s reassigned to London. Meanwhile, Rathia continues to manipulate Namor. Thinking of the whirlpools, Torch & Toro pay Namor a visit on a hunch. Namor attacks them, revealing his plan for world domination, and captures Toro. Torch tries to warn Russia and Germany of Namor’s plan, but Hitler and Stalin both disregard the warning. Torch then goes to Africa to warn Kazar of Namor’s plan, so he calls his animal friends to build a boat in case of a flood. Torch then goes to London to have Casey warn the rest of the world of Namor’s plan, which hits the newspapers. No one takes it very seriously, but the Patriot convinces FDR that there’s a threat, and Torch convinces Winston Churchill.


16 September, Tuesday


Human Torch #5/B pg19pn7-pg24pn3
Torch begins to prepare London for the attack, but is captured by Namor. He begins to drug and brainwash the Torch.


17 September, Wednesday


Captain America Comics #7/2 pg1-pg6

Steve & Bucky go to a baseball game, but the best players are killed!  They investigate as Cap & Bucky, but the Black Toad gets away. 


18 September, Thursday


Captain America Comics #7/2 pg7-pg15

Cap & Bucky go back and replace the dead player on the ball field.  The Black Toad attacks, but he’s actually the team’s manager.  Not wanting to face arrest, he commits suicide. 


19 September, Friday


Human Torch 5/B pg24pn4-pg30pn2

Namor shows the brainwashed Torch how they’ll defeat the surface world. That night, a sick Toro escapes.


20 September, Saturday


Human Torch #5/B pg30pn3-pg34
Toro is found in London and is put in a hospital. That night, Namor and Torch begin their assault on the surface world. They attack Gibraltar, encounter and defeat British troops. Thinking it’s the Germans attacking, Mussolini sends in Italian troops, who are also defeated.


Marvels #1 pg31pn4-pg32

Phil and Doris are out on a date when it’s announced that the Sub-Mariner is attacking Spain. 


21 September, Sunday


Human Torch #5/B pg35-pg53pn3

Namor attacks Africa as Torch attacks Russia. Torch snaps out of his brainwashing and goes to Canada to stop an attack there. Upset that Torch has switched sides, Namor attacks Torch, which ends in a stalemate. Torch returns to London as Namor attacks Berlin. Namor’s fleet engages Italy’s, and American Naval vessels try to join in. This upsets Namor, so he decides to attack America next by flooding Manhattan Island.


Marvels #1 pg33-35

As Phil & Doris listen to the radio, emergency signals tell people to find shelter… Namor is coming to America! 


Human Torch #5/B pg53pn4

Manhattan begins to flood. 


Marvels #1 pg36-pg37

Manhattan continues to flood. 


Human Torch #5/B pg54-pg55pn3

Torch finds a way to stop more incoming water, which halts Namor’s fleet from invading America.


Marvels #1 pg38-pg39

On a rooftop, Phil takes pictures of the Torch & Namor fight.  Masonry is broken loose and smashes Phil in the face, tearing out his eye and putting him into a coma. 


Human Torch #5/B pg55pn4-pg60pn2

Torch chases Namor to the Statue of Liberty, where he knocks some sense into him. They return to Atlantis together, destroy the giant turbines, and arrest Rathia.


22 September, Monday


Human Torch #5/B pg60pn2-pg60pn7

Torch informs Namor that FDR has pardoned him and his people, but Rathia will stand trial as a war criminal. They go to London to visit Toro, but the hospital he was in had been bombed, and his body can’t be found.


23 September, Tuesday


Captain America Comics #7/3 pg1-pg13

Senator Alvin Benson is killed by a violin solo on the radio.  Cap & Bucky hear of it over a news flash and investigate.  Following clues they go to see a concert of a violinist, then hear of another death.  Following more clues, Cap discovers the violinist is a Fifth Columnist.  A fight ensues, and the Violinist dies by his own violin. 


24 September, Wednesday

25 September, Thursday

26 September, Friday


Captain America Comics #8 pg1-pg4pn1, pg4pn4-pg13

Betty Ross attends a party where the Ruby of the Nile is being shown.  Steve & Bucky follow, and the party guests are killed by someone dressed as Ra, the Avenger.  Cap defeats him and it’s revealed that it’s actually Henry Sanders, the guy who bought the Ruby. 


