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1 January, Monday

2 January, Tuesday

3 January, Wednesday


Invaders #12-FB pg6pn5

Professor Gold works in England. 


4 January, Thursday

5 January, Friday

6 January, Saturday

7 January, Sunday

8 January, Monday

9 January, Tuesday


Marvel Mystery Comics #6 pg1-pg12

The Human Torch stops Patch from delivering an incendiary bomb to foreign interests. 


10 January, Wednesday

11 January, Thursday

12 January, Friday

13 January, Saturday

14 January, Sunday

15 January, Monday

16 January, Tuesday


Marvel Mystery Comics #7 pg1-pg2pn1

The Human Torch decides he wants to be a police officer. 


17 January, Wednesday

18 January, Thursday

19 January, Friday

20 January, Saturday

21 January, Sunday

22 January, Monday

23 January, Tuesday

24 January, Wednesday

25 January, Thursday

26 January, Friday

27 January, Saturday

28 January, Sunday

29 January, Monday

30 January, Tuesday

31 January, Wednesday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 February, Thursday

2 February, Friday

3 February, Saturday

4 February, Sunday

5 February, Monday


Marvel Mystery Comics #7 pg2pn2-pg3

Officer Jim Hammond makes his rounds. 


6 February, Tuesday


Saga of the Human Torch #2 pg4pn3-pg5pn3

Chasing his first criminal as an officer, Jim Hammond accidentally sets his uniform on fire. 


7 February, Wednesday

8 February, Thursday

9 February, Friday

10 February, Saturday

11 February, Sunday

12 February, Monday

13 February, Tuesday

14 February, Wednesday


Invaders #22-FB pg9pn1-pg9pn6

The Human Torch is feeling lonely so he pays his creator a visit, who tells the Torch of the Raymond family.  Fred is dying from asbestos exposure, and Nora is dying from radium exposure, and he makes vague allusions to their son Tom. 


15 February, Thursday

16 February, Friday


Invaders #12-FB pg6pn6

Professor Gold is approached by the Nazis.  They threaten to kill his brother if he doesn’t work in secret for them. 


17 February, Saturday

18 February, Sunday

19 February, Monday

20 February, Tuesday

21 February, Wednesday


Marvel Mystery Comics #7 pg4pn1-pg4pn5

Jim Hammond tells his police chief, John C. Wilson, that he’s the Human Torch. 


Saga of the Human Torch #2 pg6pn1-pg6pn4

Chief Wilson introduces Torch to Betty Dean. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #7 pg4pn6-pg5pn2

Chief Wilson declares the Human Torch the first legal officer without a uniform. 


Saga of the Human Torch #2 pg6pn8-pg7pn3

The Torch flies away as Chief Wilson & Betty Dean watch. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #7 pg5pn3-pg12pn5

The Human Torch arrests crooked politician Roglo. 


22 February, Thursday

23 February, Friday

24 February, Saturday


Invaders #22-FB pg11-pg13pn3, pg13pn6

Asbestos Lady attacks the Raymonds, because Fred is an expert in asbestos and he may be able to improve her shtick.  The Human Torch arrives and drives her off.  Fred & Nora Raymond tell Torch about their son’s immunity to fire. 


25 February, Sunday

26 February, Monday

27 February, Tuesday

28 February, Wednesday


Invaders #22-FB pg14pn1

Fred Raymond finds out that his wife only has a few weeks before she dies. 


29 February, Thursday


Invaders #22-FB pg14pn2

The Raymonds leave to catch the train for their vacation. 


Human Torch #2-FB

The Raymonds board a train, which crashes and catches fire thanks to Asbestos Lady.  Everyone dies but Tom, and he’s found by a group of carnival fire-eaters who adopt him. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 March, Friday


Invaders #22-FB pg14pn4

Torch reads of the train wreck in the paper and assumes that Tom ‘Toro’ Raymond died along with everyone else in the ‘accident.’ 


