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1 September, Friday


Invaders #19-FB pg9pn3

Nazis invade Poland. 


2 September, Saturday

3 September, Sunday

4 September, Monday

5 September, Tuesday

6 September, Wednesday


Saga of the Human Torch #1 pg1

The Human Torch opens his eyes for the first time and sees his creator, Professor Phineas Horton. 


7 September, Thursday


Invaders v2 #3-FB pg4pn3-pg4pn4

Dr. James Bradley dissolves his partnership with Professor Horton. 


Marvel Comics #1 pg1

Professor Horton reveals his creation to the press, who aren’t very pleased by the sight of a burning man. 


Saga of the Human Torch #1 pg4pn5-pg4pn6

Professor Horton turns off the oxygen supply to the Torch and talks to him. 


Marvels #1 pg1-pg6

Some Daily Bugle reporters and Phil Sheldon attend the unveiling of the Human Torch. 


Marvel Comics #1 pg2-pg3pn4

Other scientists check out the ‘Human Torch’ and suggest that Horton destroy it.  Instead, he decides to seal it in concrete. 


Saga of the Human Torch #1 pg5pn2

News of the Human Torch is reported and people react.


8 September, Friday


Marvel Comics #1 pg3pn5-pg3pn10

Horton seals the Torch in a tube and buries him in concrete. 


Saga of the Human Torch #1 pg5pn7

The press gives Horton grief over the failure of his creation. 


9 September, Saturday


Saga of the Human Torch #1 pg6

While in stasis, the Torch’s education begins. 


10 September, Sunday

11 September, Monday

12 September, Tuesday


Combat Kelly and his Deadly Dozen #7-FB pg15pn2-pg15pn3

A Captain in the Nazi army begins to doubt Hitler’s reign. 


13 September, Wednesday


Marvel Two-In-One Annual #1-FB pg23pn4

Nazi fighter pilot Skyshark fights in Poland. 


14 September, Thursday

15 September, Friday

16 September, Saturday

17 September, Sunday

18 September, Monday

19 September, Tuesday

20 September, Wednesday

21 September, Thursday

22 September, Friday

23 September, Saturday

24 September, Sunday

25 September, Monday

26 September, Tuesday

27 September, Wednesday

28 September, Thursday

29 September, Friday


Marvel Comics #1 pg4pn1-pg4pn6

The Human Torch wakes up and breaks free of his concrete tomb. 


Saga of the Human Torch #1 7pn5-pg7pn7

Horton calls out to the Torch. 


Marvel Comics #1 pg4pn7-pg16

The Torch causes panic in the streets, unable to control his flame.  He puts himself out in a swimming pool, but is trapped by the pool’s owner who tries to use him in a racketeering scheme.  The Torch rebels, learns to control his flame, and turns himself over to the police.  Horton claims Torch at the police station and takes him home, but he wants to make money off of his creation.  Torch isn’t pleased by this and leaves. 


Marvels #1 pg7-pg9

Phil Sheldon watches the Human Torch run through the streets. 


30 September, Saturday


Invaders #12-FB pg6pn3

The Nazis conquer Poland. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 October, Sunday

2 October, Monday


Saga of the Human Torch #2 pg1-pg4pn2

The Human Torch, upset over the death of his creator, gets some clothes and tries to fit in with humanity.  He reads a paper and discovers that Horton isn’t dead after all. 


3 October, Tuesday

4 October, Wednesday

5 October, Thursday

6 October, Friday

7 October, Saturday


Marvel Mystery Comics #2 pg1-pg4pn6

Torch witnesses an accident at the racetrack, and is arrested for causing it.  In jail, he learns that Blackie, another racer, is responsible, so he escapes. 


8 October, Sunday

9 October, Monday

10 October, Tuesday

11 October, Wednesday

12 October, Thursday

13 October, Friday


Marvel Mystery Comics #2 pg4pn7-pg8pn3

Torch goes to another racetrack and destroys the plane Blackie is using to cause the accidents.  He follows Blackie, but he traps the Torch in lime, from which the Torch escapes. 


14 October, Saturday


Marvel Mystery Comics #2 pg8pn4-pg8pn8

Torch finds out where the next race is. 


15 October, Sunday


Marvel Mystery Comics #2 pg8pn9-pg16

Torch finds Blackie and makes him confess to the police. 