27 September, Saturday

28 September, Sunday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #62 pg12pn1-pg12pn2

Sgt. Bass considers Pvt. Fury’s training; then thinks of his son. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #62 pg12pn3-pg12pn6

Sgt. Bass decides that Fury will make a great soldier.  Meanwhile, Fury talks with Shaeffer about Bass. 


29 September, Monday


Captain America Comics #8/2 pg1-pg5

Bucky pulls a prank at camp and Steve is blamed.  Meanwhile, free French military representatives pay the camp a visit. 



Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #62 pg13-pg19

After a chat with the camp Captain, Fury’s training unit leaves for their Bivouac.  During the exercise, Nazi saboteurs replace the blanks with live rounds, and Bass taps Fury to lead the charge to attack them.  Fury defeats them, but he’s injured in the process. 


30 September, Tuesday


Captain America Comics #8/2 pg6-pg7

Steve & Bucky run into some suspicious fellows. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 October, Wednesday


Captain America Comics #8/2 pg8-pg11

During army maneuvers, Cap discovers that real ammunition has replaced the blanks.  He discovers the French visitors are responsible, and that they’re actually Vichy posing as free French.   


Captain America Comics #8/3 pg1-pg6pn5

Cap & Bucky stumble across a castle and discover a girl being harassed by gangsters.  She explains she has to stay three consecutive nights as expressed in her uncles will. 


2 October, Thursday


Captain America Comics #8/3 pg6pn6-pg10pn4

Cap & Bucky fight witches and ghouls at the castle. 


3 October, Friday


Captain America Comics #8/3 pg10pn5-pg17

Cap & Bucky defeat the monsters and discover that the girl’s lawyer was behind it all. 


4 October, Saturday

5 October, Sunday


Captain America Comics #9 pg1-pg11

Out on the town, Steve & Bucky hear a scream, and find a butler dead in the Harrow mansion.  That evening, they read in the paper that Harrow’s will is to be read that night, and decide to check it out.  After seeing to the heirs, they discover another body.  They hear a scream and rescue Harrow’s daughter from the White Death.  They discover that the lawyer and the widower teamed up as the White Death, then call the cops. 


6 October, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #62 pg20

Sgt. Bass visits Pvt. Fury as he recovers in the hospital; then greets his new basic training class. 


7 October, Tuesday

8 October, Wednesday


Captain America Comics #9/2 pg1-pg3pn5

Racketeer Tony Scarlatti is killed by Nick Pinto… but Pinto’s dead! 


9 October, Thursday


Captain America Comics #9/2 pg3pn6

With Scarlatti dead, a crime wave erupts! 


10 October, Friday


Invaders #2-FB pg8pn5-pg8pn9

Werner Schmidt is injured in an explosion caused by a crashing spaceship.  Hours later, the aliens have already put him in a mechanical body to ‘repair’ him, and he immediately takes control of the aliens, thanks to his new body.  He renames them Donar, Froh, Loga, and Brunnhilde, and himself Brain Drain. 


11 October, Saturday

12 October, Sunday


Captain America Comics #22 pg1-pg2pn4

Hitler sends the Reaper to America to cause destruction. 


Sub-Mariner Comics #4 pg1-pg8pn1

Namor is out swimming when he comes across a man in the water.  He starts pulling him to land when he notices the Grayson Island Hospital, and decides to bring him there.  A doctor meets them on shore and the man reveals he was trying to swim away from a ghost.  Namor fakes a seizure to get admitted and that night a ghost attacks a patient.  Namor and Nurse Ruth Prentiss investigate, but the ghost disappears. 

13 October, Monday


Sub-Mariner Comics #4 pg8pn2-pg20

Namor wakes up and snoops around a bit.  That night he catches the ghost in the act but he gets away.  He snoops around some more and finds a mask and accuses Dr. Howard of being the ghost.  He runs off and Namor chases him, and Howard sets fire to the hospital.  Namor evacuates the hospital and Howard takes Nurse Prentiss hostage.  Namor captures him and finds out that he did the whole thing to destroy the hospitals reputation and buy it cheap. 

Captain America Comics #9/2 pg3pn7-pg7pn5

Cap & Bucky investigate the crime wave.  They follow Betty Ross to a warehouse where she’s attacked, so they save her and find Pinto alive.  That night Pinto is questioned by the police. 