2 March, Saturday

3 March, Sunday

4 March, Monday

5 March, Tuesday

6 March, Wednesday

7 March, Thursday

8 March, Friday

9 March, Saturday

10 March, Sunday

11 March, Monday

12 March, Tuesday

13 March, Wednesday

14 March, Thursday

15 March, Friday

16 March, Saturday

17 March, Sunday

18 March, Monday

19 March, Tuesday

20 March, Wednesday

21 March, Thursday

22 March, Friday

23 March, Saturday

24 March, Sunday

25 March, Monday

26 March, Tuesday

27 March, Wednesday

28 March, Thursday

29 March, Friday

30 March, Saturday

31 March, Sunday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 April, Monday


Red Raven Comics #1


2 April, Tuesday

3 April, Wednesday

4 April, Thursday

5 April, Friday

6 April, Saturday

7 April, Sunday

8 April, Monday

9 April, Tuesday

10 April, Wednesday

11 April, Thursday

12 April, Friday

13 April, Saturday

14 April, Sunday

15 April, Monday

16 April, Tuesday

17 April, Wednesday

18 April, Thursday

19 April, Friday

20 April, Saturday

21 April, Sunday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #53-FB pg19pn5

Nick Fury and Red Hargrove put on a aerial show. 


22 April, Monday

23 April, Tuesday

24 April, Wednesday

25 April, Thursday

26 April, Friday

27 April, Saturday

28 April, Sunday

29 April, Monday

30 April, Tuesday


Marvel Mystery Comics #6/3 pg6pn2-pg10

Namor is executed in the electric chair, but instead of killing him it charges him up to full strength.  He escapes and returns to police headquarters, where he confronts Betty Dean.  The police try to detain him, but Betty helps Namor escape.  He dives into the harbor and vows to destroy New York. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 May, Wednesday


Marvels #1 pg14-pg15pn4

Phil turns down the chance to cover the war in Europe and sees the Angel in the street that evening. 


2 May, Thursday


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #3 pg23

Chief Wilson tells the Human Torch to be on the lookout for Namor. 


3 May, Friday


Marvel Mystery Comics #7/3 pg1

Back home, Namor talks to the Emperor about destroying New York.  The Emperor offers Namor the use of the entire fleet, but Namor wants to do it by himself.  He only wants one ship to get there faster. 


4 May, Saturday


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #4 pg2pn2-pg2pn3

Namor approaches New York. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #7/3 pg2-pg3pn2

Namor arrives in New York and claims the Statue of Liberty as his base. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #4 pg2pn3-pg2pn6

Namor begins his attack on New York. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #7/3 pg3pn3-pg6pn6

Namor causes a liner to run over a ferryboat. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #4 pg3pn1-pg3pn2

Mayor LaGuardia laments the situation. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #7/3 pg6pn7

Namor arrives at the Mayor’s office. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #4 pg3pn3-pg3pn4

Namor introduces himself to the Mayor. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #7/3 pg6pn8-pg10

Namor attacks Mayor LaGuardia, destroys an elevated train, and tears the top off the Empire State building.  Betty Dean flags Namor down, asks him to stop, and warns him of the Human Torch. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #7 pg12pn6-pg12pn7

The Human Torch is informed that Namor the Sub-Mariner is tearing up New York City. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #8 pg1-pg9pn2

Namor wreaks havoc in New York.  He ends up on the George Washington bridge and starts to destroy it. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #8/2 pg1-pg11

The Torch follows behind Namor and cleans up after him.  Betty Dean tells him that Namor is wrecking the George Washington bridge. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #4 pg6pn1-pg6pn5, pg8pn5-pg9pn2

Namor and the Torch meet and try to talk each other to their own side.  They both fail, of course. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #8 pg9pn3-pg10 ~ #8/2 pg12

Namor and Torch fight, but Torch dehydrates Namor so he dives into the river. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #9 pg1-pg7pn3

Torch & Namor fight, and Namor wins. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #4 pg15pn1-pg15pn3

Torch tells Namor that there will be a rematch.  Meanwhile, Wilson & Dean argue Namor’s merits. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #9 pg7pn4-pg7pn7

Torch arrives at police headquarters just in time to see Namor making threats on television. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #4 pg16pn5-pg16pn7

The Torch knows where to find Namor. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #9 pg8-pg20

Torch finds Namor at the television station and they fight.  Namor eventually traps the Torch. 


Marvels #1 pg15pn5-pg22pn3

Phil meets Betty Dean while Torch & Namor fight. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #10

Namor frees the Torch and they stop fighting when Betty Dean makes them. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #4 pg22pn6

Torch says good bye to Namor. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #10/3 pg1

Namor leaves and dives into the water. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #4 pg22pn7-pg22pn8

Namor returns to the sea. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #10/3 pg2pn1-pg2pn2

Namor gets in his ship and heads for home. 