16 October, Monday

17 October, Tuesday


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #2 pg13-pg17

Namor oversees a salvage mission of a wrecked human ship and has a confrontation with Byrrah.  They return home and Namor notices that he left his knife behind.  He goes back to find it and is startled to see others descending on the wrecked ship.  


Motion Pictures Funnies Weekly pg1-pg7pn3, pg8pn6

Namor kills some deep sea divers, thinking they’re robots.  When another diver checks on his friends and goes back up, Namor follows him and destroys their ship.  He returns home and shows the bodies to the Emperor of Atlantis and realizes that they’re humans in suits.  His mother Fen congratulates him, and tells Namor why humans, and especially Americans, are evil… and how she met his father Leonard McKenzie. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #2 pg21pn5-pg21pn6

Byrrah gives the Emperor the idea to send Namor to the surface world. 


Marvel Comics #1/3 pg9pn1-pg9pn2

Namor meets with his cousin Dorma.  


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #2 pg22

Namor and Dorma leave to attack the humans. 


18 October, Wednesday

19 October, Thursday


Marvel Comics #1/3 pg9pn3-pg12

Namor & Dorma attack a lighthouse and Namor sends Dorma home. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #2/3 pg1pn1-pg1pn3

Namor makes his way to New York. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #3 pg1-pg2

Namor contemplates his mission. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #2/3 pg1pn4-pg4pn2

Namor attacks a power plant.


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #3 pg7pn1-pg7pn4

Namor is shot at by a guard and jumps out a window. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #2/3 pg4pn3

Namor crashes through the window. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #3 pg7pn5-pg10pn2

Namor lands in the street, attacks some policemen, and flies off. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #2/3 pg4pn4-pg12

Namor flies to Central Park, and steals some clothes.  He goes to a house, kidnaps a young woman, and heads for the battery.  He fights the police, throws a squad car at them, and dives into the water. 


Marvels #1 pg10-pg11

Phil’s girlfriend Doris tells him she saw Namor throw a squad car at some policemen. 


20 October, Friday


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #3 pg10pn3

Namor sets some fires. 


21 October, Saturday


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #3 pg10pn4

Namor tears up some subway tracks. 


22 October, Sunday


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #3 pg11pn1-pg11pn2

Namor throws a bus. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #3/3 pg1-pg2pn1

The police plan to use Officer Betty Dean to get Namor’s attention, and call for her. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #3 pg11pn3

Betty arrives at the inspector’s office. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #3/3 pg2pn2-pg2pn9

Betty is given her assignment, and she goes home to prepare. 


23 October, Monday

24 October, Tuesday

25 October, Wednesday

26 October, Thursday

27 October, Friday

28 October, Saturday

29 October, Sunday


Marvel Mystery Comics #3/3 pg3-pg12pn7

Betty gets Namor’s attention, but Nazi U-boats are attacking a boat nearby.  Namor goes to investigate and defeats the Nazis.  He pulls the attacked boat to a nearby island where he left Betty.  They save the crew and discover that it’s a British commercial transport ship.  Betty explains to Namor that Americans aren’t evil, but he’s not sure that he believes her.  She talks Namor into destroying the Nazi blockade, which he does, and he returns to the island. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #3 pg21pn2-pg21pn5

Namor talks to Betty alone. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #3/3 pg12pn8 

Betty asks for Namor’s help against the Nazis. 

Saga of the Sub-Mariner #3 pg21pn6-pg22pn4

One of the shipmates pulls a gun on Namor, which doesn’t make him very happy. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #4/3 pg1-pg2pn1

Betty asks Namor to fight the Nazis again. 


Saga of the Sub-Mariner #3 pg22pn5-pg22pn6

Namor agrees to keep warships out of his waters. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #4/3 pg2pn2-pg3pn2

Namor returns home, gets permission to use the fleet, and is given the rank of commander–in-chief by the Emperor. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #3 pg1pn1-pg6

The Torch meets Mr. Carson, the owner of an explosives company on a train to Texas.  Aliens attack the train because they want a new explosive formula that Mr. Carson has invented.  Torch drives off the aliens, saves the conductor and a baby, but Mr. Carson dies, after he asks Torch to get the formula to his daughter. 