14 October, Tuesday

15 October, Wednesday

16 October, Thursday


Sub-Mariner Comics #4/2 pg1-pg12pn3

Dr. Corbin finishes assembling a giant skeleton made of ivory, then checks on his vats of flesh and nerve cells.  He offers to buy the brain of Dacio, a crime lord who was arrested by Namor, and who is being hanged today.  At the execution one of Dacio’s men tries to free him, but Namor stops him.  Dr. Corbin buys the brain and puts it in his giant, but when it wakes up, Dacio knocks out the doctor and leaves.  He goes to the county jail and frees his men, and together they start to attack the other crime lords. 

17 October, Friday

18 October, Saturday

19 October, Sunday


Sub-Mariner Comics #4/2 pg12pn4-pg18

Dacio realizes that his flesh doesn’t last too long, so he attacks Dr. Corbin to get some more.  Namor follows him and kills Dacio by drowning him. 

20 October, Monday


Captain America Comics #9/2 pg7pn6-pg13pn6

Pinto is scheduled to be executed again, so Cap & Bucky go to watch to see how he survives.  The prison doctor is in on it, and Cap reveals the plot. 


21 October, Tuesday


Captain America Comics #9/2 pg13pn7-pg13pn8

Steve & Bucky are punished for going AWOL. 


22 October, Wednesday


Captain America Comics #9/3 pg1-pg4pn3

Cap & Bucky check out a scream and find a dead artist in his studio. 


23 October, Thursday


Captain America Comics #9/3 pg4pn4-pg8pn5

Sgt. Duffy makes Steve & Bucky paint the barracks.  Meanwhile, the Black Talon plans his next murder.  That night, he kills another artist and is attacked by Cap & Bucky, but he escapes.   


24 October, Friday


Captain America Comics #9/3 pg8pn6-pg8pn8

Black Talon paints another picture. 


25 October, Saturday

26 October, Sunday

27 October, Monday


Captain America Comics #9/3 pg9-pg13pn7, pg16-pg18

Steve & Bucky look through old newspapers at the library, then go to Pascal Horta’s house.  They’re attacked by his goons, and Pascal, the Black Talon, reveals what happened to his hand.  Cap & Bucky break free and defeat the goons, but Black Talon escapes. 


28 October, Tuesday

29 October, Wednesday

30 October, Thursday


Captain America Comics #10 pg1-pg11

Cap & Bucky fight and defeat Countess Mara and her Nazi goons. 


31 October, Friday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 November, Saturday

2 November, Sunday


Captain America Comics #10/2 pg1-pg2pn6

The Mayor of Gotham City invites Captain America to a defense drive. 


3 November, Monday


Captain America Comics #10/2 pg2pn7-pg13

Cap & Bucky arrive in Gotham City, but Cap is detained by the Net-Man.  After defeating him, he & Bucky give a speech at the defense bond rally. 


4 November, Tuesday

5 November, Wednesday

6 November, Thursday


Captain America Comics #10/3 pg1-pg6pn6, pg7pn4-pg16pn6

Early one morning, a man is killed by a large dog.  Cap & Bucky hear about it and go to Cardiff Moor to check it out.  They come across Mr. Murdock and Mary Scott, who tell them the history of the Moor.  The dog attacks again, and is joined by a man in a dog suit.  After a fight, it’s revealed that Mr. Murdock was behind it all. 


7 November, Friday


Captain America Comics #10/3 pg16pn7-pg16pn8

Steve sees the doctor about the bite he got from the dog. 


8 November, Saturday

9 November, Sunday


Wolverine: Origins #17-FB pg11-pg16

In Operation: Blueboy, Captain America, Bucky, and American troops airlift supplies from Britain to Africa, but they run out of gas and crash. Logan is given orders to retrieve them, so he joins up with Sgt. Fury who is stationed nearby.


Wolverine: Origins #17-FB pg17pn5-pg22

Sgt. Fury and his men get Logan to the crash site and supply suppressing fire as he makes his way to the plane. When he arrives, Captain America is surprised to see Logan. He offers to take him up on his offer to be partners, but Bucky isn’t too pleased by it.


10 November, Monday

11 November, Tuesday

12 November, Wednesday


Captain America Comics #22 pg2pn5-pg4pn4

The Reaper gives a hypnotic speech about anarchy.