5 May, Sunday


Marvels #1 pg22pn4-pg23

Phil and his fiancée Doris break up. 


6 May, Monday


Marvel Mystery Comics #10/3 pg2pn3-pg4pn1

Namor returns and is punished by the Emperor.  Meanwhile, Luther Robinson reads about Namor in the paper and assembles a crew to go after him. 


7 May, Tuesday


Marvel Mystery Comics #10/3 pg4pn2-pg4pn3

Luther’s ship departs. 


8 May, Wednesday

9 May, Thursday

10 May, Friday


Marvel Holiday Special 1994/2-FB pg4pn4

Fury practices his aerial moves. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #34-FB pg3pn3-pg4pn3

Nick Fury and Red Hargrove train British soldiers how to parachute. 


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #34-FB pg5pn1, pg5pn3-pg6

After training, Fury and Hargrove join the British soldiers for a drink.  Meanwhile, Sam Sawyer is informed that Holland has just been attacked by the Nazis, and that he will need two men for a mission.  He goes to the bar and convinces Fury & Hargrove to come along. 


11 May, Saturday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #34-FB pg7-pg17

The group makes their way to Holland, and after a skirmish with some Nazis, finds the Allied agent they’re looking for.  Sadly, a Nazi spy stole his documents, so they go to look for him.  They come across a traveling circus and meet the strong man named Dum Dum Dugan.  He points Fury in the direction of the spy, where he discovers that he is actually the Allied agent.  Everyone regroups, heads to the English Channel, fights some Nazis and steals a boat.  They encounter more Nazis, their boat is destroyed, and they’re eventually picked up by a British patrol boat. 


12 May, Sunday


Marvel Mystery Comics #10/3 pg4pn4-pg10

Luther thinks he’s in the right spot, so he ignites spot lights to get Namor’s attention.  Namor & Dorma see them, and they get reinforcements.  After a fight, Namor tries to capture Luther’s girlfriend.  She’s rescued, and now Namor is ready to fight back. 


13 May, Monday

14 May, Tuesday

15 May, Wednesday

16 May, Thursday


Captain America Comics #9/3-FB pg13pn8-pg14

After having been in a car accident, artist Pascal Horta’s hand is smashed and must be amputated.  Dr. Steiner tells him that he may be able to graft Strangler Burns’ hand to Pascal’s arm, replacing his hand. 


17 May, Friday

18 May, Saturday

19 May, Sunday

20 May, Monday


Captain America Comics #9/3-FB pg15pn1-pg15pn2

Dr. Steiner successfully grafts a new hand to Pascal’s arm. 


21 May, Tuesday

22 May, Wednesday

23 May, Thursday

24 May, Friday

25 May, Saturday


Invaders #22-FB pg14pn5-pg17pn1

Both Torch & Asbestos Lady hear about Toro at the carnival over the radio.  Separately they both go to intercept him, and they meet each other halfway there.  A fight ensues, Torch defeats Asbestos Lady, and he proceeds to the carnival. 


Human Torch #2 pg1-pg5pn1, pg7pn7

The Human Torch flies above a circus to see a boy catch on fire…  but the kid’s unharmed!  Torch flies down to check it out, and to see if the kid can fly.  He gets into a fight with the circus strongman(Samson), then decides to train the kid in the use of his powers.  Toro tells the Torch how he ended up in the circus…


26 May, Sunday

27 May, Monday

28 May, Tuesday

29 May, Wednesday

30 May, Thursday

31 May, Friday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 June, Saturday


Human Torch #2 pg8-pg19

Toro does his act at the circus, but it goes horribly wrong.  Meanwhile, Samson goes to the circus, kills a scientist and steals a Rayon Gun.  He then proceeds to rob the circus’ box office, but he’s stopped by the Torch and Toro. 


2 June, Sunday

3 June, Monday

4 June, Tuesday

5 June, Wednesday

6 June, Thursday

7 June, Friday


Captain America Comics #9/3-FB pg15pn3-pg15pn6

Pascal is released from the hospital, but his new hand paints horrific pictures. 