30 October, Monday


Marvel Mystery Comics #3 pg1-pg16

Torch gets the formula to Diane Carson, and that evening he’s attacked by more aliens.  They bring Diane & Torch to Mr. Ritton, who wants the formula to help the aliens conquer Earth.  Torch defeats Ritton, and offers to help the aliens. 


31 October, Tuesday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 November, Wednesday

2 November, Thursday

3 November, Friday

4 November, Saturday

5 November, Sunday


Marvel Mystery Comics #4/3 pg3pn3-pg7pn2

Namor’s fleet attacks the Atlantic Nazi blockade.  He hears of a captured American boat and goes to look for it. 


6 November, Monday

7 November, Tuesday

8 November, Wednesday

9 November, Thursday

10 November, Friday

11 November, Saturday

12 November, Sunday


Invaders #36-FB pg7pn4-pg8pn2

Helmut Gruber finds the Iron Cross armor. 


13 November, Monday

14 November, Tuesday

15 November, Wednesday

16 November, Thursday


Marvel Mystery Comics #4

Torch returns to New York to find it’s been placed under martial law.  He uses the name Jim Hammond for the first time, and discovers that Dr. Manyac is threatening to destroy New York with his green flame men, which is why martial law was declared.  Dr. Manyac attacks and Torch defeats him. 


Marvels #1 pg12pn1-pg12pn3

A crowd watches the Torch fly away, comment on hoodlums in flaming suits, and how he stopped a racing scam a few weeks back. 


17 November, Friday

18 November, Saturday

19 November, Sunday


Marvel Mystery Comics #4/3 pg7pn3-pg10

Namor finds the ship and frees it from its Nazi captors. 


20 November, Monday

21 November, Tuesday

22 November, Wednesday


Marvel Mystery Comics #5/3 pg1-pg2pn6

The freed ship docks safely and Namor heads for home. 


23 November, Thursday

24 November, Friday


Marvel Mystery Comics #5/3 pg2pn7-pg3pn6

Namor returns home and talks to the Emperor. 


25 November, Saturday

26 November, Sunday

27 November, Monday


Marvel Mystery Comics #5/3 pg3pn7-pg10

Namor arrives in New York where he’s attacked by the police and arrested.  Meanwhile, the subway is flooded.  Betty convinces the other officers into letting Namor go so he can deal with it.  He discovers the flood was caused by bank robbers and he stops them. 


Marvel Mystery Comics #6/3 pg1-pg4

Namor stops some gangsters from freeing the arrested bank robbers and returns to police headquarters where he’s told he has to stand trial for his crimes against New York. 


Marvels #1 pg12pn4

A crowd reacts to the subway tunnels being flooded. 


28 November, Tuesday

29 November, Wednesday

30 November, Thursday

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1 December, Friday

2 December, Saturday

3 December, Sunday

4 December, Monday


Invaders #12-FB pg6pn4

Professor Gold flees Warsaw, but his brother stays behind. 


5 December, Tuesday

6 December, Wednesday

7 December, Thursday

8 December, Friday


Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders! #18-FB pg10pn6-pg10pn8

Captain Savage says good bye to his wife as he prepares to sail for the Pacific. 


9 December, Saturday

10 December, Sunday

11 December, Monday

12 December, Tuesday

13 December, Wednesday


Marvel Mystery Comics #5 pg1-pg12

The Human Torch brings medical supplies to a town stuck in a blizzard. 


14 December, Thursday


Marvels #1 pg13

In a diner, Phil’s friend reads in the paper about how the Human Torch brought medical supplies to a town in trouble and makes rude comments.  Torch just happens to be sitting right next to them, gets upset and flies out through the window. 


15 December, Friday

16 December, Saturday

17 December, Sunday

18 December, Monday


Marvel Mystery Comics #6/3 pg5-pg6pn1

Namor stands trial and is found guilty.  He’s sentenced to death, but Betty tells Namor that appeals will be filed.  In the meantime, the prison will drug Namor’s food so he can’t escape. 


19 December, Tuesday

20 December, Wednesday

21 December, Thursday

22 December, Friday

23 December, Saturday

24 December, Sunday

25 December, Monday

26 December, Tuesday

27 December, Wednesday

28 December, Thursday

29 December, Friday

30 December, Saturday

31 December, Sunday