13 November, Thursday

14 November, Friday


Captain America Comics #22 pg4pn5-pg5pn4

People who attended the Reapers show start to cause havoc in the streets.  Having heard the news, Hitler gloats. 


15 November, Saturday

16 November, Sunday

17 November, Monday


Captain America Comics #22 pg5pn5-pg10pn2

Cap & Bucky attack the Reaper to get him to stop spreading nonsense about anarchy.  It doesn’t work out too well, and the Reaper files a warrant against them. 


18 November, Tuesday


Captain America Comics #22 pg10pn3-pg15

Cap arrives at a rally the reaper is holding, and defeats him.  Elsewhere, Hitler curses Captain America. 


19 November, Wednesday


Fury: Peacemaker #1-FB pg5

Sgt. Fury & his Lt. approach the camp.

Fury: Peacemaker #1-FB pg8

US troops are introduced to the bazooka.


Fury: Peacemaker #1-FB pg10

US troops are introduced to the Sherman tank.

Fury: Peacemaker #1-FB pg13

US troops are introduced to aeroplane reinforcements.

Fury: Peacemaker #1 pg1-pg4
German forces attack surprised US troops, and Fury threatens his Lt. to show some leadership.

Fury: Peacemaker #1 pg6-pg7

Fury regroups with some trapped troops.

Fury: Peacemaker #1 pg9

Fury has a man fire the bazooka; he misses, and is torn apart by enemy fire.

Fury: Peacemaker #1 pg11-pg12
Tank reinforcements arrive, and are decimated by German Tigers.

Fury: Peacemaker #1 pg14-pg22
Allied air reinforcements never arrive, but German Stukas do, and cut off escape routes while slaughtering the remaining US troops. Fury crawls out of the rubble at dusk, and encounters Barkhorn, who finds it amusing that someone survived. He gives Fury a canteen of water, gives him some advice, and wishes him good luck.


20 November, Thursday


Captain America #139-FB pg14pn4-pg15pn2

Sgt. Duffy busts Private Rogers’ chops at Camp LeHigh.  Later, Captain America and Bucky defeat some saboteurs.  After they return to camp, Sgt. Duffy almost walks in on Steve in his Captain America uniform. 


21 November, Friday

22 November, Saturday


Captain America #281-FB pg1-pg2pn2

Cap & Bucky fight a group of militarists called ‘the Defenders.’  They defeat the group, stopping their plan to murder FDR and take over the United States. 


23 November, Sunday

24 November, Monday


Fury: Peacemaker #2 pg1-pg17
Fury, dehydrated and wandering through the desert, stumbles across some camped German troops. They start to beat him and he’s rescued by Peter Kynaston & his group. That night, Fury joins them in a raid on a German supply convoy. Afterwards, Peter explains to Fury that his group’s orders are simply to drive around behind enemy lines and cause as much damage as possible.


25 November, Tuesday


Fury: Peacemaker #2 pg18-pg22
A group of German tanks runs out of gas, so Peter gives Fury an opportunity to ambush them, which he enjoys.


Invaders #29-FB pg3-pg5

Cap & Bucky fight the Teutonic Knight, but he steals plans for a flying fortress.  


26 November, Wednesday

27 November, Thursday


Invaders #29-FB pg6pn2-pg9pn3

Torch & Toro fight the Teutonic Knight, but he steals plans for an engine, and its creator. 


28 November, Friday

29 November, Saturday


Invaders #29-FB pg10pn5-pg15

Namor fights the Teutonic Knight, but he steals some Radium X, a powerful energy source. 


30 November, Sunday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 December, Monday

2 December, Tuesday

3 December, Wednesday

4 December, Thursday

5 December, Friday


Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders! #18-FB pg13pn4

At home on leave, two days before his term is up, Captain Savage chats with his wife about their future. 


6 December, Saturday

7 December, Sunday


Truth: Red, White, & Black #1 pg18-pg19

The Japanese approach Pearl Harbor. 


Giant-Size Invaders #1-FB pg11pn2-pg11pn3

The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #34-FB pg18pn2-pg18pn7

As the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, Sgt. Fury & Hargrove, who are stationed there, do what they can during the attack.  Hargrove is killed In Action. 


Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders! #18-FB pg14pn1-pg14pn2

The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, and Captain Savage informs his wife that his commission has been extended indefinitely. 