8 June, Saturday

9 June, Sunday

10 June, Monday

11 June, Tuesday

12 June, Wednesday

13 June, Thursday


Human Torch #3 pg1pn1-pg1pn2

Torch has finished Toro’s training.  Elsewhere, Fifth Columnists plan against Torch and Toro…


14 June, Friday

15 June, Saturday

16 June, Sunday

17 June, Monday


Captain America Comics #9/3-FB pg15pn7-pg15pn8

Pascal’s new hand begins to drive him insane. 


18 June, Tuesday

19 June, Wednesday

20 June, Thursday

21 June, Friday

22 June, Saturday


Invaders v2 #3-FB pg5pn3

Percy Van Norton goes on a date, and that night gains super strength through an experimental drug he purchased. 


Human Torch #2/2 pg1-pg4pn4

Various people discuss the Fifth Column sinking four battleships, so Namor goes to investigate.  He finds a German submarine in the Baltimore Harbor, then overhears that a battleship will be launched tomorrow.  Thinking the Germans will attack, he goes to organize his fleet. 


23 June, Sunday


Human Torch #2/2 pg4pn5-pg12

The Germans attack!  Namor saves the battleship from sinking by attaching magnets to the boats, and lifting it with his planes.  That night, Namor shows a Navy captain where the German submarine is parked, but the captain can’t do anything about it, he doesn’t have the authority.  So Namor ‘accidentally’ fires a depth charge at the submarine, gets into his own plane, attaches magnets to the sub and drags it to shore.  He calls the Coast Guard to pick up the Germans. 


24 June, Monday

25 June, Tuesday


Captain America Comics #2-FB pg11pn6-pg12pn2

Benson & Finley are in Tibet, find a race of giants, and enslave them. 


26 June, Wednesday

27 June, Thursday


Combat Kelly and his Deadly Dozen #7-FB pg15pn4-pg15pn5

A Captain in the Nazi army continues to doubt Hitler’s reign. 


28 June, Friday

29 June, Saturday

30 June, Sunday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 July, Monday

2 July, Tuesday

3 July, Wednesday


Human Torch #3 pg1pn3-pg20

Fifth Columnists arrive at the circus, and fool Toro into thinking his parents are still alive.  They get him to sabotage a munitions plant, and eventually get him onto a boat.  Torch attacks the boat, but is knocked silly by a torpedo! 


Human Torch #3/2 pg1-pg6pn1

Torch recovers, and finds gold on the boat.  He melts it and dumps it over the side, and burns a note for Namor on the last brick. 


4 July, Thursday


Human Torch #3/2 pg6pn2-pg20

The Boat arrives in Germany and explodes.  Toro’s told he’s a prince, and he powers a munitions plant with his powers.  Torch sabotages said plant, then attacks Hitler and Mussolini, who are signing a treaty nearby.  Torch leaves, and Toro is put into a rocket which is shot at the US.  Torch follows it across the Atlantic, and he and Toro destroy it and the other the ‘rocket bombs’ shot at the US by Germany. 


Human Torch #3/3 pg1-pg8

Namor comes across molten gold and a brick with a note for him on it… from the Torch!  He meets with Betty Dean, who mentions the events of the previous two stories to him.  Namor sneaks into a German boat docked in New York harbor, and is captured by Nazis.  Torch and Toro happen by and free him.  They figure the Nazis Namor was fighting are related to the Fifth Columnists that tricked Toro, so Namor goes to Atlantis to organize a fleet to stop them from invading the US. 


5 July, Friday


Human Torch #3/3 pg9-pg20

Namor’s fleet fights off the invading German forces.  He then goes to DC, where he learns of another invasion coming within 48 hours.  So he goes to clean up after an attack at the Panama Canal, so that US forces can cross over the Pacific, where the other invasion force is coming from.  They defeat the invading fleet, and afterwards, FDR thanks Namor personally.  That night, a parade is held in Namor’s honor.


6 July, Saturday

7 July, Sunday

8 July, Monday

9 July, Tuesday

10 July, Wednesday

11 July, Thursday

12 July, Friday

13 July, Saturday


Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #3-FB pg6-pg10pn4

Michael “Combat” Kelly fights Jake “the Snake” Cochran for the inter-service heavyweight boxing title.  Jake had been drugged, and Kelly accidentally kills him.  He’s brought to the stockade by the Military Police. 


14 July, Sunday

15 July, Monday


Human Torch #4 pg1-pg5

The Police Commissioner tells Torch of disappearing criminals.  To investigate, Torch and Toro go to Toro’s buddy’s place where the kid’s dad also disappeared… but he’s dead!  They check out the body at the morgue, and discover that he was murdered.  Torch comes up with a plan…


16 July, Tuesday

17 July, Wednesday

18 July, Thursday


Human Torch #4 pg6-pg20

Toro poses as a criminal and is approached with an offer to be in a protection racket.  He goes along and Torch follows, but Toro disappears!  Following clues, Torch finds Toro on a boat, held captive by Blackjack.  Torch saves Toro, but Blackjack escapes. 


Human Torch #4/2 pg1-pg8

Planes attack the boat, and Toro is shot.  They get him to a hospital.  


19 July, Friday


Human Torch #4/2 pg9-pg11

Torch takes out Blackjacks gang… all but two.  He visits Toro at the hospital.  That night, Toro sneaks out to help on the case. 


20 July, Saturday


Human Torch #4/2 pg12-pg20

Toro’s buddies show up at the hospital to tell him the guy he’s looking for will be at their ball game today.  Toro goes and plays in the game.  Torch shows up and gets the crook, and sends Toro back to the hospital.  Toro reheats the hospitals incubators and saves some babies.  Meanwhile, Torch gets Blackjack. 


21 July, Sunday

22 July, Monday


Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #3-FB pg10pn5-pg11

As Kelly gets a lawyer, a General informs him that the charges are being temporarily dropped so he can fight the German boxing challenger. 


23 July, Tuesday

24 July, Wednesday


Human Torch #4/3 pg1-pg2pn2

There’s an influenza epidemic in Alaska!


25 July, Thursday


Human Torch #4/3 pg2pn3-pg2pn5

Medicine is to be sent to Alaska, but the weather’s too bad there, so the US asks Namor to get it there in time. 


26 July, Friday


Human Torch #4/3 pg2pn6-pg10

On the way to Alaska, Namor is trapped in ice.  An army plane crashes and frees him, Namor retrieves the pilot.  They’re picked up by another plane and fly to the town, but icebergs are attacking!  Namor takes the plane and blows up the iceberg.  However, he accidentally blows up some buildings, and floods the town.  He ignites the town’s gasoline supply, melts the ice, and the water flows back to the sea. 


27 July, Saturday


Truth: Red, White, & Black #1 pg1-pg6

Isaiah & Faith Bradley spend their honeymoon at the World’s Fair in Queens, New York. 


28 July, Sunday

29 July, Monday


Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #3-FB pg12-pg19

As Kelly prepares on the night of the fight, the German challenger attacks him and cracks his ribs.  Kelly goes on to fight anyway, and wins. 


30 July, Tuesday

31 July, Wednesday


Human Torch #5A pg1-pg2pn6

Dr. Smart threatens to rob a bank!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 August, Thursday


Human Torch #5A pg2pn7-pg20

Dr. Smart robs a bank, fights Torch & Toro, and captures them in a hearse.  They escape and chase him, and he eventually runs off a bridge, and the car sinks into the river.  Dr. Smart escapes.  The police send divers to find the car, but one of Dr. Smart’s goons cuts their air lines.  Torch and Toro attack the nearby Dr. Smart, but he sets off a bomb!


Human Torch #5A/2 pg1-pg20

Torch and Toro recover and the chase resumes!  Dr. Smart catches them and buries them alive, but they escape and defeat him. 


2 August, Friday

3 August, Saturday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #72-FB pg3-pg5

Sam Sawyer has been sent to Marrakesh to help a refugee from Germany escape to America.  He goes to Mike’s Chicago Bar to meet a possible contact, but when he mentions the name Wilhelm Steuben, Mike gives him the cold shoulder.  That night, an attempt is made to kill Sam in his hotel, but Sam gets the better of him and sends him on his way. 


4 August, Sunday


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #72-FB pg6-pg19

Sam is woken by an officer in the army of Vichy France.  Charly Ming, the man who tried to kill Sam, has been found dead and they have a warrant for Sam’s arrest for the murder.  He escapes, but is stopped by Capt. Eric LeRoux, who brings him to Mike’s Chicago Bar.  It turns out that LeRoux is an opportunist, and Sawyer goes on his way.  He’s attacked and brought to Pasha Omar Bey, where Wilhelm Steuben is waiting for him.  Once they’ve made sure that Steuben’s contact is safe they prepare to leave, but they’re delayed by LeRoux.  Once LeRoux is out of the way, Sawyer and Steuben hop a sub to London so Steuben can then get on a plane for America. 