8 December, Monday


Giant-Size Invaders #1-FB pg11pn4

President Roosevelt addresses congress: “A day which will live in infamy…”


Truth: Red, White, & Black #1 pg20

Luke Evans, upon hearing that the US in now involved in the war, decides not to kill himself. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #34-FB pg19pn1-pg19pn2

Sam Sawyer, now transferred to the US Rangers, meets Dum Dum Dugan who has also been transferred.  Sawyer informs him their unit is going to Africa tomorrow. 


9 December, Tuesday


Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders! #18-FB pg14pn3

Captain Savage has been assigned to a battleship in the Atlantic. 


10 December, Wednesday

11 December, Thursday


Giant-Size Invaders #1-FB pg11pn5

Hitler declares war on the United States.


12 December, Friday

13 December, Saturday

14 December, Sunday

15 December, Monday

16 December, Tuesday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #34-FB pg19pn3

Sawyer and Dugan fight Nazis with their Ranger unit in Europe. 


17 December, Wednesday

18 December, Thursday


Invaders #2-FB pg10pn2, pg10pn7, pg10pn3, pg10pn5

Brunnhilde escapes Brain Drain’s control and takes her ship’s power source with her, the radiation gives her amnesia. 


19 December, Friday

20 December, Saturday


Giant-Size Invaders #1-FB pg11pn6-pg14pn6

Dr. Anderson is attacked by Nazis and brought to Col. Krieghund, who wants information regarding the Super Soldier Serum, so he can perfect the Master Man.  He pulls memories from Dr. Anderson’s brain with a machine. 


21 December, Sunday


Giant-Size Invaders #1-FB pg14pn7-pg18pn2

Master Man awakes!  The Human Torch & Toro attack and save Dr. Anderson, but he’s shot during the fight. 


22 December, Monday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #34-FB pg19pn4-pg19

Having been injured in action, Sawyer has been promoted and given the task of putting together a First Attack Squad of Army Rangers.  He selects Sergeant Nick Fury to lead the squad, and Corporal Dum Dum Dugan, Private Izzy Cohen, Private Reb Ralston, Private Dino Manelli, Private Gabriel Jones, and Private Jonathan Juniper report for duty. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #11-FB pg9pn6

Capt. Sawyer presents his First Attack Squad. 


Giant-Size Invaders #1 pg1-pg4pn4

Captain America & Bucky fight some saboteurs and are approached by Federal agents.  Dr. Anderson is in the hospital! 


Giant-Size Invaders #1 pg9pn3-pg11pn1

Captain America, Bucky, and the Federal agents go to the hospital, and Dr. Anderson tells them how he ended up there. 


Giant-Size Invaders #1 pg18pn3-pg29

Torch & Toro reveal their presence, and Cap & Torch catch up on old times.  The four heroes go after Master Man, who’s going to assassinate Winston Churchill.  They meet Namor and together they defeat Master Man.  Churchill thanks the group and names them… the Invaders! 


Invaders #3-FB pg9pn7

Sir Winston Churchill meets with President Roosevelt. 


23 December, Tuesday

24 December, Wednesday

25 December, Thursday

26 December, Friday


Invaders #3-FB pg9pn4

Sir Winston Churchill addresses congress in Washington DC. 


Invaders #1 pg1-pg14pn1

The Invaders arrive in London, fight some Nazis, and find an amnesiac woman.  They decide to go to Germany to find out who she is. 


27 December, Saturday


Invaders #1 pg14pn2-pg18

The Invaders come across a crater the woman, ‘Hilda,’ recognizes, but they’re attacked by the ‘gods’ Donar, Froh, and Loga! 


Invaders #2 pg1-pg8pn4

Namor & the Torches fight the ‘gods’ while Cap & Hilda run into some Nazis.  They’re brought to a secret lab and meet Brain Drain. 


Invaders #2 pg10pn1, pg10pn4, pg10pn6-pg18

The alien ship’s power source is destroyed, Brunnhilde calls her shipmates, and the four of them and Brain Drain commit suicide.  The Invaders fly away while the Nazi lab explodes. 


28 December, Sunday

29 December, Monday

30 December, Tuesday


Invaders #3-FB pg9pn6

Sir Winston Churchill addresses Parliament in Ottawa. 


31 December, Wednesday