5 August, Monday

6 August, Tuesday

7 August, Wednesday

8 August, Thursday

9 August, Friday

10 August, Saturday

11 August, Sunday


Human Torch #5/A/3-FB pg3pn7-pg4pn4

Zombies attack & enslave an island near Bermuda. 


12 August, Monday

13 August, Tuesday

14 August, Wednesday

15 August, Thursday

16 August, Friday

17 August, Saturday


Human Torch #5/A/3 pg1-pg3pn6, pg4pn5-pg10

Namor is visiting the Angel near Bermuda when he hears about attacking zombies.  He goes to investigate, finds, and attacks the zombies!  He defeats them, frees the Angel who was captured off panel, and together they discover the zombies were really Nazis in disguise.


18 August, Sunday

19 August, Monday

20 August, Tuesday

21 August, Wednesday

22 August, Thursday

23 August, Friday

24 August, Saturday

25 August, Sunday

26 August, Monday

27 August, Tuesday

28 August, Wednesday

29 August, Thursday

30 August, Friday

31 August, Saturday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 September, Sunday

2 September, Monday

3 September, Tuesday

4 September, Wednesday

5 September, Thursday

6 September, Friday

7 September, Saturday


Invaders v2 #3-FB pg5pn5, pg5pn7

Duke O’Dowd crashes in the Himalayas and learns to control the energy in his atoms. 


8 September, Sunday

9 September, Monday

10 September, Tuesday

11 September, Wednesday

12 September, Thursday

13 September, Friday

14 September, Saturday

15 September, Sunday

16 September, Monday


Captain America #303-FB pg14pn2

Dr. Myron MacLain starts to work on metallurgic experiments for the US government. 


17 September, Tuesday

18 September, Wednesday

19 September, Thursday


Combat Kelly and his Deadly Dozen #7-FB pg8pn1-pg8pn2

Sister Angelique watches as her friends are taken away by Nazi soldiers for being Jewish, so she decides to take care of their children. 


20 September, Friday

21 September, Saturday

22 September, Sunday

23 September, Monday

24 September, Tuesday

25 September, Wednesday


Wolverine: Origins #17-FB pg1-pg2

Cpl. Logan and the Devil’s Brigade slaughter German troops.


26 September, Thursday

27 September, Friday

28 September, Saturday

29 September, Sunday

30 September, Monday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 October, Tuesday

2 October, Wednesday

3 October, Thursday

4 October, Friday

5 October, Saturday

6 October, Sunday

7 October, Monday

8 October, Tuesday

9 October, Wednesday

10 October, Thursday

11 October, Friday

12 October, Saturday


Marvel Super-Heroes v3 #3-FB-FB pg4-pg5pn3

Dominic Fortune fights Nazi saboteurs in Chicago. 


13 October, Sunday

14 October, Monday

15 October, Tuesday

16 October, Wednesday

17 October, Thursday

18 October, Friday

19 October, Saturday


Captain America Comics #1 pg1pn1

Men enter a recruiting center.


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg2pn1

Men get their physical.


Captain America vol5 #25-FB pg1pn1

Steve Rogers walks down the street. 


Marvel Super-Heroes v3 #3-FB pg4-pg5pn5

Steve Rogers sees newsreel footage of Dominic Fortune at the movies. 


Captain America vol5 #25-FB pg1pn2

Newsreel footage of Nazi Germany begins. 


Marvel Super-Heroes vol3 #3-FB pg5pn6

More footage of Germany. 


Captain America #255-FB pg3pn4

Steve Rogers sees newsreel footage of the Nazis before a showing of the Sea Hawk at the movies.


Captain America #176-FB pg2pn4-pg2pn5

Steve is shocked. 


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #7/2-FB pg5pn1-pg5pn4

Steve is horrified by what he sees in the newsreels. 


Captain America #255-FB pg3pn5

Steve decides that he has to do something.


Marvel Super-Heroes v3 #3-FB pg5pn8-pg7pn2

General Phillips approaches Dominic Fortune to be the first Super Soldier.  Drs. Erskine & Anderson warn him of the dangers of the process.  


20 October, Sunday

21 October, Monday


Marvel Super-Heroes v3 #3-FB pg7pn3

Testing on Dominic Fortune begins. 


22 October, Tuesday

23 October, Wednesday

24 October, Thursday

25 October, Friday

26 October, Saturday

27 October, Sunday

28 October, Monday

29 October, Tuesday

30 October, Wednesday

31 October, Thursday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 November, Friday

2 November, Saturday

3 November, Sunday

4 November, Monday

5 November, Tuesday

6 November, Wednesday


Marvel Super-Heroes v3 #3-FB pg7pn4-pg8

Dominic Fortune is rejected as a candidate for Project: Rebirth. 


7 November, Thursday

8 November, Friday

9 November, Saturday

10 November, Sunday

11 November, Monday

12 November, Tuesday

13 November, Wednesday


Captain America vol5 #25-FB pg1pn3

Steve gets a physical. 


Captain America #176-FB pg2pn6-pg2pn7

Steve gets a physical and is rejected. 


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #7/2-FB pg5pn5-pg5pn6

At the recruiting center, Steve is declared 4-F.


Marvel Super-Heroes v3 #3-FB pg9pn1-pg9pn3

Gen. Phillips thinks to himself at the recruiting center. 


Captain America #109-FB pg9

Steve can’t serve, but is approached by Gen. Phillips who makes an offer. 


Captain America #176-FB pg3pn3

Steve agrees. 


Captain America #109-FB pg10pn1-pg10pn2

Gen. Phillips introduces Steve to ‘Dr. Reinstein.’


Captain America #109-FB pg10pn3-pg12pn2

Nazis drop off an assassin from a submarine, his mission is to kill Reinstein. 


14 November, Thursday


Captain America #109-FB pg12pn3-pg12pn4

Steve, Phillips, & Reinstein drive to a curios shop.


Captain America #176-FB pg3pn4-pg3pn7

In the curio shop, an old woman waits. 


Captain America #255-FB pg4pn1-pg4pn2

An old woman demands identification. 


Captain America #109-FB pg13

The old woman is revealed to be Agent-X.


Captain America #255-FB pg4pn4

An amazing laboratory!


Captain America #109-FB pg14pn1

More of the lab.


Captain America #255-FB pg4pn5-pg4pn6

Steve figures out that Reinstein is actually an alias for Erskine. 


Captain America #109-FB pg14pn2

Let’s get started, there’s no time to waste!


Captain America #255-FB pg5pn1

The testing on Steve for three weeks begins. 


Inhumans vol2 #10-FB pg1

Sir Winston Churchill has received word that the German Luftwaffe were planning a bombing raid on Coventry.  Churchill decides that doing something to prevent this would expose intelligence secrets, and the Allies can’t afford to lose that advantage. 


15 November, Friday


Captain America vol5 #25-FB pg1pn4

Prof. Erskine tests Steve while Gen. Phillips watches.


16 November, Saturday


Marvel Super-Heroes v3 #3-FB pg10-pg19pn3

As Steve is being tested, the secret location is attacked by Nazis.  Dominic Fortune arrives and saves Steve. 


17 November, Sunday

18 November, Monday

19 November, Tuesday

20 November, Wednesday

21 November, Thursday

22 November, Friday

23 November, Saturday

24 November, Sunday

25 November, Monday

26 November, Tuesday

27 November, Wednesday

28 November, Thursday

29 November, Friday

30 November, Saturday


Invaders v2 #3-FB pg8pn4

Reporter Mark Todd is covering the war in China when Japanese shelling drove him underground where he meets a subterranean race of ‘Skull Men.’  They teach him immunity to fire and give him a fiery skull mask. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 December, Sunday

2 December, Monday

3 December, Tuesday

4 December, Wednesday

5 December, Thursday

6 December, Friday


Captain America Annual ’00-FB pg20pn3-pg24

Dr. Erskine & Gen. Phillips argue with Gen. Saunders over the Operation: Rebirth candidate.  Not happy with the outcome, Saunders calls in Private Clinton McIntyre, who he believes is a better physical candidate, even though he killed his commanding officer.  They administer the serum, which has adverse results. 


Captain America Annual ’00-FB pg25pn2-pg27

McIntyre runs past Agent-X and into the streets, wrecks a car and passes out.  Phillips arrives and informs Saunders that there’s more to Rebirth than just the formula, and that he’ll see Saunders pay for his insubordination. 


7 December, Saturday


Captain America Comics #1 pg1pn2-pg2pn1

Nazi spies destroy a munitions factory.


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg2pn2

The Nazis make a comment.


Captain America Comics #1 pg2pn2-pg3pn1

FDR talks with some officials about sabotage.


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg2pn3

FDR asks about Operation: Rebirth.


Giant-Size Invaders #1-FB pg5pn5

Dr. Anderson arrives to tell FDR that the formula is ready!


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg2pn4

FDR wishes them Godspeed. 


Captain America Comics #1 pg3pn2-pg3pn3

The officials go to a curios shop.


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg2pn5

The officials get out of their car.


Captain America Comics #1 pg3pn4-pg3pn5

The officials enter the store.


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg2pn6-pg3pn1

Agent-X demands that they identify themselves.


Captain America Comics #1 pg3pn6-pg3pn7

Agent-X tells them that the formula is ready.


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg3pn2

The officials walk stairs to…


Captain America Comics #1 pg3pn8-pg4pn1

…enter Rebirth. 


Tales of Suspense #63/2  pg3pn2

The officials are told to take their seats.


Captain America Comics #1 pg4pn2

Agent-X removes her mask.


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg3pn4

Agent-X makes a comment.


Captain America Comics #1 pg4pn3-pg4pn4

Everyone sits down.


Captain America #215-FB pg5pn3

Steve approaches his destiny. 


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg3pn5-pg3pn6

Enter: Steve Rogers.


Captain America #255-FB pg5pn3-pg5pn5

Erskine asks Steve is he’s ready.


Captain America Comics #1 pg4pn5-pg4pn7

Erskine injects Steve with the Super Soldier Serum,


Captain America #255-FB pg5pn6

Now injected, Steve is ready for the oral compound.


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg4pn1-pg4pn2

Steve drinks the formula.


Captain America #109-FB pg14pn3-pg15pn4

Steve is bombarded with vita-rays! 


Captain America Comics #1 pg5pn1-pg5pn3

Steve starts to glow.


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg4pn3-pg4pn4

Steve is changing…


Captain America #109-FB pg15pn5-pg16pn2

Erskine comments on Steve’s sound mind & body.


Captain America Comics #1 pg5pn4-pg6pn7

The process is finished!


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg4pn5

The Nazi assassin attacks!


Captain America Comics #1 pg6pn1-pg6pn2

The Nazi shoots Erskine.


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg5pn1-pg5pn2

Erksine’s dying words


Captain America #109-FB pg16pn3-pg16pn4

More dying words.


Captain America Comics #1 pg6pn3-pg6pn4

The assassin attacks the other officials.


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg5pn3

Steve saves the other officials.


Captain America Comics #1 pg6pn5-pg6pn8

Steve attacks the Nazi.


Captain America #109-FB pg17

Steve yells at the Nazi.


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg5pn4-pg5pn5

Steve yells some more. 


Captain America #109-FB pg18pn1

Steve knocks the Nazi over with a mighty blow.


Captain America Comics #1 pg7pn1-pg7pn2

The Nazi falls on equipment.


Tales of Suspense #63/2 pg5pn6

Said equipment explodes.


Captain America #109-FB pg18pn2

Steve makes a solemn vow.


Captain America Comics #1 pg7pn3

The Nazi is dead.


Captain America #255-FB pg8pn1

End of Rebirth. 


Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #9 pg1-pg2-FB

Now that Project: Rebirth has turned him into a Super Soldier, Steve Rogers needs to hit the can. A Nazi spy attempts to retrieve his urine but is stopped by a Russian spy.


8 December, Sunday

9 December, Monday


Captain America #255-FB pg8pn4

Steve’s training begins, which will last for three months. 


10 December, Tuesday

11 December, Wednesday

12 December, Thursday

13 December, Friday

14 December, Saturday

15 December, Sunday

16 December, Monday

17 December, Tuesday

18 December, Wednesday

19 December, Thursday

20 December, Friday

21 December, Saturday


Truth: Red, White, & Black #1 pg7-pg11

Maurice Canfield returns home for the holidays. 


22 December, Sunday

23 December, Monday

24 December, Tuesday

25 December, Wednesday

26 December, Thursday

27 December, Friday

28 December, Saturday

29 December, Sunday

30 December, Monday

31 December, Tuesday